why technology clients keep choosing engage pr engage pr

engage pr
why technology clients keep choosing engage pr
What distinguishes Engage PR from other high-tech agencies? Our strong track record and culture of success.
Engage PR’s creativity, experience, and passion build mindshare for companies at all stages of growth:
• Engage PR’s Excite program puts the “star” in start-up: We have the insight and experience to help startups
quickly rise from stealth to high profile and to create market demand for new technologies.
• Engage PR’s Propel program helps private companies move to the forefront of their industries. We continually
monitor and analyze the competitive landscape to ensure maturing clients maintain both technical and thought
leadership in their markets.
• Engage PR’s Reach program helps global companies influence the broader public market. We can help you
hone your message to address newsmaking trends and customer needs as well as to raise visibility and lower
barriers to sales.
Of the nearly 40 companies the Engage PR team has launched as start-ups, twothirds have enjoyed successful equity events through an initial public offering
(IPO) or acquisition by a public company. No wonder that more than
half of Engage PR’s business comes from repeat customers,
“The pressure for public companies
to consistently outperform has never been
marketing executives who succeeded by using Engage PR’s
than in these uneven economic times. Engage
services in the past and who trust Engage PR to do it again
PR tracks our progress against competitors every day
and again.
to ensure we maintain and increase our marketing edge.
They also have the depth of experience, the new-media savvy,
Engage PR designs custom programs for each client
and the nimbleness of attitude to keep pace with a fast-growing
that directly map to its competitive challenges
company like ArcSight.”
and strategic marketing and sales goals. Our
extensive domain experience, creative savvy,
– Reed Henry, senior vice president of marketing,
ArcSight (NASDAQ:ARST), and serial client
and bold new-media techniques enable us
to positively influence how your technology
is perceived in the market. We measure and
track our success in direct comparison to your
top competitors, to ensure your company sets
the bar for success in your marketplace.
“It’s a complicated formula to achieve PR success. Clearly, Engage
knows just the right mix of strategy, opportunity, and execution to
achieve optimum results. In four different companies where I have led
marketing, I have chosen the EPR team to be my PR partners.”
– Tim Donovan, vice president of marketing,
Smartycard, and serial client
::five keys
engage pr strengths
strategic thinking
Understanding the “big picture” objectives of a marketing program is critical to successful delivery.
Engage PR provides the insight to show how your company is perceived relative to others in the market,
where you need to be, and how to get there.
The PR landscape has never been so confusing—or so exciting. New media outlets and techniques create
many opportunities for the clients and agencies bold enough to try them. Engage PR expands client visibility
beyond news by engaging the blogosphere, promoting trends and thought leadership, and leveraging partners
and customers to increase positive media exposure.
the “r” in pr
Engage PR maintains broad, deep relationships with trade and business press, bloggers and podcasters, and
industry and financial analysts to increase awareness and drive quality coverage for our clients. We also leverage
relationships with our clients’ customers to create win-win PR opportunities that benefit the full value chain.
domain expertise
We enjoy learning about new technologies and finding creative ways to make innovations appealing to your
customer base. We have extensive experience promoting category-making and category-breaking companies
to market success.
accountability and results
We have a passion for success. We define clear, measurable results for each client every quarter and deliver on these goals while optimizing client budgets. We take
pride in the length and strength of client relationships and in our ability to
attract repeat customers.
“New technology companies only
get one chance to create an image of who they
are. Choose the wrong PR partner and you may as
well begin preparing for your next gig. As a marketing
VP at several startups, I have come to value the strong
partnership that I’ve found with the team at Engage.”
engage pr
::for more information
1321 Harbor Bay Parkway, Suite 201
Alameda,CA 94502
510.748.8200 phone
510.748.8201 fax
www.engagepr.com :: epr blog :: epr on facebook
– Kevin Walsh, vice president of marketing,
Zeugma Systems, and serial client
“The Engage team continually pushes us to try new ways of getting
our messages across using new-media tools and the Internet. They
won’t let us rest on our laurels—they push us to continue to innovate.”
– Steve Shaw, vice president of marketing development,
Kineto Wireless, and longtime satisfied client
“I worked with Engage PR as an industry analyst being briefed by their
clients, and was so impressed with the company that while at Lucent
I hired them as our agency because of their market expertise and
their relationships.”
– Chris Nicoll, Director, Strategic Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent (NASDAQ:ALU)