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Taroko Na onal Park
Tsou Ma Lai Farm + D.I.Y。Taroko Na onal Park。Chihpen Hot Spring。Alishan。
Meal On Board
Own Expenses
Shabu Shabu
Shao Aboriginal Cuisine
Jar Roasted Chicken
Local Cuisine
Farm House Cuisine
Hakka Cuisine
Hot Spring Cuisine
Vanila Cuisine
Dragon Bun
Own Expenses
Breakfast Box
Meal On Board
Hotel Buffet
Local 5* Taoyuan Chuto Plaza Hotel or similar
Local 4* Taichung Elizabeth Hotel or similar
Local 4* JiaYi Ali Mountain Oriental Pearl
Interna onal Hotel or similar
Tainan Tsou Ma Lai Farm or similar
Local 5* Taidong Royal Chihpen Hotel or similar
Interna onal 5* Hualian Park View Hotel or
Interna onal 5* Taipei Regent Hotel or similar
*Remark : Above restaurants & meals menu are subject to change base on the availability of the restaurant and seasonality, freshness of the ingredients
Why Choose Apple?
I nerary
More in mate, more leisure, more fun on i nerary
Accommoda on
Stay in 1 night Taipei Interna onal 5 star Hotel + Tsou Ma-Lai Farm + Royal Chihpen Hot
Spring Hotel
Hot Spot
Have a boat ride tour on The Eight Great Views of Taiwan – Sun Moon Lake, it’s the
mostbeau ful Mountain Lake in Taiwan. (
Abroad on Train to Yilan (Su’aoxin Sta on) to make you more comfortable and saving
moretravel me.
Have an ecological tour on the land of Alishan Na onal Park.
Have a fun at mul faceted, Fun-Filled Theme Park at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.
Relax and enjoy happiness moment at Tsou Ma Lai Farm. Dont miss it !!
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Sightseeing Included entrance fee
Sightseeing visit, No remark for pass by sightseeing
Day 1
Kuala Lumpur
Cable Car
Assemble at KLIA.
Day 2
Taoyuan - Taipei(
( Jiufen、
、 Taipei 101 (89th
floor observatory by own expenses)、 Wufenpu )- Taichung(
( Fengjia Night Market)
Jiufen: Which grew up around the mountain & faces ocean, is considerably small town where s ll found beau ful
preserved tradi onal house.
Wu Fen Pu : The largest garment distributor center in Taiwan. They are not just selling cheap but quality garment
item, give you a new shopping experience
Fengjia Night Market: Where various products and local foods are suitable to student. It presents Taiwanese
characteris c and is definitely a place worth visi ng. You can preLy much find everything popular among teenagers
here, tasty snacks, the hoLest music, and clothes.
Fengjia Night Market
Day 3
Sun Moon Lake
Taichung - Nantou(
( Sun Moon Lake (Boat ride)) 、 Wenwu Temple、
、 Formosan Aboriginal
Cultural Village + Cable Car ((If cable car offline, will transfer by coach)))- Chiayi
Sun Moon Lake ( the best known of Taiwan's scenic reservoirs. This is the largest natural lake in
Taiwan. ( Included Boat Ride )
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village : To establish a place to both preserve and teach about Taiwan’s aboriginal heritage
while, at the same me, provide a spacious venue for people to spend and enjoy their leisure me. (Included Entrance
Fees)( )
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Sightseeing Included entrance fee
Sightseeing visit, No remark for pass by sightseeing
Day 4
( Alishan Na onal Park)) - Tainan(
( Tsou
Ma-Lai Farm + D.I.Y)
Alishan Na onal Park: Alishan situated in the Yushan
(Mt.Jade) Range and is home to one of only three mountain
railways in the world. Apart from the scenic train trip, it’s
known for its beau ful forests, cloud forma ons, sunrise.
views etc. Alishan is also home to the Tsou aboriginals.
Tsou Ma Lai Farm + D.I.Y : Variety of facili es that meet the
needs of ages. Grassland, Zoo area, Archery are provided at
Tsou Ma Lai Farm. Enjoying Happiness moment with your
family and friend!
Alishan Na onal Park
Day 5
Tainan - Kaohsiung ( Fo Guang Shan、
、 Pearl Centre)
- Taidong(
( Chihpen Hot Spring area)
Fo Guang Shan are consists by 4 main monuments and number of
museums and etc. Huge Buddha which height of 120 meters is the most
Significant of Fo Guang Shan.
Chihpen Hot Spring: have the reputa on of being "the greatest scene in
eastern Taiwan". In the early years, hot springs emerged from riverbeds.
There are carbonic acid springs (with the nature of base). There are
colorless, odorless and their temperature reaches more than 100 degrees
Fo Guang Shan
(Celsius). The springs are of high quality.
Day 6
Taidong - Hualian(
( Taroko Na onal Park、
、 Tradi onal Arts
Taroko Na onal Park: One of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.
The gorge is a breathtaking spectacle of craggy Rocks and cascading water. You
may witness of the magnificent beauty of the external Spring Shrine, Swallow
Caves, Mysterious Valley and more.
Taroko Na onal Park
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Sightseeing Included entrance fee
Sightseeing visit, No remark for pass by sightseeing
Day 7
)Yilan - PingXi(
( ShiFen Old Street – Sky Lantern Fun)
( Su’aoxin Sta on)
( Martyr’s Shrine、
、 Tianlu Culture Centre、
、 Ximending、
、 Shilin Night Market)
Shifen Old Street: One and only scene of “trains passing right in front of residents doors” in Taiwan. Houses and shops are
separated from the railway tracks only by narrow old street without the protec onof high fences or railings.
Shilin Night Market: The largest and most famous night market in the city especially with regards to food, and is a favorite
focal point for Taipei's night life among residents and visitors alike. The most famous foods here must try Shilin fried
chicken steak, small bun wrapped in large bun, oyster omelet, pearl tea, braised s nky tofu etc.
Martyr’s Shrine
Taipei 101
Day 8
Taipei - Taoyuan
Kuala Lumpur
Home Sweets Home.
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2. The sequence of i nerary, meals and hotel arrangement are subject to the final adjustment of the local ground operator.
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SHOPPING STOP. The Company reserve the right to collect a penalty of RM350 per person if you refuse to visit the shops or choose to abandon the tour group
during the touring period.
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