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Irene Villa was named after Sister Irene
McCormack, a Sister of St Joseph of the Sacred
Heart, who was murdered by rebels in Peru in
May 1991.
Transport - Bus: The 34 bus operates from the City to
King Edward Street (the nearest bus stop to the Villa)
- and in the opposite direction, into the city.
Ferry: At the end of Mends Street the ferry departs for
Barrack Street where the free Cat bus goes around
the city. There are bus and ferry time tables in the
phone room.
Parking - Parking is available in the parking bays on
the opposite side of Alexandra Street. Please keep
the driveway to Irene Villa clear as it is the emergency
entrance. Secure parking is available upon request.
Sr Irene with the
Peruvian children
she so loved...
Why Not Visit ...
A life-size display that introduces visitors to the life of
Saint Mary MacKillop.
Breakfast - is available in the kitchen each morning
and includes cereals, breads, condiments, tea /coffee.
Other Meals - guests are welcome to prepare other
meals in the kitchen. Shops (Coles, chemist etc) are
just a short walk away in Angelo Street or a little
further, in Mends Street.
The Mary MacKillop bookshop has information and
many keepsakes relating to Mary MacKillop's life and
writings including: books about Mary's life, bookmarks,
candles, statues, medals, magnets, keyrings, CDs,
postcards, posters, rosaries, prayer cards ...
No Smoking Please
Irene was originally from the farming community
of Trayning, WA and was one of seven children.
The property is a smoke free area and so smoking is
not permitted inside Irene Villa or on the grounds.
Suggested Donation:
On completing her secondary education she
entered the Sisters of St Joseph in 1956.
$35 per person per night for bed and breakfast
In 1987 Irene answered the call to minister with
the Peruvian people of Huasahuasi.
Please note that the Sisters are not able to
accommodate guests during WA school holidays.
Please ask the manager or call Sr Maree on 9334
0933 or 0414 683 926 to arrange a visit.
Irene Villa Locality Guide Map
Swan River
For more information please contact:
(08) 9334 0999
[email protected]
Irene Villa is located at:
13 Alexandra St
South Perth
Irene Villa (13 Alexandra Street, South Perth) is part of St
Joseph’s Convent - just one block away from the
spectacular Swan River.
Irene Villa is an expression of the Sisters’ mission to
“relieve suffering and bring hope.” Sisters receive guests
to stay for a few days. Their guests include:
 family members
 people from rural areas who need to visit loved ones in
city hospitals
Postal Address:
PO Box 593
South Perth WA 6951
 people from the country who need to stay somewhere
while they have medical tests or outpatient treatment
in a city hospital provided they do not need nursing
 priests and other religious
Printed: 9/04/2014