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why XelerateIT?
end-to-end IT solutions
developer and end-user focused
innovative value-added services
commitment to excellence in all facets
going beyond it
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XelerateIT is committed to
excellence, exceeding
client expectations
Attract new owners by
offering amenities that
other communities do
not provide
We focus on the most
exclusive and desirable
projects in the region
XelerateIT intelligent building solutions for delivering Internet access, value-added
services, and satisfaction
Set new standards for
real-estate development
XelerateIT is enabling the next
generation of service-ready
properties equipped with
Internet infrastructure and
attract and retain customers
generate new revenue streams
establish competitive differentiation
increase property values
facilitate better resident and
management communication
In today’s technology-driven society, value-added services are
becoming critical to increasing occupancy rates, generating traffic to
your venue, improving competitive positioning and generating new
revenue streams for real estate properties such as upscale condominiums, retail spaces, office buildings, hotels, or cafés.
While XelerateIT
maintains the technical
environment, you can
focus on running your
business with the
confidence that your
tenants / guests are
enjoying the benefits of
the digital age
XelerateIT intelligent building solutions enable you to deliver
services such as inexpensive broadband Internet access as standard utilities, just like water or electricity.
By leveraging these solutions, property owners, developers, and
management companies can quickly move up the value chain to
become the sole supplier of solutions and services for the owners,
tenants and guests on their premises.
You can trust XelerateIT as your single point of contact for everything from planning and design through solution delivery, installation, and 24/7 support. XelerateIT’s experts will work with you to
maintain simplicity and deliver the adaptive infrastructure you need.
broadband internet access
Always-on, high-speed, and secure Internet access using the latest
technologies like in-suite Ethernet access, or wireless mesh.
wireless hotspot
Using a wireless device such as a laptop, cell phone, or Personal
Digital Assisstant (PDA), access e-mail or surf the Internet via
secure, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) while moving about the property.
e-services portal
Customize content and services to enhance marketing, advertising,
and communications. The portal can also create a platform for
residents to chat, interact, and get involved with their community
(post classifieds, join a book club or cooking classes, or host an
online blog).
High-level security to restrict unauthorized access and safeguard
the network.
These properties must now provide more than just facility managment and basic utilities.
To address these challanges XelerateIT has developed a suite of
service-ready solutions.
The following value-added services highlight the possibilities of what
technology-enabled solutions can bring to your on-premise clients creating a new world in contemporary living, working, and entertainment:
Lifestyle drives the
condo market
“The most-used amenities
[are] cable/satellite TV,
used by 88 percent of
surveyed [condo] buyers,
followed by the Internet
(82 percent)...”
-Toronto Star,
Feb 24, 2007
customer service
speciality Wi-Fi
We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service
and satisfaction, with 24/7 toll-free phone support, as well as a
breadth of online FAQs and tips.
Each solution is customized, and the infrastructure provides
scalability to allow new services to be added as they become
available, and/or demanded.