Pakistani Muhammad Sheikh Usama: Why Not Lithuania?

Pakistani Muhammad Sheikh Usama: Why Not
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In nine languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Pashto,
Punjabi) free talking, even studying four languages (Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian,
Polish), an international business development of London has its own private college,
charity organizations Africa and helping the world traveler in a 31 year old Pakistani
Muhammad Usama Sheikh next five years, would like to Lithuania.
"When I am asked why I chose Lithuania - says MUSheikhas - I answer another question"
Why not Lithuania? ". A man greatly admired Lithuanian nature, rural, tidy and clean
environment, people's hospitality.
Although MUSheikhas notes that the Lithuanians are very reticent and shy, and they need
some time to recognize and accept a foreigner, but he also hasten to add that this country
something it pulls back again and again.
The first Baltic state where the business visited MUSheikhas, Latvia was, but since 2010,
men in the folder about twenty times a year. Here, he founded his own international company
"MOS", which provides a range of business and education services. Pakistani Lithuania still
love the fact that here he discovers the many areas in which to grow, to improve, to do
something useful for society.
Man observes that, for instance, the affairs of Lithuanian state institutions takes a very long
time: "People are referred from one institution to another, from one specialist to another, but
ultimately still remain many unresolved issues." However, the Pakistani said, on the other
hand, it is precisely the point that needs to be developed, modified, molded. 'I would only
complain and be unhappy, but I can also take out and do something. From experience, I know
that I have to work long and hard to change, but only comes along and satisfaction when I do
something for others, "- says
London for nine years living and
education and business working
man admits that his friends
kitatautis so strongly loved their
homeland and want to develop a
business here. "I always tell my
friends in Lithuania, that I am
determined to do a great deal to
your homeland once again
become attractive to yourself. In
the future, planning to build 3040 new jobs in Lithuania ", shared his plans for the future
This Sheikh plans Lithuanians
are very surprised, and the rather
skeptical, but a man to pay
forward. "You, Lithuanians, you
have to open their eyes and see
the significant potential of your
state, you have to discover your
identity! For example, Lithuania
is the ideal environment for
development. Meanwhile,
order to maintain a large Muhammad Usama Sheikh
organization, they specifically need these little ones "- full of determination says Pakistani.
The family business originated MUSheikhas actually non-existent success baby as many
might believe. About what it is now, was his chosen and achieve the goal of "My success lies
perhaps in the fact that if I fail to achieve the goal, I who have not abandoned it, but looking
the other way, track, some kind of niche. I am convinced that it is necessary to start from the
bottom, from the lowest step, and then to climb higher, to grow, improve and become a
professional. For one night resulted in success is actually the biggest failure and loss. Next
you do not know what to do with this. And when you are doing everything step by step, it is
growing you and your success, and then, and you are the real winner - experiences shared by
MUSheikhas Tolerant Youth Association established multicultural volunteering at the center,
which is designed for third-country nationals and Lithuanian members of the society closer
cooperation attend Lithuanian language courses, helping to organize cultural fairs and
participate in other events. Man is pleased that there are such centers, which help to change
public attitudes towards immigrants.
"Lithuania is not something different. I have traveled a lot in Europe and all European
countries are very similar to those of the state in Asia are similar to one another. So why
Lithuanians emigrating to Europe, if you already have everything to himself? "- Again,
rhetorically asking Pakistani, and even a brief adds:" The Lithuanians should be more proud
of their country. "
Man considers themselves a well-established approach Lithuania are just beautiful girls and
basketball countries should expand: "I confused and at the same time annoying people around
the belief that I visit Lithuania, as this is a very attractive girl." Lithuania, according to him, is
rich in many other subjects and areas that should be further developed and spread the
message. The next five years MUSheikh going to Lithuania, to develop business here, learn
Lithuanian language, and if so to develop in the fate of perhaps a family in Lithuania.