What is My Mall Magazine? Media Kit

Media Kit
What is My Mall Magazine?
A luxurious Saudi magazine published and distributed in Saudi
Arabia and it is a trade mark owned by outstanding media ltd with
headquarters in Jeddah.
‘my mall’ is the magazine of luxurious trade marks for the elite Saudi
It is owned by 4 Saudi shareholders, and presided by Mr. Hani
Nakshabandi, who worked as an editor-in-chief of Sayidaty ‘Al Majala’
and ‘Al-Sharq Al- Awsat’ magazines. He also founded ‘Al-Rajul’
magazine. The outstanding media ltd : OML means regardless of its
ownership and administration providing media consultancy and media
production, visual and printed, and was founded in May 2009.
Why we call it ‘My Mall’?
The word of ‘mall’ does not mean the magazine is limited to trade
Centres, however, it is a metaphoric meaning for all what comes
under big and luxurious Trade Marks.
On top, the mall in Saudi concept means shopping, entertainment
and social events.
The position of markets
and retail commerce:
Why to publish “My Mall”
Saudi has the largest concentration
of malls on the world:
According to the figures of the Ministry of Commerce
in Jeddah city, the number of these centres in the city
exceeds 300 commercial centres with sizes ranging
between small, medium and large. All the centres work
with the support of the movement of “Umra” and tourists.
Likewise, Al-Riyadh city has a similar number of centres
but with smaller centres than Jeddah city at an average
of 20%, and thus making Saudi Arabia the centre of the
biggest number of commercial centres in the world.
According to a study by the Middle
East council for shopping centres, the
expected growth in retail commerce for
2011 was reached 16.5% even though
lower from 18.5% of 2009. This is a sign
of a big forthcoming prosperity which will
be witnessed in the markets of the big
area, motivated by a population growth
considered to be the highest in the world.
For example, the population of Al-Riyadh
city according to the statistics of 2010
reached approximately 6 million citizens
and residents and the same number
applies to Jeddah city with a higher
number of non-Saudi citizens, but with
wages higher than in Al-Riyadh city. In
the total, the population of Saudi Arabia
has reached 30 million, a fact that justifies
this huge number of trade centres and
the same justified as well the need for
a specialized luxury magazine in Arabic
Tourism activities:
The average of in-between tourist activities in the Arab Gulf region has risen. The
signs of this could be seen in the increase of the number of hosts in Saudi hotels
of the citizens of the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council at 10%
in 2009 while the number of the same hosts increased 20% during the first two
months of the current year in comparison with the same period of last year. The
percentage of Gulf hosts, especially the Saudis and GCC citizens has reached 50%
in Saudi hotels, and their spending reached 40% exceeding their counterparts in
other countries.
On the other hand, the number of Gulf tourists to Riyadh and Jeddah in particular
has risen at the same rate whether in Al-Umra season or summer holidays, the
increase was approximately 19% last year in comparison with the year 2010. And
with what is happening in some famous tourist countries such as Syria, Lebanon
and even Bahrain, the expectations indicate that Gulf tourism to and from Saudi
Arabia will increase more than 25%.
What indicates to this is the increase in the number of flights from the cities of the
United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al-Shareja and Ras Al-Khaima) to the
main Saudi cites (Jeddah, Al-Riyadh and Al-dammam). The Emirate Airlines has
increased its weekly flights to 129, including two flights to Jeddah by the giant
Airbus commercial planes A380 with a capacity for 550 passengers.
Sami Al- Hakir, the vice-executive president of Abdul Muhsen Al-Hakir Group said
that the days of Eid Al-Adha which coincided with the local marketing festival
registered an increase in the number of visitors to the kingdom. What helped
the increase was that hotel prices and services which registered a record
decrease becoming acceptable and normal.
Meanwhile, the Saudi summer resorts in the south and Jeddah
witnessed an increase in the number of Gulf visitors, notably
the families coming from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait
and Qatar during the mid-term holiday period.
