Neuromuscular Dentistry
What Tool Do Today’s Leading NM Dentists Rely On?
Dentists worldwide are discovering the science and the benefits of Neuromuscular
Dentistry with Myotronics K7 technology. Evaluate and successfully treat TMD,
restorative and cosmetic cases with reliable, reproducible clinical data.
Success with Leading Technology and Science
Discover Why…
“The computerized measurement devices
by Myotronics give me the capability to
precisely evaluate masticatory muscle
function. I have found this of tremendous
value in establishing the pre-treatment
status of my patients, designing effective
neuromuscular treatment and scrutinizing
treatment outcome. Whatever I have done for Neuromuscular
Dentistry in the past 31 years in practice, teaching and publication,
I have done with a full heart and a sincere belief that this is how
dentistry should be practiced.”
Barry Cooper, DDS
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Oral Biology &
Pathology, State University of New York, Stony Brook
Financial Success
“Originally I was concerned about the size of the investment in a
K7 from Myotronics. In my second full year of having used this
instrument in my practice, I can say without a reservation that my
initial fears concerning the investment were totally unfounded.
I bought the instrument on a five year
contract with zero down and payments
of $540 per month. I recommend a K7
evaluation when I honestly believe the
patient will benefit from it, but will not run
any patient without a substantial deposit
(on the order of $5,000). In this way, if just one patient undergoes
a K7 evaluation and goes on to get an orthotic, it covers my
payments on the instrument for nearly a year.
In the past full year, twenty nine patients were given a K7
evaluation. Of the 29, 16 went on to have a full mouth
reconstruction. Three people had only one arch done. Four
patients are still wearing an orthotic and probably will not
proceed to reconstruction for one reason or another. I urge
undecided colleagues to just buy the K7 and use it. You will not be
David Frey, DDS, Beverly Hills, CA
Myotronics, Inc.
Helping build the perfect Bite
The K7 Advantage
Success in TMD
“Nothing in this life beats the feeling that you truly helped make
a positive difference in the life of another human being. Helping
people that have suffered with the pain of TMD for years
and even decades reclaim their lives is the ultimate. There is
absolutely no way that I could provide this level of care without
the K7 instrumentation.”
Prabu Raman, DDS, Kansas City, MO
“My chronic pain TMD patients and I would like to express
our sincere gratitude to Myotronics for their research and
development into the K7 system and J5 Myomonitor. Without
either instrumentation, I would never have achieved the success
level of TMD treatment that my patients now experience. The
equipment is easy to employ in a clinical setting and delivers
very accurate measurements and objective data for me. Thank
you for the opportunity to help my patients!”
Allan Winchar, DMD, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Changing Lives
“When my dentist explained that they had computerized
equipment [the K7] that would help find the right bite for me,
it caught my attention. I had never been told that this kind of
treatment was available. After my consult I was confident that I
wanted to move forward and I’m glad I did! Years of debilitating
pain have been relieved. It has truly changed my quality of life
and now I have a beautiful smile to show for it as well!”
Heidi W., Kelowna, BC
What Successful NM Dentists Have to Say
Success in Aesthetics/Restorative
“I could not imagine doing complete cases, or even multiunit cosmetic cases, without knowing exactly what is going
on with the occlusion. The Myotronics equipment allows me
the diagnostic capability to proceed with confidence.”
Martin Abelar, DDS, San Diego, CA
“Following NM principles for bite reconstruction in TMD
and cosmetic patients allowed me to complete complex cases
which in the past I wouldn’t have attempted. The Myotronics
instrumentation has given me the confidence to offer my
patients comprehensive treatment with predictable results.”
Dennis Brumbaugh, DMD, Indiana, PA
Success with Precision and Documentation
“The K7 gives an incredibly precise starting and finishing
point. There is a confidence installed, generated by a quiet
knowledge that you are right on the money. This confidence
will translate into all aspects of your office.”
Paul Coleman, DMD, Poway, CA
“Since incorporating Neuromuscular Dentistry and
Myotronics instrumentation into my practice, my entire
perspective of my diagnostic and clinical skills has changed.
I now have the ability to measure, record, analyze, and store
physiologic data and anatomic function to better provide
predictable comprehensive dentistry.”
Joseph Barton, DMD, Jacksonville, FL
The K7 Evaluation System, with its patented technology, provides objective data that aids you in making sound
diagnostic and treatment decisions in all major cases: aesthetics, restorative, TMD, Orthodontics and dentures.