Why work for AEGON/ Transamerica Life Canada?

Why work for AEGON/
Transamerica Life Canada?
About AEGON N.V.
Who is AEGON/
Transamerica Life Canada?
AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada is
one of Canada’s leading life insurance
companies, with over $9.8 billion in
total assets under management and
total gross premium revenue of $700
million in 2008.
For over 80 years, AEGON/
Transamerica Life Canada has
striven to create better futures for
all of its stakeholders – customers,
distributors, business partners
and employees – through our four
core values:
Respect, Quality,
Transparency and Trust
With headquarters in Toronto,
AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada
employs over 700 people in locations
across the country, providing
challenging and rewarding careers
in the continually evolving financial
services industry.
AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary
of AEGON N.V., one of the world’s largest life insurance and
pension groups and a strong provider of investment products.
With headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands, AEGON companies
employ over 31,000 people around the world and serve 40 million
customers in over 20 markets throughout the Americas, Europe and
Asia. Visit www.aegon.com to learn more about AEGON N.V.
Why work for AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada?
At AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada, we invest in our employees.
We’re not just giving you a job, we’re providing you with a fulfilling
career experience.
Once you become part of the AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada
team, you’ll find yourself in an environment that fosters learning and
encourages growth. Because the more you grow, the stronger our
company becomes.
Attractive compensation and benefits
As an AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada employee, we recognize
your value by providing a competitive and attractive compensation
and benefits package. Here’s what you’ll receive:
• A competitive base salary
• Annual incentive payments based on individual contributions and
company performance
• Flexible benefits
• Competitive vacation entitlements
• Defined Contribution Pension Plan
• Employee Stock Savings Plan
• Employee Assistance Program
• Employee referral rewards
• Service recognition awards
• Employee discounts on company products, computer equipment,
sport and cultural events, home & auto insurance
• Onsite financial planning
Training that keeps you ahead of the game
At AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada, we want you to succeed in your career.
At the same time, we recognize the world is changing. Technology is moving fast and industry
practices are always improving so we understand the importance of keeping up. That’s why we offer
training programs that allow you to continually enhance your technical, professional and personal
development skills so you’re always ahead of the game.
Our learning and development includes online and in-class training programs, tuition reimbursement and
monetary rewards for the successful completion of programs to help you achieve excellence in your career.
Rewards to keep you motivated
Once you begin to grow your career with AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada, we’ll be cheering you on
along the way. Our employee recognition program, Leap for the Stars, recognizes staff achievements
and rewards excellence when employees excel above and beyond.
In addition, we’ve invested in events such as Employee Appreciation Day, a Thanksgiving luncheon,
Children’s Holiday Party and other events throughout the year to celebrate our shared achievements.
Czech Republic
United States
The Netherlands
Hong Kong
United Kingdom
South Korea
A healthy workplace
Healthy, happy employees are productive employees. So
we continually strive to enrich the lives of our staff through
ongoing health and wellness fairs, topical lunch n’ learn
sessions, onsite massage therapy, chiropractic services,
yoga, nutrition and relaxation programs.
A progressive company culture
You spend eight hours a day at work. So we’ve created
an environment where our employees are relaxed
and comfortable.
Our dress code is business casual and our Transcafé
provides a mental break from work where you can sip
complimentary tea or coffee and relax, watch TV, listen
to music or play games to unwind before you head back
to your desk.
A diverse career path
A variety of career options are available within the
insurance and financial services industry. AEGON/
Transamerica Life Canada has a range of products and
services that demand a variety of skills and knowledge.
Here are some areas for you to consider:
• Actuarial
• Information Technology
• Administration
• Investments
• Client Services & Call Centre
• Legal
• Claims
• Marketing
• Communications
• Mailroom
• Compliance
• New Business
• Corporate Taxation
• Operations
• Facilities
• Project Management
• Finance
• Product Development & Management
• Human Resources
• Sales
• Imaging
• Underwriting
Our corporate responsibility
As a life insurance company, AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada
has a close understanding of the health and wellness issues that
impact Canadians, which is why charitable giving is an important
aspect of our culture. AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada believes
that sharing our prosperity greatly enriches the communities where
we live and work and pays returns that are measured in more than
just dollars.
Some of the charities we’ve supported include: The Heart & Stroke
Foundation - providing funding for the purchase and placement of
over 668 Automated External Defibrillators by the end of 2010;
Sunnybrook Hospital Cardiovascular Regenerative Research
program; Leukemia & Lymphoma Society research grants;
Sick Kids Hospital - providing funding for software for the first
3D paediatric cardiac diagnostic imaging technology; The United
Way and a range of other charitable causes.
Our focus on the environment
At AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada we’re conscious of the effects
our operations have on customers, employees, shareholders, and
our communities. We are continually looking for ways to reduce our
impact on the environment and have implemented a variety of
initiatives to reduce waste and to introduce recyclable and energy
efficient resources. Examples of some of things we’ve done include:
Distribution of re-usable mugs and water bottles for employees,
litterless lunch days, implementation of organic, paper, glass and
plastic recycling, and electronic pay statements.
Our president has a message
for you:
Thanks for stopping by to learn
about AEGON/Transamerica Life
Canada. I’m pleased that you’re
considering a career with our company!
AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada is
part of a large, global company with
a solid reputation in the life insurance
and finance industry. Here in Canada,
we’ve been providing long-term
solutions to ensure financially stable
futures for families for over eighty
years. It’s a rewarding industry and
we’re proud of what we do.
If you choose to become part of
AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada,
you’ll not only be part of a great
organization, but you’ll find yourself
growing and learning as a professional
in your area of expertise.
In the Canadian market, there are
tremendous opportunities for growth
and we at AEGON/Transamerica Life
Canada have ambitious plans for the
future. Of course, we need the skills
of talented individuals to help us
continue our journey toward becoming
one of the country’s most reputable
and responsible organizations.
I hope you’ll consider helping us
get there!
Doug Brooks
President and CEO
No doubt, AEGON/Transamerica Life Canada is a great place to work. But if you still
need convincing, here’s what our employees have to say:
“As a recent university graduate, I quickly realized that the best way to get acquainted
with my colleagues throughout the organization was to get involved in corporate life
through various AEGON committees. However, I had not anticipated that in joining those
committees, I would be the beneficiary of a transformational personal development and
professional growth opportunity. As a committee member, I learned and gained a wealth
of experience from working alongside AEGON’s senior management and from liaising
with the CEOs of large external organizations. To me, AEGON Canada is synonymous
with truly offering its employees the opportunity to explore and realize their potential.”
- Entry-Level Accountant, Financial & Business Analysis
“Working for AEGON Canada has afforded me many great opportunities to develop
my career and broaden my knowledge of insurance and investment products. The
atmosphere in my department is dynamic and progressive, and both team and
individual efforts are consistently recognized and rewarded.”
- Manager, Document & Imaging Technologies
Contact us anytime
5000 Yonge Street
North York, ON M2N 7J8
416 883 5000
To learn more and explore our career opportunities,
visit www.aegoncanada.com and go to the careers section.