Belt Drive Mon Why A Browning Split Taper Bushing?

Belt Drive Mon
Volume 11 ● June 2009
Volume 7 • February 2009
Why A Browning Split Taper Bushing?
For nearly 70-years the Browning Split-Taper® bushing has been the optimal choice for connecting
shafts with drive components. Like our competitors, Browning also offers Q-D®, Taper-Lock*, and
FHP bushings. However, Browning Split-Taper® is still the preferred choice of many
equipment manufacturers and maintenance personnel because of its many features L
and benefits not found in any other bushing.
Browning Split-Taper Features:
KEY-to-KEY Drive
Double Split Barrel
•Maximum Clamping Force
•Promotes Greater Concentricity
•Reduces Vibration
•External and Internal Key
•Higher Torque Capacity
•Load not carried by the Cap Screws
•Blind Installation
Solid Flange
¾ Inch Taper Per Foot
•Self Locking
•Higher Torque Capacity
•Greater Axial Holding Power
•For Greater Concentricity
•Ease of Removal
•Reduces Vibration
Imperial And Metric Bore Offerings
•Bore Range 3/8” to 10” and Stock Metric Bores 10mm.– 95mm.
For technical assistance or application assistance please
contact Application Engineering at 1-800-626-2093
7:30 am – 6:00 pm. EST Mon-Fri
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