Meditation Drop in Classes

The Threefold Way with Satyanathin
6 week course with 1 week gap. Meditation, tea and study.
Tues 23 Sept – 4 Nov 7 - 9.30pm £50/25 booked in advance.
Find out more about the Buddha’s teaching and the Path to
Enlightenment. You need to know our meditation practices.
Booking arrangements
Full payment is needed for all bookings. Payment can be transferred
72 hours before subject to a £10 administration fee. After this
point no transfers will be made. Payments for retreats cannot be
transferred. Payments are not refundable.
Meditation and ritual. Practice evening. Fri eve 7.30 – 9.30pm.
For those who know our basic meditation practices.
Not suitable for newcomers. By donation. Suggested £10/5.
Day Events
Fetching Wood, Carrying Water with Akashadevi
Sat 18 Oct 10am – 4pm By donation (£40/£25/£15 suggested)
We will explore the transformative effect of regular meditation
practice on our lives with silent sitting and walking meditation and
practical teachings on how to live ethically and wisely.
Metta Day with Karunagita and Sanghapala
Sun 19 Oct 10am – 5pm. By donation (£40/£25/£15 suggested)
A day exploring loving kindness and the Metta Bhavana meditation
practice. Come along whether you hate the Metta Bhavana, love it
or have never heard of it. Please book.
Yin Yoga and Meditation Day *Centre Fundraiser*
with Maitripushpa and Norman Blair
Sun 16 Nov 10am – 5pm £65/£40 (booking required)
Yin Yoga and meditation can help us open to ourselves and to
develop presence and an ability to be with ourselves as we are.
Yin Yoga is a floor based practice where poses are held for several
minutes. It is about softening and staying. There will be sessions
of Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditation.
Moving with Mindfulness with Lalitaraja and Mafe Toledo
Sat 23 Nov 2014 10am – 5pm By donation (Suggested £45/30)
Through a meditative approach participants will increase body
awareness and explore their own way of dancing. Booking
Padmasambhava Day Festival
Celebrating the life and liberation of the Lotus Born Guru.
Sun 12 October All welcome. By donation.
Sangha Day Festival Sun 9 Nov 1pm - 6pm
Celebrate the community of Dharma practitioners. The festival
will include a festive puja with mitra re-affirmations.
Samhain Celebration with Lalitaraja Fri 31 Oct 7.30pm.
Samhain/Halloween is the Day of the Dead and is a time for
for recognising and rectifying our faults. We will do a puja to
Kshitigarbha who rescues those in distress or hells.
Solstice Celebration with Lalitaraja Sun 21 Dec 2pm - 6pm
The winter solstice is an important turning point: the day when
the hours of daylight are shortest. Meditation, reflection and ritual
associated with Vairocana to prepare for the coming year.
Full Moon Pujas
Fri 7.30 – 9.30pm Suggested donation £10/5
12 Sept Led by Sumana dedicated to Prajnaparamita
10 Oct Led by Svadhi dedicated to Vajrasattva
7 Nov Led by Kusaladana dedicated to Ratnasambhava
15 Dec Led by Santva dedicated to Sakyamuni
SANGHA EVENINGS 6.30pm Food to share 7.30pm Event
Equinox Ritual with Lalitaraja Mon 22 Sept
The autumnal equinox is a time to reap what you have sown in
spring, of giving thanks for the harvest and the Earth’s bounty.
Guest Speaker Bodhidaka Mon 13 Oct
Bodhidaka will share his experience of long retreats at Guhyaloka,
our men’s retreat centre in a Spanish valley, and speak about the
insights that emerge from this way of practice.
The Bodhisattva’s Dream - Weekend Sangha Retreat
at Hourne Farm Retreat Centre, Surrey.
with Visuddhimati and Lalitaraja Fri 14 Nov- Sun 16 Nov
Booking essential. £160/130/95
about us
festivals and pujas
Meditation Toolkit: for those who have learnt our basic
meditation practices, and wish to take their practice further.
Tues eve 7.00– 9.30pm Drop in. Cost £10/5
sangha nights
Buddhism and Meditation Courses with Karunagita
4 Thur evenings 18 Sept - 9 Oct 7pm - 9.30pm £60/28
5 Wed evenings 12 Nov - 10 Dec 7pm - 9.30pm £70/35 (follow up)
Explore how Buddhist principles and meditation offer a means to
self-awareness, change and spiritual insight and the relevance of
Buddhist teaching within our everyday lives. Open to all.
Meditation practice sessions
For those with experience of our basic meditation practices.
Wed and Fri lunchtime 1 – 2pm Drop in. Cost £6/2
Introductory afternoons with Santva
1pm - 2pm Meditation £6/2
2pm - 4pm Talk and questions/discussion. By donation
Tues 2 Sep What is Karma?
