About Northeastern University International Internship/Cooperative Education Program

International Internship/Cooperative Education Program
About Northeastern University
Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university. Our tradition of partnership and engagement
creates a distinctive approach to education and research built on the values of experiential learning, innovation, and
entrepreneurship. Northeastern is the recognized leader in experiential learning, anchored in the world’s most innovative
cooperative education program. We offer students opportunities for professional work, research, service, and global
learning across the United States and 82 other countries on seven continents.
About the College of Engineering
With 135 faculty engaged in interdisciplinary research and teaching, $59 million in annual research funding, and
thousands of loyal alumni providing support, the College of Engineering is optimally positioned to continue to innovate
through engineering research and experiential education. Over the past century, this environment has nourished the
entrepreneurial spirit of countless students who have gone on to lead successful companies around the world.
Join Northeastern’s expanding global cooperative education (co-op) network
We have formed loyal partnerships with employers in many different industries around the world
Why Choose a Northeastern Intern/co-op?
• Access to motivated and ambitious students, willing and able to travel internationally and interested in exploring
careers outside the U.S.
• A great way to manage economic uncertainty while maintaining an internationally diverse recruiting pipeline
• An international co-op faculty consultant who is focused on your hiring needs, familiar with your culture and
• A full time Visa Specialist on staff to work with you and your intern
• Most students are paid a basic wage and scholarship funds are available to help with the cost of travel
• An effective way to free up current employees to take on specialized projects and assignments
Lois Brunet
+1.617.373.5239 | [email protected] | Skype: LBrunetNEU
Faculty Coordinator International Experiential Education | 503 Stearns, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts USA
The Hiring Process is simple
Create a Job
Hire, Train,
Evaluate Your
and Oversee
Co-op Employee
2013 Engineering Quick Facts
Select Engineering Majors
• Top-50 US engineering school
Chemical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
• 11 degree programs with 2700 undergraduates
Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
• 1536 undergraduate students placed at 630
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
co-op employers in 19 countries
Bioengineering coming in 2015
Testimonials from SMEs
“From the employer perspective I see these main
benefits in participating in NEU’s co-op program:
increase awareness for globalisation and
improve language as well as social skills of the
teams and among all employees
establish intercultural experience also among
employees that are typically not traveling
fresh input to the organisation through ‘digital
Tobias Huchzermeyer, CEO, VARIOVAC PS SystemPack GmbH, 100 employees,
Zarrentin am Schaalsee, Germany
“Dealing with young American generations is a great experience for Small Medium Enterprises from all
over the world especially if they are interested in doing
business with the United States. If the employers let
the students express their ideas and personalities, they
have the privilege to understand the US customers’
perspective. We are talking about new generations,
these students will be the new managers we’ll be
dealing with in the next few years.”
Dott. Rosy Trovato, Director of Business Development, Meccanotecnica, 30 employees, Riesi, Sicily, Italy
Some of our larger partners
Lois Brunet
+1.617.373.5239 | [email protected] | Skype: LBrunetNEU
Faculty Coordinator International Experiential Education | 503 Stearns, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts USA