!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !Why!switch!to!our!plant!based!cold!cups?!

Our plant-based cold cups have the same look and feel
as traditional plastic cups. However PLA cold cups
are made from Ingeo, a renewable plant-based plastic
that is 100% derived from corn, and other plants, not
PLA bioplastic requires 68% fewer fossil fuel resources
to produce than traditional plastic.!
Our clear cups can be composted in commercial compost facilities,
however this option is not widely available in Canada but emerging fast.
If the cup ends up in a landfill, it still has upstream environmental
benefits, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced
dependence on fossil fuels.
To gain maximum advantage though, the compost bin is the
recommended destination, completing a cycle by enriching the earth that
helped produce it.
• Made from plants, not oil
Compostable in a commercial compost facility in as little as 45 days
Custom branding available (min 50 000 units)
Universal fit dome and flat lids (300ml to 700ml)
Reduced storage space requirements
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