Why Buy A MM 55 STIHL YARD BOSS and Attachments? ®

and Attachments?
A beautiful landscape demands attention to detail ...
and a powerful MM 55 STIHL YARD BOSS®
• Smooth ergonomic handle design
MM 55 STIHL YARD BOSS® Specifications:
• Integrated throttle control and stop/run switch
• Protected ignition wire and throttle cable
Displacement: 1.66 cu. in. (27.2 cc)
• Convenient upright fuel tank position when refueling
Engine Power: 1.07 bhp (0.8 kW)
• Dependable and proven STIHL HomeScaper Series engine
• One convenient knob to adjust handle to fold easily for
20.7 lbs. (9.4 kg)
transportation and storage
• Well-balanced and stable front and rear carrying handles
• Easy to change attachments for many of your lawn care and gardening needs
MM 55 STIHL YARD BOSS® Attachments
RL Aerator Attachment
This attachment creates a
series of slits into the soil
of the lawn. These holes
allow air, moisture, fertilizers
and other nutrients to get
to the roots.
FC Edger Attachment
A handy tool used to cut a
defined or distinct edge to
separate the grass lawn
from the cultivated soil in a
planting area.
BK Bolo Tines Cultivator
A variation of our pick tine.
Offers an alternative to
those that prefer this style
of cultivating tine shape.
BF Pick Tines Cultivator
Helps prepare soil for
planting by loosening soil
in prepared gardening and
planting areas.
Optional Accessories
Wheel Kit
MF Dethatcher Attachment
Great for removing the
dead grass and other
accumulated material from
the top of the soil.
Note: This attachment must
be used with large deflector
and extensions.
KB Bristle Brush
This nylon bristle broom
makes quick work of any
sweeping job. One pass
covers an area up to 24” in
Note: This attachment must
be used with large deflector
and extensions.
KW STIHL PowerSweep™
This powerful attachment
cleans up caked dirt along
roads and sidewalks, moves
pebbles and sand in turf, as
well as water and light snow
along hard flat surfaces.
Weight Kit
Depth Gauge
Note: This attachment must
be used with large deflector
and extensions.
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Improper use of any power tool can cause serious or fatal injury. Read, understand and follow
carefully the operating and safety instructions in your owner’s manual before using such products.
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