And according to studies the shopping centres absorb
the largest percentage of tourist spending.
The position of the advertising market:
The expectations of advertising spending indicated according to Joseph Ghassoub
president of the International Association of advertisement an increase of 10% during
2010 despite the retreat of 27% of the advertising spending bulk in the United Arab
Emirates during 2009, according to the Arab Centre for Research and Consultancy
studies (Park).
But the report launched by the Dubai Press Club in February 2010 “a view to Arab
Information” expected an annual growth with the start of economic recovery of 11%
this year, in the region, allowing the growth of advertising market to reach 4.4 billion SR
(1.2 billion dollar) in 2013.
The number of free-of-charge distributed magazines
(with specific sales from chosen outlets):
The overall number of Luxury magazines in Saudi Arabia and Gulf, monthly and weekly
publications, is very limited. Most of which are published in English, especially in Dubai,
Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, while Arabic language publications specialized in commercial,
marketing and entertainment activities in the Saudi and Gulf markets in general is
almost none. Thereupon, “My Mall” magazine is considered the first in this field
specialized in luxurious products for the elites.
Whom we address?
As mentioned, we are targeting the elite men
and women of the Saudi and Gulf societies,
aged between 30 and 40 years, with a bigger
concentration on ladies as the studies indicated
that woman is the one who decides the
entertaining and shopping destinations.
What do we want to say?
That the magazine gives information on every novelty in the Saudi and Dubai
markets: new expansions, brands, festivals, exhibitions, general news and
interviews with personalities interested in marketing and studies.
What distinguishes us?
Our specialization in markets and luxurious commercial centres.
Free-of-charge distribution in 4 and 5 star hotels in 90 hotels in Saudi
Arabia, with specific quantity for selling in chosen outlets in Saudi Arabia as a
presence and giving the biggest opportunity to view the magazine.
Our access to the elite (A one) of businesswomen, businessmen, the
private aviation, chambers of commerce, private clubs and hospitals.
An internet website accompanying the magazine, but different in its weekly
renewal. It provides the interaction service with the public (it is expected that
the internet advertising market will grow from 38% in 2010 to 49% in 2012.
25000 copies monthly with an increasing tendency of 8000
copies distributed to the elite.
The average reading of a copy distributed to mail lists is 2 persons.
The average of the reading of the copies distributed to public places such
as 6 star hotels, private and public aviation is 5 persons.
The general average of reading for a copy is 3.6 persons.
OBS: reading means here the reviewing which lasts more than 9 minutes.
OBS: Saudi Distribution Company is our formal distributer in Saudi and
Emirates printing and Distribution Company is our formal distributer in UAE.
The Distribution Method:
In Saudi:
15170 copeis
For sale at selected POS
Hyper Panda
Virgin Megastore
bin daoud, Al mesbah at the airports
5000 copeis
For 45 five star hotels, luxury restaurants, café shops, 5 star
women saloons, Saudi private jet, and Saudi airlines lounges.
1500 copies
With mail lists for the (A1) Business men and women
450 copies
For advertising agencies and PR companies.
In Dubai and Abu Dhabi:
3000 copies
At selected POS.
300 copies
For advertising and PR companies.
Advert Specs
Price (Saudi Riyal)
Gate Fold
IFC+ Page 1
DPS 2-7
DPS 8 to Index
Single (Facing Index)
DPS (After Index)
Single page
Special Operation (4 Pages 250 GSM)
Special Operation (One Page 250 GSM)
Half page
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My mall magazine
The life as you love
First edition: May 2009
The publisher: Al Elamiah Ltd. Jeddah, KSA
Marketing agent: Media Consultancy & Researches (MCR),
Jeddah, Dubai.
Jeddah, Sultan St.
Tel: +96626645497
Fax: +96626642270
1202-Gold Crest Executive, JLT, Dubai
Tel: +97144473406
Fax: +97144473407