Why Roehampton? Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Master of Public Administration
Why Roehampton?
You’ll be earning a degree from a British university with a
proud 170-year history of providing education through four
London-based colleges.
You can apply for any of our online masters programmes
based on the strength of your professional experience as
well as academic qualifications.
You’ll expand your professional network with Inspirenet, our
online social space, and in our classroom. Through blogs,
forums and shared activities, you can network with likeminded professionals from around the world.
Designed for the 21st century’s
rapidly changing world, the University
of Roehampton’s Master of Public
Administration (MPA) programme has a
unique approach that focuses on your
career aspirations. Connecting with other
professionals, you’ll learn about today’s
major public challenges and social issues,
developing the knowledge and skills to
change people’s lives for the better.
Programme Highlights
Move ahead professionally through the MPA’s unique
approach that allows you to tailor your degree to your
career goals.
Address today’s complex challenges, learning to lead
and implement change for the public good .
Gain the knowledge and skills to make public projects
successful whether you’re in a public, private or
voluntary sector role.
Connect with international professionals, sharing best
practices that you can use to improve lives where you
are now.
You’ll learn new skills and knowledge that can be applied
directly towards advancing your career. Each of our masters
programmes has been developed by academics and subject
matter experts to ensure your learning is reflective of the
very latest industry trends relative to your degree.
We appreciate that your time is at a premium — so we’ve
designed our online degrees to give you as much freedom
as possible. We have no set lecture times, 24-hour classroom
access and comprehensive support. Meaning your masters
degree fits around your schedule, not the other way around.
We don’t do hidden costs. Our affordable, all-inclusive
tuition fee of US $10,000 covers everything from your
application to library resources, course materials and
personal support. What’s more, you can split the cost of your
studies across nine instalments, meaning learning doesn’t
have to come at the expense of everything else.
Quality Education Delivered by Experts
In the United Kingdom, the standards for higher education
are set by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher
Education (QAA), which is accountable to the UK Parliament.
All our online masters degrees meet or exceed the quality
standards set out by the QAA, marking the calibre of
education you’ll receive. What’s more, our online degrees
are delivered in partnership with Laureate Online Education,
part of Laureate International Universities, experts with more
than 10 years’ experience in delivering online education.
Programme Overview Module One: Becoming an Effective Student and Professional in
Public Administration
Your first module introduces you to the online learning environment.
You’ll identify where you see yourself in the field of public administration,
now and in the future, and you’ll consider how this masters can help you
contribute to the public good.
Career Options
›› Public administration professional
›› International organisation professional
›› Nonprofit (NGO) employee
›› Research and policy expert
›› Public-private partnership director
Module Two: Understanding the Challenges of Public
This module addresses the diversity of public administration contexts
and practices. It aims to enhance your understanding of the role of
culture, power and politics in government and the changing forces and
challenges that public administration faces.
Module Three: Planning Public Policy and Services
This is the first of three modules focusing on the public policy cycle. In
this module, exploring the first part of the cycle — planning — you’ll
enhance your ability to analyse public policy with regard to public ­
Module Four: Delivering Public Policy and Services
In this second module of the policy cycle series — delivery — you’ll gain
a range of skills and knowledge for implementing public policy and
services in the contemporary global context. You’ll analyse all facets of
delivery using real-world examples.
“I enjoy the flexibility
and the interaction
with colleagues from
all over the world.
What I am learning is
a valued addition to
my career as well as
my daily activities.”
Module Five: Evaluating Public Policy and Service Effectiveness
and Efficiency
In this third and final module of the policy cycle series — evaluation —
you’ll increase your ability to evaluate public policies and programmes.
You’ll analyse evaluation roles, processes and methods and relate these
methods to specific goals for measuring programme quality.
Parthiban Devanathan
Current Student, United Kingdom
Module Six: Elective Module, covering subjects such as Managing
Projects / Managing People and Organisations / Financial and
Performance Management
Module six is an elective module, giving you the opportunity to choose
from a select number of relevant modules from other Roehampton
Online masters programmes. You’ll study with students from different
disciplines, gaining new academic and global perspectives.
Module Seven: Research Methods
Enhance your ability to critically evaluate a range of research approaches
to address public administration problems. You’ll learn to conceptualise a
relevant issue, formulate an appropriate research strategy to investigate
that issue and provide an evidence-based approach for potential change.
Module Eight: Public Administration Research Project
The Public Administration Research Project gives you the opportunity
to integrate your learning from the programme by applying it to an
in-depth investigation of a specific public administration problem. The
result will be the presentation of a research report.
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