About QV Equities (ASX:QVE)

About QV Equities (ASX:QVE)
QV Equities Limited provides a unique opportunity to invest in a quality portfolio of ASX listed entities outside the S&P/ASX
20 Index, managed by Investors Mutual Limited.
Investment Objective
The Company’s primary objective is to achieve long term value (over a five year plus investment period) via a
combination of capital growth and income, by investing in a diversified portfolio of quality ASX listed Australian and New
Zealand entities outside the S&P/ASX 20 Index which the Manager considers to be undervalued.
Benefits of Investing in QVE
Why ex20?
Experience – experienced investment
Manager focused on maximizing the
long term after tax value of investors' capital
Diversification benefits – The S&P/ASX 300 ex20
offers more diverse entities in terms of
market capitalization and industry sectors, providing
a far greater breadth of opportunity
Yield – In addition to long term capital growth,
the Manager will be focused on long term
income growth for the Portfolio and will look
for investment opportunities in the ex-20
Segment that pay sustainable and growing
dividends with attractive franking credits.
About the Manager: Investors Mutual Ltd
We seek to buy and own
companies with;
a competitive advantage,
with recurring earnings,
run by capable
management, that can
grow, .......at a
reasonable price
Investors Mutual Limited (IML) is a specialist Australian equities fund
manager and was established in May 1998 by Anton Tagliaferro. IML
applies a conservative value-based investment style with a long-term focus
and aims to deliver consistent returns for clients.
Investment Philosophy
IML’s investment philosophy is based on the premise that over the long-term,
a company’s share price will reflect its underlying inherent value. We are
looking to invest in quality companies that are trading below their underlying
Investment Managers:
Anton Tagliaferro—IML Investment Director
Founder of IML in 1998
Over 28 years experience in Funds Management
Simon Conn—IML Senior Portfolio Manager
Founding member of IML’s Investment Team
16 years experience within the Small and Midcap Sector
QVE: Key Facts
S&P/ASX 300 ex20 Accum
Number of Stocks
20 – 50 ASX listed securities which fall
outside the S&P/ASX 20 Index
Cash Limits
Up to 25%
Management Fee
0.90% p.a. (+GST) of the NAV up to $150m
0.75% p.a. (+GST) over $150m
Performance Fee
1 free option (exercisable at $1.00 per share
on or before the 15th of March 2016)
Suggested investment time frame
Directors & Executives
Don Stammer
Peter McKillop
John McBain
Graham Hook
Anton Tagliaferro
Simon Conn
Linda Kwong
Chairman & Non-executive Director
Non-executive Director
Non-executive Director
Executive Director & CEO
Executive Director
Alternate Director for Anton Tagliaferro
CFO & Company Secretary
Key Dates
Lodgement of the Prospectus with ASIC
23rd June 2014
Offer opens
14th July 2014
Offer closes
8 August 2014
Expected date for allotment of Shares and Options
15th of August 2014
Trading on the ASX (on a normal settlement basis)
22 August 2014
The above timetable is indicative only. QVE reserves the right to vary the dates and times set out above subject to the
Corporations Act 2001 (cth) and other applicable laws
NAV Pricing
Dividend Frequency
Half Yearly
Research House Ratings:
Lonsec: Highly Recommended
Zenith: Recommended
Joint Lead Managers
CBA Equities Limited (Arranger)
Taylor Collison Pty Ltd
Patersons Securities Limited
IML Representatives:
Further Information
Wayne McGauley
Head of Retail & State Manager QLD
Phone 0404 012 644
Email [email protected]
David Glascott
State Manager VIC, TAS,WA
Phone 0410 313 431
Email [email protected]
Sam Harris
Relationship Manager National Groups,
ACT State Manager
Phone 0429 982 159
Email [email protected]
Luke Mackintosh
State Manager NSW & SA
Phone 0432 147 399
Email [email protected]
Co-Lead Manager
Lonsec Limited
QV Equities Limited is offering its securities for subscription by an initial public offer (Offer). The offer of securities to investors in Australia and New Zealand is
being made under a prospectus and investors in Australia and New Zealand wishing to apply for securities under the prospectus must complete the application
form that is in, or accompanies, the prospectus and follow the instructions contained in Section 2 of the prospectus. A copy of the prospectus may be obtained by
telephoning (+61) 1800 868 464. An electronic version of the prospectus is also available to Australian and New Zealand investors at the following website
www.qvequities.com. The prospectus contains information about investing in securities in QV Equities Limited under the Offer. It is important that potential
investors read the prospectus carefully and in full and seek professional advice from their accountant, stockbroker, lawyer or other professional adviser before
deciding to invest in QV Equities Limited.