What does Benefit PZ do? The natural fruit enlargement

What does Benefit PZ do?
The natural fruit enlargement
solution for your crop.
Thanks to the combined action of Nucleotides, Amino Acids, Proteins and
Vitamins, Benefit PZ increases and accelerates the plant’s metabolic
processes, improving fruit enlargement and uniformity.
Benefit PZ owes its outstanding performances to the GeaPower
technology created by Valagro.
Why choose Benefit PZ?
• Ensures fruit enlargement and uniformity.
• Is totally safe, natural, highly innovative and easy to use.
• Is fully compatible with any Agchem
• Maximizes plant’s results thanks to GeaPower technology,
a Valagro worldwide exclusive.
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Benefit PZ powered by GeaPower is…
How do Benefit PZ ingredients work?
Amino acids & proteins
What’s in Benefit PZ?
Increase of
fruit size
and uniformity
How does Benefit PZ increase fruit size and
Benefit PZ’s action is the result of a synergy between the various biologically
active components in the formula: nucleotides, amino acids and vitamins.
Nucleotides stimulate cytokinesis, thus inducing an increase in the number of
cells produced in a given unit of time. Consequently, in the treated fruits we find
a higher number of cells, which after the successive cell distension process
produce larger fruits.
…the natural, totally safe fruit enlarger that allows you a richer yield of higher
Benefit PZ is the result of Valagro research and development, and it is
totally safe, natural and compatible with all the Agchem.
What is Geapower?
Amino Acids sustain the increased protein requirements of the plant, which
derive from the accelerated process of cell division induced by the nucleotides.
This intense synthesis of organic substances is also responsible for the
increase in volume and weight of the fruit.
The broad number of metabolic reactions produced in these processes is
directly sustained by vitamins, which have specific cofactor functions and
therefore serves as activators of the principal biosynthetic activities.
Agronomic test
Geapower is the exclusive Valagro system that unites
70 years of experience in plant physiology with the most innovative
technologies to deliver outstanding results in agriculture.
Valagro selects and enters directly into
the sites of the best raw materials all
over the world.
Thanks to its know-how in the study
of vegetal physiology, natural active
principles become Valagro products.
Nucleotides are molecules that have a fundamental role in plant metabolism
serving as sources of chemical energy.
Valagro laboratories adopt the most
suitable extraction method to
guarantee the achievement of the
finest extracts of the plant.
Accurate laboratory tests and innovative
tecnology allow substances identification
and biological characterization.
Amino acids and proteins
Proteins are one of the most complex organic compounds and the
fundamental building block of animal and plant cells. Proteins are organised
into an extremely complex three-dimensional structure which is associated
with a specific biological function.
The effectiveness of Benefit PZ has been testified by extensive agronomic
tests. For example, used on an Apricot (VA 109) orchard in Mexico,
Benefit PZ increased fruit size class (3.5-4.0) by 98% versus Farm
standard application.
Vitamins are organic compounds that regulate tissue and cell metabolism
by binding with enzymes.