Tues 30 Sep Meditation – It’s not what you think!
Tues 18 Nov Do you have to be a Buddhist to be enlightened?
buddhist meditation
Introductory Meditation Days
10am – 4pm £40/18. Booking required.
Sat 6 Sep with Santva
Sun 21 Sep with Khemajala
Sat 4 Oct with Khemajala
Sat 22 Nov with Santva
Sat 6 Dec with Kusaladana
Meditation Drop in Classes:
mind and body
events for newcomers
Introductory Meditation Drop-in Classes:
Mon Tues and Thurs Lunchtimes 1 – 2pm £6/2
Tuesday Evening Class 7.00 – 9.30pm. £10/5 Drop in.
An introduction to meditation for newcomers. We teach two
simple yet profound practices: the Mindfulness of Breathing and
Metta Bhavana (loving kindness). A follow on group explores
ways of taking the practices further
Essentials of Meditation and Buddhism with Santva.
Tues lunchtimes 1 - 2pm £6/2 All welcome. Just drop in
Charity No 801632
About the North London Buddhist Centre:
We offer a wide range of activities to promote health, happiness
and wellbeing within the context of our core values of
awareness, kindness and generosity. Our aim is to develop a
Buddhist practice community in the city, relevant to our lives in
the 21st century.
The North London Buddhist Centre was started up by
members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, which was founded by
Sangharakshita in 1967. It is part of an international network
of the Triratna Buddhist community (formerly the Friends of the
Western Buddhist Order FWBO), with over 80 centres worldwide.
About Meditation:
We offer practices to explore our experience and understand
the essential principles of meditation. We teach methods for the
development of awareness, positive emotion, self knowledge,
transformation and insight.
About Buddhism:
We offer courses and classes to explore key Dharma (Buddhist
teaching) principles and their relevance to our particular
circumstances. Our teachers’ approach is informal and friendly,
with plenty of opportunity for discussion and space for reflection.
Our charges and dana:
We run the centre on the basis of generosity (dana), a
fundamental Buddhist practice. Our charges are set at an
affordable level to allow as many people as possible to benefit.
Income from classes and events is not enough, on its own, to
cover our running costs. We rely on additional donations and
practical help from volunteers to keep our beautiful centre up
and running. We are very appreciative of the generosity of all
those who participate in our activities and give their time, money
and energy to help the centre. If you would like to give an extra
donation to help keep the centre running, then please consider
making a regular donation by filling out a Standing Order form.
We are able to reclaim tax from UK taxpayers through the Gift
Aid scheme for both one off and regular donations.
BREATHWORKS Living Well with Pain and Illness
with Simon Osborne, an accredited Breathworks trainer.
Eight Wednesday evenings 17 Sept - 5 Nov 6.45 - 9.15pm
Practice Day Sat 8 Nov 11am - 4pm
This course offers self-management mindfulness-based
strategies for those living with persistent pain or ill health. It
provides a tool kit of resources that can be applied to daily life. 
£165/125/85 (includes course materials).
Mindfulness for Healthy Living Taster Day/Workshop
with Lokadhi . Sat 11 Oct 10.30 am – 3.30 pm £40/25
A stand-alone practice day – a chance for experienced
practitioners to maintain a practice and for newcomers
considering a course to experience the mindfulness approach.
Death and the only beauty that lasts with Siddhisambhava
Sat 25 and Sun 26 Oct 10.30am - 4.30pm Booking required.
Sat £70/40 (Limited places) Sun £60/35 (Open to all)
£120/70 for weekend with discount for doing both days.
Explore this inevitable and mysterious feature of our lives.
Open Day Sun 9 Nov 10am – 1pm Open to all
Meditation tasters, talks, film, etc. Please bring friends along.
Listening to Your Inner Wisdom with Manjudeva
Sat 29 and Sun 30 Nov 10am - 5pm £135/95
Learning Focusing to explore inner listening, self empathy, the
body’s knowing, transforming difficult emotions and inner conflict.
Drinking Tea with the Ancient Sages with Prabhasvara
Sat 13 Dec 10-4pm £45/£30 tea provided
Meditation and ancient style Tea ceremonies drawing from the
ancient Zen canon’s stories featuring Tea and relating them to our
practice in moden times within the Triratna tradition.
Drumming every Saturday with Stuart Crosbie and friends
5 – 6.20pm African drum tuition. Beginners/intermediate.
6.45 – 8pm Drum circle open to all.
£9/6 per session. Drum hire £1. Discount for taking both sessions.
North London Buddhist Centre
72 Holloway Rd, London, N7 8JG
(nearest tube: Holloway Rd or Highbury & Islington)
020 7700 1177
sep - dec 2014
Standing on the Threshold with Abhayajit and Khemajala
Two workshops using story and masks exploring the part we play
in our own transformation. Booking required.
