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There are many generic marine
products out there in the market
and the range of sources of these
products (dubious or otherwise)
seems to increase daily.
This can take its toll on the original
purpose of some of these products
- original design ideas can get lost in
the manufacturing translation. Too
much focus can be put upon cost
cutting and clever processes to save
At MW we are always working
to reinstate marine purpose to
products. We select our suppliers
carefully. Importantly, we spend a
lot of time training our suppliers and
manufacturers – training them in the
uses a product might be put to, in the
context of the marine environment,
and therefore explaining why MW
always specifies more in materials
and design.
At MW we always select more for the
marine industry and we always strive
for improved product performance
where we can specify input into
the manufacturing of our products.
You should always select MW
products - there is more quality and
specification in our products than
meets the eye.
Over the next few issues of
WAVES we’ll highlight some of the
improvements that MW has secured
for you, even with products where
quality and design may be taken for
In the beginning, we looked at a well
known and reliable American brand of
water separating fuel filter and thought
the price being asked by the Americans
was way over the top. Delving a little
deeper, we noted that these filters were
manufactured in Mexico.
We thought, “This can be done better!”
and MW’s innovative heads were put to
work. Research and development took
time and involved multiple overseas trips
to locate the right factory, with the right
supply lines and the best quality control.
This factory makes a huge range of filters
– filters for Yamaha marine and filters for
the US Defence department (for their
massive Abraham’s tank filters).
As always, we focussed on quality
and marine environment performance
The quality of the WaterScreen filter
is unsurpassed. Through our detailed
specifications in selecting materials, filter
media and the manufacturing quality,
we believe that with WaterScreen you
are getting the best possible water
separating fuel filter available. That is
what MW wants you to have.
Finally, the WaterScreen water separating
fuel filter was born.
Only WaterScreen gives you a special
German made and sourced filter media
Blade fuse holder
MW has taken the standard water
resistant blade fuse holder (originally
an automotive part) and through
careful selection, has made this a
marine part. MW is always seeking
to innovate for you, even in small
To do this properly, MW invested
time and effort and started again by
making our own blade fuse holder.
We have given the water resistant
fitting a great feel, worked on the
quality of plastic and its sealing
properties. It has a snug fitting cover
with a nice firm operation. MW has
chosen tinned wire for the wiring
and while we were innovating, we
decided to tin the blade fuse holder
lugs as well.
There isn’t a better marine water
resistant blade fuse holder on the
Don’t settle for a standard automotive
blade fuse holder - get a proper
marine water resistant blade fuse
holder from MW. The best news is
that they cost less as well!
that keeps your fuel squeaky clean and
repels water contaminants.
WaterScreen’s comprehensive range
gives you a filter for all outboard brands
and also gives you the highest quality
inline filters on the market. A MW
Manson Anchors
n chors are compulsory equipment:
you don’t get a choice about having
one. You throw them overboard and
then drag them through weeds, coral,
sand, mud, rock, other geological
formations and man-made obstacles.
It doesn’t surprise us then that people
begrudgingly choose the cheapest
alternative available, and don’t place
much stock into actively making a
purchasing decision to get the right
It is precisely because anchors are so
abused that only Manson anchors should
be used. Why do you get such reliable
anchorage with Manson anchors? Why
do they have a lifetime warranty? Why
do they last so long?
Most generic anchor manufacturers will
make their anchors with the mindset of
saving cost and therefore using minimum
material. With a Manson anchor you get
as much over-engineering as possible.
Take the venerable plough anchor –
yes, a Manson plough is dearer than
the copies, but you do get a stronger
shank, a bigger shank pin and knuckle,
and better flukes. Manson is committed
to only using Lloyd’s approved metal:
you are going to get a better fluke and
shank material every time with Manson
and also have Lloyds-approved welders
working on your anchor.
If you are looking for reliability - you
need to set anchor fast and hold on
hard - then look no further than the
Manson Supreme. It is the only anchor
in Australia that is genuinely Lloyd’s
certified with Super High Holding Power.
