Students must read one (1) book from the list below... which they will be enrolled at the beginning of the...

Students must read one (1) book from the list below for the grade level in
which they will be enrolled at the beginning of the school year. Students
should also respond to the literature by completing one of the assignments on
the attached assignment sheet. The summer reading assignments will be taken
for a grade in the student’s English Language Arts class within the first two
weeks of school. As a means of recognizing the student’s efforts, each
assignment will be graded and counted as a performance task grade for the first
marking period of the 2014-2015 school year.
 The Catcher in the Rye
Salinger, J.D.
 I Know Why the Caged
Bird Sings
Angelou, Maya
 The Secret Life of Bees
Kidd, Sue Monk
 Lord of the Flies
Golding, William
 The Alchemist
Cohelo, Paulo
 * The Chocolate War
Cormier, Robert
 The Book Thief
Zusak, Markus
 The Life of Pi
Martel, Yen
 Cry, the Beloved
Paton, Alan
 * The House of Spirits
Allende, Isabel
 A Bridge over the River
Boulle, Pierre
 The Stranger
Camus, Albert
 Wandering Warrior
Chen, Da
 Year of Impossible
Choi, Cook Nyul
 *A Thousand Splendid
Hosseini, Khaled
 The Color Purple
Walker, Alice
 *Song of Solomon
Morrison, Toni
 The Scarlet Letter
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
 Animal Dreams
Kingsolver, Barbara
 A Lesson Before Dying
Gaines, Ernest J.
 All the Pretty Horses 
McCarthy, Cormac
 The Awakening
Chopin, Kate
 *Cold Mountain
Frazier, Charles
 Cold Sassy Tree
Burns, Ann Olive
 All the King’s Men
Warren, Penn Robert
The Story of the
Shipwrecked Sailor
Marquez, Gabriel
The Joy Luck Club
Tan, Amy
Nothing but the Truth
A Yellow Raft in Blue
Dorris, Michael
House of Sand and Fog
Dubus, Andre
Beet Queen
Erdrich, Louise
Harris, Joanne
The Poisonwood Bible
Kingslover, Barbara
Additional Selections: Any award-winning book or book from the list above that is within the student’s
Lexile range.
Helpful Links: Lexile Levels:
*Book contains mature content
The summer reading assignments will be taken for a grade in the student’s
English/Language Arts class within the first two weeks of school. As a means of
recognizing the student’s efforts, each assignment will be graded and counted as a
performance task grade for the first marking period of the 2014-2015 school year.
All students need to keep a metacognitive log as they read the novel of their choice.
All students need to complete a reader response project of their choice after reading
the novel.
Metacognitive Log:
Metacognitive means to think about your thinking. As you read, record your thoughts as
you read the book. In the reading log, you need to have an entry for each of the required
questions below:
Reading Strategy:
As you read, you may want to keep a double entry journal (DEJ) to help you answer the
required questions. The DEJ is NOT required but strongly suggested. A DEJ is simply a
piece of notebook paper folded long ways to record your thoughts in two different
columns. In the first column, you record the page number and the text you were reading,
and in the second column, you record your thoughts about the passage. Students should
record any thoughts that go through their mind as they read. For your thoughts, you can
use the guided sentences provided on the chart. See the example below from a student
who completed a DEJ while reading To Kill a Mockingbird.
Page Number and Passage
Page 35: You are starting to act more like a girl
Page 20: The kids are making fun of a character by
acting a play with him in it.
Your Thoughts
I wonder…This reminds me of…I visualize…I’m confused
Jem tells his sister this when she is a girl. I wonder how this
makes her feel when she disappoints him and doesn’t act like
the little brother he may like to have.
I visualize a group of kids making fun of another person
without him realizing he is the one being made fun of.
Required Questions: Please answer each of these on a separate sheet of notebook paper.
 What has been challenging for you so far? (Be specific.)
 Have you gotten stuck at all? What have you done to get unstuck? What strategies did you
use that you have learned in past English classes.
 What has been interesting for you so far?
 What things are you doing (re-reading, asking questions, talking to friends, predicting,
drawing pictures, summarizing, taking notes, etc) to help you understand the book?
 Is there anything you understand better now than you did earlier in the book?
 What are you noticing about the plot, characters, style, plot/conflict, or theme? What are you
Reader Response Project:
Choice 1 Create a piece of artwork (painting, sculpture, or other medium) that represents your
understanding of the major themes, ideas, or messages in the novel. Include a typed 1-page
reflection that shows your thorough understanding of the entire novel and makes a clear
connection between your artwork and the novel.
Choice 2 Create a scrapbook (10 pages minimum) filled with objects and captions such as
pictures, postcards, etc. that relate to events, characters, plot details, messages, and themes in the
book. This scrapbook should include sufficient detail to demonstrate that you have read and
understood the whole novel.
Choice 3 Twitter. Create at least 40 tweets from one character to another at pivotal external or
internal events. Be sure to caption each tweet with what part of the book this tweet would have
taken place and what was happening in the novel at that time.
Choice 4 Create a queue of 10 Netflix movies for the protagonist. Explain why the character
wants to view each movie. How are character’s thoughts, struggles and triumphs mirrored in the
movie choices?
Choice 5 Create a soundtrack to go with your novel. Choose up 10 songs you feel represent
specific times throughout the novel. Write a description for each song that explains why you chose
the song and what part of the book it pertains to.
Choice 6 Write a narrative describing a dinner party in which the characters from the novel are in
attendance. Using inferences and implications developed from the text, be sure to discuss the
setting, the menu, the appearance and demeanor of the characters, their topics of discussion, etc.
Use textual evidence to back up the choices that you have made for your dinner party.
Choice 7 Write a response-to-literature essay analyzing how the writer uses at least two literary
devices and/or stylistic techniques to convey meaning or theme. Be sure the essay meets the
following requirements for writing an effective multi-paragraph response-to-literature essay.
Presents effective introductory and concluding paragraphs.
Analyzes literature and extends beyond a summary or literal analysis.
Contains a controlling idea or thesis.
Provides evidence from the text using embedded quotes.
Analyzes the aesthetic effects of an author’s use of stylistic or rhetorical devices.
Includes relevant information and valid inferences.
Uses an organizing structure appropriate to purpose, audience, and context.
Uses a variety of rhetorical devices.
Uses transitions between paragraphs.
Uses a variety of sentence structures.
The student answered all
of the required questions
with depth and
knowledge of the novel.
The student spent time
thinking about each
question before writing
and captured the
thinking process of
reading in the writing.
The student seemed
to rush in completing
the reading logs. The
questions may all be
answered on one
sheet of paper and
some thought is given
to each question.
The student didn’t answer all
of the required questions.
He/she was rushed in
completing the log and little
to no thought was given on
the reading process.
Seems rushed;
Shows understanding
but little originality.
Incomplete or carelessly
Assignment goes beyond
the stated requirements
related to presentation.
Student demonstrates
pride in his/her work
regarding content and/or
None or almost no errors
in spelling, punctuation,
and grammar.
Assignment meets
most of the stated
requirements related
to content and
presentation but may
be partially
incomplete or may fall
short in the area of
neatness and/or
Minimal errors in
spelling, punctuation,
and grammar; errors
do not interfere with
Shows incomplete
Assignment does not meet
all of the stated
requirements related to
content and presentation;
may be largely incomplete or
have severe problems with
neatness and/or formatting.
Excessive errors in spelling,
punctuation, and grammar;
or errors interfere with
meaning in a major way.