In the Footsteps of Gotama Sun 19 Oct 10am – 5pm £40/£19
A Grace Given in Sorrow Sun 23 Nov 10am – 5pm £40/£19
north london buddhist centre
autumn programme
Compassionate Mindfulness Behavior Training
with Pippa O’Connor
This course develops kindly awareness skills for change and
transformation. For all levels of MBCT/MBSR experience.
Eight Thurs evenings
23 Oct - 11 Dec 7pm - 9pm £225/195/145
Words and Music - Indrajala Sunday Club
with Sumana and Friends Songs, Music, Poetry, Stories
Open hearts and open minds with invited guests Sun 28 Sept, Sun
26 Oct, Sun 30 Nov, Sun 21 Dec
All welcome. By donation. 6pm food to share. 7pm Event
Sat 6 Sep
Introductory Meditation Day with Santva
Wed 17 Sep Start of 6.45pm Breathworks course with Simon
Thur 18 Sep Start of Buddhism course with Karunagita
Sun 21 Sep Introductory meditation Day with Khemajala
Mon 21 Sep Equinox ritual with Lalitaraja
Tue 23 Sep
Start of Intro Buddhism course with Satyanathin
Wed 24 Sep Seeing with the Artists Eye with Visuddhimati
Wed 24 Sep Start of 7pm MBCT course with Pippa O’Connor
Sun 28 Sep Indrajala Music Club with Sumana
Sat 4 Oct
Introductory Meditation Day with Khemajala
Sat 11 Oct
Mindfulness Day with Lokadhi
Sun 12 Oct
Padmasambhava Festival
Mon 13 Oct Sangha Night with Bodhidaka
Thur 16 Oct Start of evening Mindfulness course with Lokadhi
Fri 17 Oct
Start of daytime Mindfulness course with Lokadhi
Sat 18 Oct Fetching Wood, Carrying Water with Akasadevi
Sun 19 Oct
Metta Day with Karunagita and Sanghapala
Sun 19 Oct Workshop with Abhajit and Khemajala
Thur 23 Oct Start of 7pm CMBT course with Pippa O’Connor
Sat 25 Oct & Death and the Only Beauty that Lasts
Sun 26 Oct
with Siddhisambhava
Wed 22 Oct Seeing with the Artists Eye with Visuddhimati
Sun 26 Oct
Indrajala Music Club with Sumana
Fri 31 Oct
Samhain Festival Celebration with Lalitaraja
Sun 9 Nov
Open Day and Sangha Day Festival
Wed 12 Nov Start of Buddhism course with Karunagita
Sat 15 Nov & The Bodhisattva’s Dream - Sangha retreat
Sun 16 Nov with Lalitaraja and Visuddhimati
Sun 16 Nov Yin Yoga & Meditation with Norman & Maitripushpa
Sat 22 Nov
Introductory Meditation Day with Santva
Sun 23 Nov Workshop with Abhayajit and Khemajala
Wed 26 Nov Seeing with the Artists Eye with Visuddhimati
Sun 30 Nov Indrajala Music Club
Sat 29 Nov & Focusing weekend
Sun 30 Nov with Manjudeva
Sat 6 Dec
Introductory Meditation Day with Kusaladana
Sat 13 Dec
Drinking Tea with Prabhasvara
Sun 21 Dec Solstice celebration with Lalitaraja and Indrajala Original artwork by Dharmacarini Visuddhimati
Mindfulness for Healthy Living with Lokadhi
Enhance the quality of their life through deepening awareness
of unhelpful patterns of body and mind. For those who are
susceptible to depression but not actively depressed.
9 Friday mornings including orientation session
17 Oct - 12 Dec 10.45am - 1.15pm £225/195/145
9 Thursday evenings including orientation session.
16 Oct - 11 Dec 6.45 - 9.15pm£225/195/145
Practice Day Sat 15 Nov 11am - 4pm for both courses
Seeing with the artist’s eye with Visuddhimati
Three Wed evenings 24 Sept, 22 Oct, 26 Nov 7pm – 9.30pm
£20/£10 per session (£50/£25 for all three sessions).
We will look at the ways in which artists communicate their worlds,
alongside practical exercises suitable for all levels of experience.
MBCT for Depression with Pippa O’Connor
An eight week course which aims to prevent further episodes of
depression. 8 Wednesday evenings
24 Sep - 12 Nov 7pm –9pm Practice Day Sun 7 Dec 1.30 - 5pm
£225/195/145 Prices include materials, CDs, and handouts.
special events
mindfulness: living well
Intensive and effective 8 week courses with daily home practice
using CDs, workbook and journals and a practice day. All prices
include materials. Booking essential. Check booking conditions.