Virtual Film Why Film? Virtual

Virtual Film
Permanent Microfilm Conversion Software, now available for Service Bureaus
Why Virtual Film?
There are hundreds of millions of dollars in microfilm and fiche conversion projects waiting for the
right price point. VF brings those projects into focus. Discover how your Conversion Service
Organization can make your customers and prospects aware of this new technology and the savings
VF gives your Service Bureau an opportunity to expand product offerings for new and existing customers and enhances your bidding success rate for film conversion projects. Growth of the film conversion market is affected by the cost of conversion. VF can significantly lower that cost and expand
available markets.
VF conversion projects can come from capitol budgets or operational budgets, giving the end
customer the ability to fund the project depending on their financial constraints.
There is also an attractive follow-on market for then converting from VF to ECM allowing you to
capitalize on additional revenue.
Virtually the best new solution for budget friendly permanent microfilm conversion…
VF is easy to sell and install. Featuring a self-contained system, no interface to 3rd
party software is required
VF has the benefit of Recurring Revenue
VF offers Co-Marketing opportunities with nextScan
VF can be used in conjunction with “on-demand” conversion models in full scale
conversion projects
VF allows you to build your own conversion model. Give your customers a stepping
stone approach
Step 1) Convert the film to digital and allow your customer access using VF
Step 2) Index & QA the film using nextStar Auditing tools
Step 3) Output individual images from VF to required import format for ECM system
VF allows your organization to inspire new projects
VF allows you to set custom bid specifications and win more bids
Be in on the ground floor of the VF industry – Digital Conversion is the Future for all
The Next Generation in Film and Fiche Scanning Technology
Virtual Film
Permanent Microfilm Conversion Software, now available for Service Bureaus
Virtual Film… The Marketplace is… Virtually endless
•Libraries including Universities and Archival Collections
• City, State and Federal Government
• Court systems including Superior, State, Federal and various flavors of Appellate Courts
• Insurance Companies
• Medical records –Healthcare Industry
• County Land Records
• Financial Institutions
• All Federal Government documents prior to 1990 are on film and eventually will need to be converted. ** The Presidential Records Management Directive of 2012 asks agencies “to consider the benefits of digitizing permanent records created in hard-copy format or
other analog formats (e.g. microfiche, microfilm)”
• Military, Corporate and Manufacturing
Additional Revenue for your Service Bureau Organization?
The possibilities are Virtually endless
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