Chapter 8: Political Geography  Key Issue # 4: Why Has Terrorism Increased? Rubenstein, pages 288 ‐ 293 

Chapter 8: Political Geography Key Issue # 4: Why Has Terrorism Increased? Rubenstein, pages 288 ‐ 293 1. Define (a) terrorism: 2. List typical methods/acts of terrorists: 3. Why is terrorism different than other acts of political violence? 4. It is sometimes difficult to determine whether a group is a “terrorist group” or a legitimate political entity in rebellion. Give examples from your reading. Explain premise. TERRORISM by INDIVIDUALS and ORGANIZATIONS 5. List places in which Americans were attacked by terrorists in the late 20th century 6. Describe al‐Qaeda (a) what does the term mean: (b) its initial purpose and founder: (c) how it operates: why? (d)where does it operate: (e) why does it target Americans? 7. In what ways does al‐Qaeda, its religious & political views, as well as its methods pose a challenge to the following: (a) Muslims: (b) Americans: STATE SUPPORT for TERRORISM Iran Iraq Afghanistan Libya Chapter 8: K.I. # 4 8. List the three ways in which states (particularly in the Middle East in recent decades) have given support to terrorists: (a) (b) (c) 9. Note in which way listed above each of the following states has supported terrorism and then give brief description: State Type of support Summary of Issues Chapter 8: K.I. #4