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If Utah was a colony participating in the Constitutional Convention, why would it have supported the
New Jersey Plan instead of the Virginia Plan?
a. Utah had no slaves.
b. Utah had many slaves.
c. Utah had a large population.
d. Utah had a small population.
Which is NOT an example of enumerated (expressed) powers given to congress as stated in the
a. Create public school districts
b. Establish post offices and post roads (i.e. Interstate Freeways)
c. Declare war
d. To coin money
The police arrest a suspect, confine him in a locked room, and tell him he is legally obligated to
answer their questions, and claim he has no right to see an attorney until he has confessed. If this
case goes to court, the confession
a. is admissible as evidence because no physical force was used to obtain it.
b. is admissible as evidence because the defendant is expected to know his rights regardless of what
the police say.
c. is not admissible as evidence because the defendant was denied his rights to an attorney and was
not told his of his right to remain silent.
d. is not admissible as evidence because only physical evidence may be used in court.
Which of the following is NOT protected by the First Amendment?
a. Freedom to assemble
b. Right to bear arms
c. Freedom of speech
d. Freedom of religion
This is a type of election in which the voters themselves directly vote on a piece of proposed
legislation into law.
a. Closed primary
b. Open primary
c. Initiative
d. Runoff
In order to ensure the people’s rights of privacy, the police need a warrant to search your person or
home. What is required in order for the police to get this warrant?
a. a suspicious rumor
b. a request for consent
c. a probable cause
d. an eye witness
False, harmful, written statements intended to damage a person’s reputation are called
a. ratings.
b. prior restraint.
c. the shield laws.
d. libel.
What type of participation is a necessary responsibility of a citizen in order for a government to
function as a republic?
a. voting in elections
b. joining the military
c. paying taxes
d. becoming educated
What is the major characteristic of federalism?
a. states have power to limit federal government
b. states have no power to limit federal government
c. power is shared between church and state
d. power is shared between state and national governments
When a federal judge resigns, the President appoints a replacement and the United States Senate
must approve this appointment. How is this an example of separation of powers?
a. It requires the interaction of two branches of government.
b. It suggests that the President will consult with both political parties.
c. It gives the legislative branch power to replace the judge.
d. It permits the American people to vote for a new judge.
An elected official is held accountable by many different people. What is the term for those people?
a. Family
b. Religious leaders
c. Constituents
d. Census takers
Who is the president of the Senate?
a. Minority leader
b. House leader
c. Majority leader
d. Vice-president
All of the following are features of the Electoral College system EXCEPT which?
a. There is a winner-take-all system in 48 of the states.
b. If no one wins a majority of electoral votes (270 or more), the election is decided by the House of
c. It is possible for a state’s electors to vote for someone other than the candidate receiving the
most votes in their state.
d. State electors officially cast their vote in December.
Which of the following political labels favors the LEAST government involvement?
a. Socialist
b. Libertarian
c. Liberal
d. Communism
In a free market system, the supply and demand of a good determines the price of that good.
According to free market principles, how will manufacturers respond as the price of a good increases?
a. They will produce less of the good to pursue higher profits.
b. They will produce less of the good to increase production costs.
c. They will produce more of the good to pursue higher profits.
d. They will produce more of the good to increase production costs.