Why Buy New?

Why Buy New?
Deciding to buy a new home or existing home is only the beginning of a long list of decisions that
buyers must make before spending a night under their new roof. Here are several good reasons to
consider purchasing a new home verses a used home as you take the next step.
Modern floor plans—Open concept living, generous closet space, larger bathrooms, larger
windows, higher ceilings, 1st floor Owner’s Suites, and convenient laundry areas compliment
buyers’ active lifestyles and are not typically found in older homes.
Customization — New construction homes provide the latest in design choice, structural
options, and the ability to choose finishes, colors, and styles allowing buyers to personalize
their dream home to match their exact budget. As the first homeowner you are not buying
someone else’s problems, or living with a previous owner’s styles or cleaning habits.
Personalization, Not Overhauls—Buyers can put money towards their dream countertops or
backyard oasis, instead of replacing the roof or hot water heater, repairs and renovations that
often come with buying an older home. The most exciting part of a buyer’s life can start on
move-in day instead of two years and $50,000 worth of renovations later.
Peace of Mind— New homes are built specifically to minimize the need for maintenance, but in
the event a problem arises, buying new gives homeowners the peace of mind that comes along
with the Builder’s and Manufacturer’s Warranties.
Green (and Lean) Living—Homes built today use cutting edge materials and construction
techniques including engineered lumber, high efficiency Heating/AC units and hot water
heaters. Water-saving plumbing fixtures, programmable thermostats, and energy efficient,
cost-saving appliances result in a reduced carbon footprint and savings that add up quickly.
Quality of Life — New construction homeowners can spend their extra time and money
enjoying well—planned neighborhoods designed with community in mind. Modern
developments often incorporate open space, walking trails, and play areas into new
communities, encouraging socialization and healthy living
Deciding to buy new is a great first step but, don’t forget the devil is always in the details! Take the
time to closely examine and compare the Standard Features that are included with each home.
Finally, buyers should always do their homework on their builder—ask for references from clients or
township officials and research their customer service records!
This is a great time to be buying a new home and embarking on such an exciting adventure. After
28+ years W.B. Homes is still ‘Building Your Neighborhood One Home at a Time”.