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Established on August 10, 2000 Open University Malaysia (OUM) is
the seventh private university in Malaysia. OUM leverages on the quality,
prestige and capabilities of its owners - a consortium of the 11 Malaysian
public universities.
Striving on its motto of a “University For All” OUM subscribes to the
philosophy that education should be made available to all, regardless of
time, place and age.
Why study with us?
OUM programmes are designed by experts from the industry, academia and
professional bodies and are approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency
(MQA), formerly known as National Accreditation Board (LAN).
Available anytime, anywhere and to anyone.
Advantage of completing your study at your own pace.
Reasonable fees payable by installments. 10% discount upon full payment of
semester course / tuition fees. 75% special fee reduction* scheme for physically
disadvantaged and senior citizens.
*Subject to terms and conditions
Learning at Open University Malaysia
Learners enjoy the flexibility of choosing the nearest location as their learning centre
and the number of subjects they would like to take per semester.
OUM offers a flexible mode of learning via three methods.
Electronic communication tools
like e-mail, bulletin board, i-radio
and chat rooms are provided
to facilitate interaction among
learners, tutors and facilitators.
Where learners study
independently according
to their time availability.
Face-to-face tutorial
sessions are conducted
at learning centres during
weekends or after office
•Management (DIM) KPT/JPS (A1090) 9/09
•Human Resource Management
(DHRM) KPT/JPS (KA5817) 1/10
•Civil Engineering (DCE) KPT/JPS (KA5715) 2/10
• Electrical Engineering (DEE) KPT/JPS (KA5717) 2/10
• Mechanical Engineering
(DME) KPT/JPS (KA5716) 2/10
• Information Technology (DIT) KPT/JPS (A8368) 2/13
• Early Childhood Education
(DECE) KPT/JPS (KA6959) 7/11
Bachelor (Honours)
•Business Administration
(BBA) KPT/JPS (A8369) 2/13
•Management (BIM) KPT/JPS (A7470) 2/13
•Accounting (BAC) KPT/JPS (KA5885) 3/10
•Human Resource Management
(BHRM) KPT/JPS (KA5818) 1/10
•Hospitality Management
(BHM) KPT/JPS (KA6010) 5/10
•Tourism Management
(BTRM) KPT/JPS (KA6009) 5/10
•Education Administration
(BEEA) KPT/JPS (KA4386) 10/09
•Education (TESL) (BETESL) KPT/JPS (A1072) 9/09
•Education (Science) (BESC) KPT/JPS (A1068) 9/09
•Education (Mathematics)
(BEMATH) KPT/JPS (A1067) 9/09
•Education (Civil Engineering)
(BECE) KPT/JPS (A1071) 9/09
•Education (Mechanical Engineering)
(BEME) KPT/JPS (A1069) 9/09
•Education (Electrical Engineering)
(BEEE) KPT/JPS (A1070) 9/09
•Technology Management (BTM) KP/JPS (KA4385) 7/09
•Information Technology (BIT) KPT/JPS (A7468) 2/13
•Information Technology &
Management (BITM) KPT/JPS (A8795) 2/13
•Information Technology with
Accounting (BITA) KPT/JPS (KA6086) 6/10
•Information Technology wih
E-Commerce (BITE) KPT/JPS (KA6841) 5/11
•Information Technology with
Network Computing (BITN) KPT/JPS (KA6840) 5/11
•Information Technology with
Software Engineering (BITS) KPT/JPS (KA7443) 12/11
•Multimedia Communication
KPT/JPS (A0995) 5/09
•Mathematics & Management
KPT/JPS (KA5741) 3/10
•Mathematics with Information
Technology (BMIT) KPT/JPS (KA5850) 4/10
•Sports Science (BSS) KPT/JPS (KA6085) 6/10
•Nursing Science (BNS) KPT/JPS (KA7331) 5/12
•Communication (BCOM) KPT/JPS (KA9493) 11/13
•English Studies (BES) KPT/JPS (KA9470) 5/14
•Islamic Studies
(Islamic Management) (BIS) KPT/JPS (KA9122) 9/13
•Manufacturing Management
(BMMG) KPT/JPS (KA9206) 9/13
•Multimedia Technology
(BMT) KPT/JPS (KA9389) 10/13
•Psychology (BPSY) KPT/JPS (PA9361) 11/13
•Business Administration
(MBA) KP/JPS (A1273) 4/10
•Science (Business Administration)
KPT/JPS (KA5739) 3/10
•Management (MM) KP/JPS (A1271) 4/10
• Information Science
(Competitive Intelligence)
