Whilst your deciding why don't you try ?

Whilst your deciding why don't you try ?
Fresh Breads & Oils £ 4.95
Garlic Bread £ 2.95
Garlic Bread With Cheese £ 3.95
Bowl Of Marinated Olives With Feta £ 3.95
Gourmet Bruschetta £ 3.95
A trio of gourmet toast, layered with chefs choice
of weekly topping, (please ask your server for this weeks option)
Sharing Board £ 7.95
Garlic bread, bruschetta, petit pain, olives,feta,
sun blushed tomatoes, olive oil & balsamic.
Homemade Soup Of The Day £ 4.25 'V’
Seasonally reflected soup of the moment, served
with a freshly baked crusty roll & butter.
Seasonal Pate £ 5.50
Our head chef will offer his choice of pate which your
server will explain to you. The pate will be presented
with seasonal compote & slices of toast.
Black Pudding & Bacon Fritters £ 5.95
Bury Black pudding, seasoned with smoked bacon &
fresh parsley, shaped into a cake, covered in either
Japanese Panko bread crumbs or crispy beer batter,
fried till golden, served on fresh leaf salad, topped
with a soft poached egg.
Fishcakes £ 5.25
Lightly flaked natural smoked haddock bound with
sautéed spring onions, peas & crushed potatoes,
served with a lemon crème fraiche dressing.
Tandoori King Prawns £ 7.50
Butterflied grilled Tandoori King prawns, with Bombay
crushed new potatoes, served with a coriander
scented natural yoghurt.
Lamb Shank £ 14.95
A slowly cooked huge lamb shank sat on a bed of champ
mashed potato, served alongside seasonal vegetables,
drizzled in a red wine& mint jus.
Pulled Pork Burger £ 9.95
Juicy pork slowly cooked then pulled into shreds
coated in a smoked hickory BBQ sauce together with
sliced mild chorizo sausage, crispy leaves & slice of
beef tomato, served with side salad & hand cut chips.
'Ascot' Chicken £ 13.95
Marinated breast of chicken in smoked garlic & thyme,
stuffed with sun blushed tomatoes, wrapped in Parma
ham, served on a potato rosti, drizzled in a champagne
veloute sauce.
Seafood Sourdough Bread Bowl £ 6.95
A homemade seafood chowder served in our very
own edible bread bowl.
Crompton's Garlic Mushrooms £ 4.95 ‘V’
Oyster mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter, cooked
with onions, white wine & cream reduction, served on
a slice of toasted brioche, accompanied by dressed
salad leaves.
Chicken Tikka Skewers £ 5.50
Tender pieces of chicken breast, marinated with
both aromatic & hot Tikka spices, served on bamboo
skewers, accompanied with mint yoghurt.
Mussels £ 6.50
Bantry Bay mussels served with a crusty
bread roll cooked in a choice of sauce
• Garlic, white wine, parsley cream.
• Tomato Provencal spiced with fresh chilli
garlic & coriander.
Tomato & Red Onion Tartartin £ 9.95 'V'
Cherry tomatoes teamed with red onions & a balsamic
sweet reduction sauce cooked in a puff pastry crust,
served with goats cheese dumplings.
Cajun Chicken Burger £ 9.95
A juicy chicken breast coated in a light blend of Cajun
spices dipped in bread crumbs, sat on crispy green
leaves & mayonnaise, alongside hand cut chips & crispy
side salad.
Duck £ 14.95
Breast of Goosenargh duck pan roasted, served with
a plum compote & beetroot cured fondant potato,
served alongside seasonal vegetables, drizzled with
pan jus.
Prime Aged Beef Burger £ 8.95 /9.95
A huge 1/2 pound prime aged beef burger served with
or without cheese in a continental brioche roll alongside
hand cut chips & crispy side salad.
Spicy Bean Burger £ 8.95 'V'
Red kidney beans, green peppers, carrots & onions.
seasoned with chilli & paprika, coated in bread crumbs,
served with side salad & hand cut chips.
Crompton's Chicken £ 13.95
French trimmed breast of chicken sat on a mascarpone
bound risotto timbale, finished with vegetable straws,
dressed with a scented olive oil.
Salt & Pepper Beef £ 13.95
Strips of crispy salt & pepper beef drizzled in a
sweet chilli sauce, served with a trio of flour tortillas
accompanied by pots of guacamole, sour cream &
salsa with a small side of shoe string fries.
1.95 each
The Waterside's 'Sizzling Stones'
We believe it's a meal like no other – a meal where you can choose exactly how you want to cook your steak,
duck or fish & where every bite is guaranteed to be as hot & delicious as if it were the first.
All steaks are served with pots of rock salt & black pepper, choice of smoked garlic, chilli or
Tandoori infused butters, seasonal garnish. Duck served with a small pot of hoi sin sauce.
