Why Hire A Safe And Vault Specialist?

Why Hire A Safe And Vault Specialist?
Almost any safe or vault can be returned to service after a professional opening, with
little or no evidence of the breach, as long as the proper methods are used to open and
repair it. This is a very important point to consider because an untrained, inexperienced
or under-equipped locksmith will frequently destroy your safe in his earnest, but mostly
unsuccessful efforts to open it.
A new or even “used” replacement high-security safe can cost $15,000+ and in the case of a
butchered bank vault, the cost can easily exceed $100,000, and that doesn’t include the drayage
charges and installation. Hiring ADVANCED Safe & Vault Eng. is clearly much less
expensive in the long run.
Opened by a burglar - Unrepairable
Opened by a Locksmith - Unrepairable
Opened and repaired by
ADVANCED Safe & Vault Eng.
I specialize in “damage-free” openings... and in those cases where "manipulation" is not a viable option, minimal-damage openings. I
use only those opening, repair and service procedures which are recommended or endorsed by the world's leading safe and vault engineers
and by virtually all of the major OEM safe & vault service departments. I also service all the major brands and types of safes and vaults
* Bank and Mercantile Vaults, ATMs, Night Depositories and all manner of banking equipment.
* High Security Jeweler's Safes, Foreign Burglary-Resistant units with UL ratings up to and
including TRTL60X6 or the European equivalent.
* Insulated Fire and Data Safes, Vaults and Fire-resistant files.
* U.S. Government (GSA) Security Containers and Vault Doors.
* Money Depositories and Commercial Safes frequently used in supermarkets, restaurants, etc.
* Heirloom, antique, rare, exotic, unusual and uniquely decorative safes and vaults.
Some of the quality safes and vaults that I have opened and/or serviced in the past are:
A&B, Access, Allied, AmSec, Adesco, Bode-Panzer, Cary, Chatwood-Milner, Chubb, City Safe, Diebold,
Ely-Norris, EXL, Gardall, Gary, Giant, Hall's, Hermann, Herring-Hall-Marvin, Intersec, ISM, Knight,
Kumahira, LeFebure, Mosler, Mutual, Rosengrens, Securafort, Security, Star, Tann, Victor.... and many others.
I provide excellent service and value to my clients. I’m a specialist and I don’t charge you to “try” to open it. Results are 100%
guaranteed! Many of my clients are referred by previous customers, locksmiths, professionals in law enforcement and others in the
physical security or loss prevention fields. If you know anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area that is employed in any of these
capacities, chances are they have heard of me or have recommended me to a colleague or client. Clients include individuals,
celebrities, banks, small businesses, national corporations, institutions and U.S. and foreign government agencies.
I am a bonded member of Safe and Vault Technicians Association - SAVTA. I am also insured and licensed as a specialty
security contractor and locksmith in the State of California. I write articles and curriculum for some of our industry's most respected trade journals and I also instruct others who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills at industry-wide conventions, seminars and classes.
ADVANCED Safe and Vault Engineering - Novato, CA - 415-519-3401 - WWW.ADVANCEDSAFE.COM
Brute Force Is Never The Solution!
In addition to the advanced training, skills and experience required, Safe and Vault Specialists may also employ
many custom-designed tools, as well as other state-of-the-art equipment to help open your safe or vault, such as:
Safe-lock, relocking device and boltwork manipulation tools
Precision, ultra-high-speed drilling machines and specialized drills
Medical-grade, fiber optic endoscopic equipment
High-intensity illumination instruments
Miniaturized, high-resolution, color video systems
Use of such equipment allows me to minimize or eliminate damage to your safe or vault (and also
to the valuable contents within) while opening it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
Vacuum drilling rig in use
Endoscopes and specialized fiber optic equipment
Diamond-Core drills
Carbide-tipped drill bits
Vacuum drilling rig
Video Systems allow remote viewing of internal components
Precision drilling
Lever-bar drilling rig
ADVANCED Safe and Vault Engineering - Novato, CA - 415-519-3401 - WWW.ADVANCEDSAFE.COM
ADVANCED Safe and Vault Eng. also sells,
delivers, places and installs:
Home Safes
Fire Safes
Data safes
Gun Safes
Jeweler’s Safes
Commercial Depository Safes
and much more.....
We only sell quality safes!
UL “B” through “TL-30X6” Money Chests
It’s easy to tell the difference between
quality and cheap imports when you
know what to look for.
If what you want to protect is worth it,
and you need a quality safe, you should
consider one of ours.....
Here are a few examples:
electronic locks
are available on
all our models
& sizes !
Internal Loss Control
In-the-floor safe
Jeweler’s &
Cash Safes
for highest
value assets!