The first feedback we usually receive
from happy Supreme customers is about
how fast and how hard they hold. Next,
we often hear that when they woke up
in the morning everyone else dragged
anchor and they were in still in the same
place. Try a Manson Supreme and be
prepared for a jolt to a halt – reliable
anchoring at its best.
Because of the quality of engineering
and materials, these anchors last. We
have a customer who has used their
same plough anchor for decades. Over
time, the galvanising has worn off in a
couple of areas through over-use. Our
customer simply chooses to re-galvanise
this heritage Manson and go again!
Other anchors may be cheaper, and look
relatively similar in shape and design,
but the design, the materials, and the
manufacturing process of each Manson
anchor will give you a more reliable,
more robust and longer lasting anchor.
At MW we have expended much
thought, time and effort to select the
highest quality marine tinned wire for our
customers. There is a lot to this product!
We focussed on selecting the highest
quality copper wire
Our wire has the lowest possible O2
contamination levels we could obtain.
You benefit from having extra copper
per metre due to the proper twisting of
the wire strands – this delivers the best
performance for the electrics on your
MW specially selected the sheath
Most wire sheaths will only give you
around 70OC insulation. The high quality
of the sheath material we selected not
only confers great durability and longer
life, but also a higher temperature rating
and wider range of operation (-20OC to
90OC). You always get more for your
dollar at MW.
Our choice of wire is designed to save
you money
MW has resolved to help with your fit out
costs: another example of MW seeking
to boost your margin. With the rollout of
LEDs and the low current draw required
for modern accessories, it made sense
for MW to bring you 2mm tinned twin
sheathed wire. Now, when running a wire
loom for LED lighting, MW’s alternative of
2mm wire can save you 50% on using
3mm wire in your loom or 66% on running
4mm wire in your loom.
Other advantages of our new MW 2mm
wire are reduced weight and reduced
loom size. This allows for a cleaner and
more professional installation.
3 Core
Bilge Wire
While 2mm marine tinned wire is
another exciting innovation by MW,
our 3 core bilge wire is another MW
product that was specially selected
for our customers.
As with our tinned wire, we again
focussed on wiring and loom
Jaunt boat covers
The Jaunt trailerable boat cover has
been around for a few years now and
they have proven to be a big favourite
for the people who have relied on them.
However, at MW we have trouble staying
still. Innovation and tweaking is in our
The Jaunt trailerable cover has
undergone an evolution. There’s a new
outer material that will give your boat
extra protection from the sun and the
rain. The rear of the cover has been
changed to make it easier to mount over
the transom. All 3 corners of the cover
have now been double lined for better
anti-chafing and extra strength where
you need it. We have even modified the
tie downs to make it easier for you to just
clip in the webbing and pull tight. The
updated Jaunt trailerable boat cover is
stronger, more durable and easier to use.
MW has selected a specific tinned
wire for those bilge installations
that feature a float switch. Never
again do you need to waste a whole
section of twin sheath wire for wiring
in the float switch - just use MW’s
3 core bilge wire. It already comes
with MW selected high quality
tinned copper wire, providing you
with fully sheathed 3 cores to give
you the cleanest bilge/float switch
installation and the least materials
Here is another example of MW seeking
to boost your margins while selecting the
best features to make the sales process
as easy as possible for you. MW has
taken the standard, generic outboard
cover and made it better. We have
chosen more sales features, improved
performance and most importantly,
improved pricing.
The Jaunt full outboard cover is the way
to go. With extensive research in the best
fitment of various cowls, gearboxes and
short and long trunks – Jaunt has your
outboard covered from 6hp to 250 hp.
Our lining covers help protect the finish
on your outboard. The gear box area
effectively has 3 layers of protection down
low where road travel can throw all sorts
of nasties up into the outboard motor
area. There is a harder vinyl outer layer
here, protecting against the elements and
for the mounting of your outboard motor
support bracket. The cover ingeniously
incorporates a red reflective strip at the
furtherest rearward point, your propeller.
A visual cue and warning providing extra
With all these additional features, these
covers still cost less than many on the
market. One thing is for sure - Jaunt
covers will give you extra protection.