Why partner with Kaspersky Lab? ® THE GREEN TEAM

Why partner with Kaspersky® Lab?
Channel policy 100%
z Channel Margin protection
z Increase brand awareness
z End-user demand generation
z Incentive schemes
Easy to work with
z Online resource - Partner Extranet
z Dedicated Channel Team
z Structured MDF
z Growing at 8 times the industry
Customer benefits
z Support included in the cost
z Home user licenses KL will honour
outstanding license period*
z KL Direct Touch
The opportunity
z The growth in new threats is
z 2007: 2 million + new unique
malicious varieties
z More than the previous 11 years
z 2008: 12-15 million varieties
Working together
At Kaspersky® Lab, partners are a valuable asset. We don't consider our partners an
outlet for selling products, but a part of the Kaspersky Lab team. Around the world our
partners work together to give customers the best experience possible in buying and
using our products. In short – our partners define who we are.
Sharing information
To give our partners every advantage possible, Kaspersky Lab provides unique
knowledge regarding computer security with all of our Kaspersky Lab partners.
Kaspersky Lab also strives to actively develop and maintain a personal relationship with
each of our partners, and to ensure that they are always informed of our development
roadmap and long-term company goals.
Mutual advantages
Kaspersky Lab is firmly recognised as a technological leader in anti-virus protection.
However, this alone is not enough. We clearly understand that for us to succeed in
selling our highly-acclaimed products, our partners must also succeed. Therefore, in
addition to attractive discounts, we provide every partner with extensive marketing
support, training, and individual marketing funds.
Our reputation
Kaspersky Lab delivers simply superior protection for enterprise environments.
More than 120 of the world’s most respected security solution providers choose to
feature Kaspersky Lab technology at the heart of their products.
*Terms and conditions apply
Rigorous benchmarking by respected, independent institutions and publishers
consistently ranks Kaspersky Lab technology No 1.
Green Team Partner Programme Framework
Accredited Reseller
Certified Partner
Enterprise Partner
25% on deal registration
35% on deal registration
Revenue expectation
Min. £10k per annum
Min. £120k per annum
Partner Plan
Via Distribution
Plan with KL, monthly pipeline,
monthly forecast required
Sales Training
Not mandatory
Mandatory x1
Mandatory x2
Website presence
Not mandatory
Technical Training
Not mandatory
x1 Online, x1 ATC
x2 Online, x2 ATC
Pre Sales Mentoring
Via Distribution
Direct with KL
Marketing Support
MDF via Distribution
MDF for approved programmes
Deal Registration
SBO Pricing
On request
On request
On request
NFR internal use
Up to 100 users
Up to 500 users
Up to 1000 users
Tech support
1st line via Distribution
1st line Via Distribution
1st line Via Distribution and
Direct with KL Support
Account Management
Via Distribution Partner
Distribution and KL
Channel Acc Manager
Dedicated KL Account Manager
Onsite Sales presence
Distribution and KL
Monthly presence mandatory
Direct Touch Sales resource
As required
As required
About Kaspersky Lab
UK Customers include:
Kaspersky Lab delivers the world’s
most immediate protection against IT
security threats including viruses,
spyware, crimeware, hackers,
phishing, and spam. Kaspersky Lab
products provide superior detection
rates and the industry’s fastest
outbreak response time for small and
medium businesses, large enterprises
and the mobile computing
environment. Kaspersky Lab
technology is also used worldwide
inside the products and services of
the industry’s leading IT security
solution providers. Learn more at
www.kaspersky.co.uk. For the latest
on antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam
and other IT security issues and
trends, visit www.viruslist.com.
z Department for Transport
Kaspersky Lab’s client portfolio
includes Airbus, BBC Worldwide and
many other blue chip companies and
public sector organisations.
z Virgin Media
z Edinburgh Council
z Forensic Science Service
z Hyder Consulting
z ING Direct
z Leeds Teaching Hospital
z Leeds Education Authority
z Manchester City Council
z MoneySupermarket.com
z Rentokil Initial Services
z Royal Holloway University London
z Endpoint protection, anti-virus,
anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, firewall,
anti-spam, registry and application
guard, application integrity control,
host-based IDS/IPS
z Automated, incremental, hourly
updates (typically around 100kB)
minimise threats to the network
z Protection from more than 3,700
types of compression, archiving
and packing formats
z Advanced heuristic and
behavioural analysis techniques
z Severn Trent Water
z Suffolk County Council
z University of Cumbria
z Warwick University
z Wolverhampton City Council
Kaspersky Lab UK Ltd
+44 (0)871 789 1631
Our portfolio includes:
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