SAUCES (Peppercorn, Dianne, Bernaise)
£ 1.95 each
8oz Fillet Steak 10oz Rib-eye steak
£ 18.95
8oz Sirloin Steak
7oz Tuna Steak
£ 16.95
10oz Rump Steak
8oz Duck Breast
£ 14.95
£ 16.50
£ 17.50
£ 16.95
Please Turn Over....
All weights stated are approximate uncooked - (N) Some dishes may contain nuts. - Menu subject to change due to produce availability.- We endeavour to remove all noticeable bones from our filleted fish
dishes, however, some small bones may still be present and we would advise that you check this prior to eating - 'n' denotes nuts - food produced in a kitchen where nuts & nut products are present
Chicken Caesar £ 10.50
Tender chicken breast pieces, back bacon lardons,
Parmesan croutons, tossed with crunchy lettuce
leaves, drizzled in a classic Caesar dressing.
Smoked salmon £ 11.95
Slices of smoked salmon dressed in dill & lemon, with
red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, diced peppers &
rocket leaves.
Salt & Pepper Beef £ 10.95
Strips of crispy salt & pepper beef drizzled in a sweet
chilli sauce sat on a bed of chefs green salad.
Tuna Nicoise £ 11.50
Flakes of tuna loin, marinated mixed olives, boiled new
potatoes, green beans, boiled eggs & green leaves, all
drizzled with a classic French vinaigrette.
Goat's Cheese £ 9.95 'V'
Slices of grilled goat's cheese, roasted red peppers,
sun blushed tomatoes, beetroot chutney, baby
spinach, rocket, & balsamic dressing.
Jalapeños Peppers £ 9.95 'V'
Breaded Jalapeños chilli peppers, stuffed with cream
cheese sat on a bed of chefs leaves, mixed bell peppers,
red onions, tomatoes & a sour cream dressing.
Thai Steak Green Bean Salad £ 11.95
Strips of lean steak pan-fried in an infusion of Thai
spices sat on a green bean salad.
Crab & Crayfish £ 11.95
White crab meat teamed with crayfish tails combined
with a red pepper ali oli, sat on a bed of chefs cruchy
leaves with samphire, drizzled with a squeeze of
fresh lime.
Grilled Hallumi Cheese £ 10.50 'V'
Slices of grilled halloumi cheese, roasted med vegetables
sun blushed tomatoes, baby spinach, rocket, & topped
with a plum syrup.
Chicken & Chorizo Penne £ 10.95
Diced chicken breast, mild chorizo slices, cooked in a creamy tomato sauce,
with fresh cooked penne pasta.
Chicken & Smoked Pancetta Risotto £ 11.95
Juicy pan fried chicken breast with smoked pancetta, tossed in garlic
& onions, folded through a creamy risotto, topped with Parmesan shavings.
Carbonara £ 9.95 ( £8.95 'v')
Delicately cooked chicken breast with diced onion, mushrooms, garlic
& bacon, finished with a white wine cream sauce, tossed with penne pasta.
King Prawn Linguine £ 12.95
Juicy king prawns, tossed with linguine pasta cooked in a creamy white wine sauce,
with fresh red chillies, topped with lemon dressed rocket leaves.
Crompton’s Lasagne £ 9.95
Homemade beef lasagne served with garlic bread strips.
Spinach Penne Al' Florentine £ 9.95 'V'
Baby spinach, cooked with onions & garlic, mixed with mascarpone, fresh cooked
penne,all oven baked for a golden topping, served with a slice of garlic bread.
Smoked Salmon Risotto £ 11.95
Flakes of natural smoked salmon, teamed with chopped onion & garlic,
folded through a rich creamy Arborio rice.
Teriyaki Tuna £ 12.95
Teriyaki marinated tuna steak served on a bed of stir fried Asian greens tossed
with egg noodles & samphire.
Sea bass £ 12.95
Pan fried sea bass fillet, served with a mango, lemon & ginger salsa,
accompanied with a portion of crab & chilli 'popcorns'.
Hake Fillet £ 14.95
Pan roasted Hake on creamed leeks with garlic, dill & golden raisins, served with
confit new potatoes.
Beer Battered Fish & Chips £ 10.95 / £ 13.50
Cod fillet cooked in a light crispy beer batter, served with a bucket of hand
cut chips, mushy peas & tartar sauce. Feeling a little hungry?, why not try
our 'JUMBO' cod fillet served in exaclty the same way.
Creamed Spinach£ 2.95
Cabbage With Bacon Lardons
£ 2.95
Honey Glazed Carrots
£ 2.50
New Potatoes & Garlic Butter £ 2.50
Mange Tout & Green Beans
£ 2.50
Marinated Olives £ 2.95
Seasonal Vegetables£ 2.50
Homemade Onion Rings
£ 3.50
Garlic Bread£ 3.25
Garlic Bread With Cheese £ 3.95
Bowl Of Hand Cut Chips
£ 2.95
Shoe String Fries £ 2.25
Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms
£ 2.50
Sweet Potato Fries
£ 3.25
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