Modul X
Modular High
Security safes
and vaults that
eliminate the
problems of
moving and
placement in
homes and
ADVANCED Safe and Vault Engineering - Novato, CA - 415-519-3401 - WWW.ADVANCEDSAFE.COM
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(Effective July 15th, 2008)
Imported Insulated Fire Safes & Cabinets
Minimum charge:
Open only:
Per man hour @
$ 285.00
$ 135.00
U. S. Made Insulated Fire Files and Safes
Minimum charge:
Open only
Per man hour @
$ 300.00
$ 135.00
Round Lift-out Door and Square Door Cash Safes
Minimum charge: B or C rated containers
Minimum charge: E, ER, UL TL-15
Minimum charge: F, H, and UL rated TL-30 and above
Open only
Open only
Open only
Per man hour @
Modern Insulated and Antique Fire Vault Doors
Minimum Charge:
Open only
Per man hour @
$ 950.00
$ 135.00
Money Chests & bank-grade ATM cash compartments
Minimum Charge: E, ER, TL-15
Minimum Charge: TL-30 and above
Open only
Open only
Per man hour @
$ 775.00
$ 895.00
$ 155.00
Bank and Mercantile Vault Doors
Minimum charge:
Open only
Per man hour @
$ 2000.00
$ 155.00
U.S. Government (GSA) Containers
Minimum charge: Black Label
Minimum charge: Red Label (or by individual quote)
Open only
Open only
Per man hour @
$ 650.00
$ 1200.00
$ 155.00
High Security and/or Foriegn Burglary Resistant Money or Jeweler's Chests
Minimum Charges only (may be subject to individual on-site inspection and quote):
UL TL -15
Open only
UL TL - 30
Open only
UL TRTL -30 and above and X6
Open only
Per man hour @
$ 690.00
$ 895.00
$ 1200.00
$ 155.00
Open by manipulation (when possible on Group II mech. lock) Minimum charge:
$ 425.00
Digital Electronic Safe Lock Retrofit (Install - standard footprint)
Complicated and/or extensive retrofits:
$ 285.00
$ 550.00
Per man hour @
$ 135.00
Routine Servicing and repairs - not associated with openings:
Combination change fees
(key change type)
(mesh-type hand change)
(screw-type hand change)
(Import screw or stud change)
(Key-change Lever Key Locks-plus keys)
(SD Box-Renter's side-plus keys)
(SD Box-Guard side-plus keys Minimum10 locks)
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Necessary and usual expenses such as, but not limited to: parking tickets, meter-feeding, lot fees,
bridge tolls, expended drill bits, cost of overnight lodging and meals will be added and itemized on
the invoice and are in addition to travel charges, opening fees and labor rates.
Trip Charges and Travel time:
Downtown San Francisco:
San Francisco Neighborhoods:
$ 175.00 Trip Charge (No travel charges)
$ 75.00 Trip Charge (No travel charges)
S.F. Airport and Bay Area Counties:
and Northern CA / Nevada
$ 95.00 + $ 2.90 per travel mile or $125.00 per hour
round-trip, Portal-to-Portal
Emergency or same-day service:
Add $225.00
Labor rates and opening fees are invoiced at DOUBLE our standard rates plus expenses for any work
performed after normal business hours, Monday-Friday and at anytime on weekends and holidays.
Accurate quotes can only be given when we have enough information. Although my questions may
seem annoying, they are necessary. The questions, as well as your thoughtful and accurate answers help me
iquote the job accurately. Identical-looking safes from the same maker can have vast differences in ratings,
construction and features that can make the cost of an opening vary by $1000 or more. There are other
conditions, such as service history, chronic problems, burglary and/or amateur attempts to open the safe that
can and do complicate matters and add to the cost of the opening and/or repairs. A safe that is functioning
normally and is opened in a professional manner by a qualified technician will almost always be able to be
returned to service with little or no loss of integrity or appearance.
Users usually know next to nothing about their safe or how it works. Some of the questions that need
answers in order to identify the safe and/or lock, rating and malfunctions and to give an accurate quote
Type of lockout? Lost Combo? What type of safe?
Make and model?
UL fire and burglary ratings? Brand and type of lock?
Shape and style of handle?
Style of hinges, handle?
Color of body?
Color of door?
Fascia/trim plates present?
Dial bind with handle rotation? Nature of any recent service?
Safe recently moved?
Difficulty in dialing?
Past service done by?
Terms and Conditions
The above prices are estimates only. They do not include additional costs for performing "emergency" or after-hours service.
Prices herein or verbally quoted do not include: parts, replacement locks, batteries, drill bits, fasteners (or other repair materials),
sales or use tax, or incurred expenses such as, but not limited to parking fees, parking tickets and tolls etc.
Openings will be accomplished by the best method for each job, as determined by our technician. Unusual circumstances
may add to the cost of openings and repairs, such as, but not limited to: burglary damage, obsolete or antique locks and parts,
access problems, lighting conditions, waiting time, previous opening attempts by unqualified individuals or other circumstances
that are beyond our control.
The more complete and accurate you can be in providing information about the location, size, brand, model and serial # of the
safe or vault and/or locks, the more accurate AS&VE's estimate will be. If your safe/vault is still under warranty, please have your
warranty information at hand when you call or when the technician arrives to do the opening or service. All requests for warranty
service are subject to maker/seller's approval. ASV&E's charges must be paid at the time of service unless we have received a
written work order authorizing us to proceed and invoice the maker/seller for our charges. The maker/seller will make arrangements for your reimbursment under all other circumstances.
Price quotes for goods and services are valid for 30 days. All prices are discounted for payment in cash. For payment by credit
card, we may add a processing fee of upto 4.0%. All charges are due and payable upon completion of work. Credit terms require
application, verification and prior approval from the accounting office. Terms may vary, but 2% 10 days - Net 30 days are typical
for rated accounts with an excellent credit history with us.
Overdue and/or delinquent accounts are subject to a late payment charge of $ 50.00 per month where a payment is not
made, plus a monthly finance charge of 1.54% (APR 18.5%) on the outstanding balance until paid in full. Any check which is
returned unpaid from your bank, for any reason, is subject to a processing fee of $ 35.00 in addition to the amount of the returned
check and any bank charges. Past due accounts are sent to our collection agent after 60 days.
ADVANCED Safe and Vault Engineering - Novato, CA - 415-519-3401 - WWW.ADVANCEDSAFE.COM