(MIS) KPT/JPS (KA6268) 9/10
• Education (MEd) KPT/JPS (A5740) 5/13
•Science (Engineering)
(MSCE) KPT/JPS (KA6084) 5/10
•Information Technology (MIT) KP/JPS (A1272) 4/10
•Multimedia Communication
(MMC) KP/JPS (A5480) 7/12
•Environmental Science
(Integrated Water Resources Management)
KP/JPS (A5481) 7/12
•Science (MSC) KPT/JPS (KA6753) 2/11
•Human Resource Management
KPT/JPS (KA9398) 10/13
•Instructional Design and Technology
KPT/JPS (KA9450) 11/13
•Project Management (MPM) KPT/JPS (KA9409) 10/13
•Software Engineering (MSE) KPT/JPS (KA9399) 10/13
Business Administration (PhDBA) KPT/JPS (KA5905) 4/10
Education (PhDEdu) KPT/JPS (KA6267) 8/10
Engineering (PhDE) KPT/JPS (KA6082) 5/10
Information Technology (PhDIT) KPT/JPS (KA6083) 6/10
Science (PhDSC) KPT/JPS (KA6754) 2/11
Open Entry for Degree & Master
Financial Sources
The approval of the Open Entry Policy by Majlis Pendidikan Tinggi Negara (MPTN)
has opened another opportunity for OUM to move along with the Government’s
aspiration to enhance the educational level of Malaysians. This policy offers those
who do not have the chance to enter higher education through the normal channel
but have vast relevant working experience through prior learning.
Each application must go through careful filtering at the Faculty level based on
the criteria set by the Ministry of Education and OUM. Selected candidates then
undergo an assessment process which is determined by the Faculties.
National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)
Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF), Account 2
Study Loan from banks
Easy and Flexible Installment Scheme (0% Interest Rate)
Application is open throughout the year for all programmes. However, intakes
are on a semester basis in January, May and September.
Application Procedures
1) Complete the OUM application form (Application form can be obtained from
OUM website) or online application.
2) Enclose the following:
• RM15 for online application (undergraduate application)
• Processing fees of RM25 (undergraduate programmes) and RM50
(postgraduate programmes) in the form of bank draft or postal order made
payable to UNITEM Sdn. Bhd.
• 2 sets of certified IC copies, all academic certificates and transcripts
• 1 RM0.30 stamp
New Open Entry Assessment Route:
Digital Library
Allowed to repeat until
the candidate passes
OUM’s digital library is ISO Certified (9001:2000) and one of the finest in the
region. With a wide collection of physical books and reference material, 45,000
e-books, 10 e-journals databases and 2 e-news.
• Loan services to public • User education / Information skills • Inter-library loan services • Liason officers
• Electronic information services
• References services
• Document delivery services
• Past year exam papers
Nationwide Learning Centres
Degree: Must have LCE/PMR/SRP and 21 years old on 1st January of year applied
Fees : R M125
Master: Must have STPM (1 principal) / Diploma and 35 years old on 1st January of year applied
Fees : RM150
In order to qualify through Open Entry programmes, candidates need
to follow specific assessment methods which varies according to the
programmes applied.
OUM has 61 learning centres throughout the country and more are expected in
the near future. Facilities at these regional centres include:
• Lecture halls • Tutorial rooms • Administrative office • Fully equipped Digital Library
• Computer labs
• Learner centre
(All information correct as of January 2009)
For more information, visit:
Open University Malaysia
Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
) 603-2773 2002
603-2697 8852
[email protected]
Learning Centres:
• KEDAH 04-441 8582 • PERAK
05-254 6006
• P. PINANG04-390 2006 • N. SEMBILAN06-761 1003
• JOHOR 07-221 2006 • PAHANG
09-572 3777 • SABAH 088-712 652
• MELAKA 06-292 1852 • KELANTAN 09-741 8606 • SARAWAK 082-458 602