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Margit Ernst-Habib
But Why Are You Called a Christian?
An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism
The Heidelberg Katechism - relevant
and understandable.
1. Auflage 2013
154 Seiten, kartoniert
€ 19,99 D / € 20,60 A / SFr 27,50
ISBN 978-3-525-58041-7
450 years old but still relevant for us
today. Margit Ernst-Habib locks back at
the history of the Heidelberg Catechism
and shows that its theological reasoning
can still impact our faith and lives
The Heidelberg Catechism is one of the
world’s foremost and prevailing
Christian faith documents throughout
the centuries, due to its intellectual
clarity as well as personal style. By
describing its historical background
and main theological motives, the book
invites the reader to bring the
Heidelberg Catechism into conversation
with contemporary Christian faith.
Margit Ernst-Habib aims not only at
describing the traditional uses of the HC
in churches so far, but also at engaging
the reader on different levels, and
eventually enabling him or her to begin
answering the vital question: “But why
are you called a Christian?”
Margit Ernst-Habib ist freiberufliche Theologin.
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