VT Case Mix: The How and Why

VT Case Mix: The
How and Why
We all know that Medicaid reimbursement is a very
important tool for payment in our facilities but do we
understand how to work efficiently and maintain
compliance within the system? In this webinar we will explore WHY VT Case Mix is important, HOW it works, and HOW
to maximize your reimbursement while staying in compliance. You will learn the details of different systems and
processes that will keep you and your team on track to maximize your reimbursement. We will also guide you through
the steps that make up an efficient weekly meeting to maintain communications and compliance.
A clear understanding of the basic fundamentals and the structure of Case Mix.
A comfortable knowledge base of how the case mix facility average is calculated, understanding why the MDS
dates are chosen and how the codes are used to impact individual case mix scores.
Gain knowledge of how to maximize CMI through an in depth look at the VT Case Mix RUG grouper and the
components that make up the RUG categories.
Discuss tools and systems to maximize the facility score.
Meet the Speaker: Lydia Hagman, Senior Clinical Reimbursement Consultant
Lydia’s nursing career began in 1986 and includes experience as an ICU and ER nurse as well as pediatrics and clinical
long term care. The past 9 years of her career have been focused in LTC and more specifically Clinical Reimbursement
where she has held roles at the regional and consulting level for 5 years. She achieved some of the highest case mix
scores and the highest Medicare per diem rates in the state of Vermont for her centers of responsibility.
As a Clinical Reimbursement Specialist, Lydia understands the role of the MDS Coordinator and has a proven track
record training staff to achieve continuous improvement and overcome even the most difficult hurdles to learning.
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May 18th, 2012
1:00-2:30 PM EST
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