New Media - Bachelor of Fine Arts Discipline Content

New Media - Bachelor of Fine Arts
Discipline Content
About the New Media
The B.F.A. (New Media) offers a strong background in
design and development for digital and interactive
media combined with a general background in art,
drama, music and liberal arts. This provides the skills,
knowledge, and experience essential for a rewarding
career in the field of new media doubled by a well
rounded education meant to ensure flexibility and
versatility in response the ever changing demands of
the contemporary economy and society.
Why Study New Media?
Possible Career Paths
Graduates may choose careers in:
• interactive media design and development
• 3D application development
• animation
• film and television
• web design
• game design
• design for mobile technology
• education
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New Media Courses
3-D Computer Modelling and Animation
Advanced Studio
Character Animation
Cinematography and Lighting
Design Fundamentals
Digital Effects and Compositing
Digital Video Production
Event and Exhibition Design
Film Studies
Games design and development
History of Animation
Interactive Media Sequencing
Media, Advertising, and Consumer Culture
Motion Capture
Narrative for New Media
Theory and Aesthetics of Digital Games
Visual Communications
Web Design and Development
See Course Descriptions for details. New Media students also take a wide variety of art,
music, and theatre and dramatic arts courses.
Why a B.F.A. (New Media) Degree from UofL?
Graduates Succeed in Industry
Meeting the Needs of
Today’s New Media
The program’s unique combination of digital media art & design and liberal arts is at the
forefront of an industry with hiring focus on a talent pool characterized by a combination of
design, technical proficiency, and well rounded education. As the industry continues to
mature, the need for flexible artists and designers capable of participating at every level of
the production process - conceiving, editing, storyboarding, designing, programming,
producing, promoting, and publishing - has become a requirement, not a luxury. The B.F.A.
(New Media) from the University of Lethbridge thoroughly prepares artists to meet these
challenges and thrive in a multidisciplinary and changing work environment.
Years 1- 3
The foundation year introduces you to a wide variety of technical and artistic disciplines
and approaches. The second year provides more in-depth courses in digital media, theory,
and critical thinking. During the third year, you will develop advanced strategies for
merging digital media, critical, and aesthetic skills, while also obtaining experience in the
production design and development processes.
Year 4 - Professional
Portfolio and Internship
During the first semester in the fourth year, study is focused on developing a professional
portfolio representative of your particular skills, interests, and career direction. In the final
semester, students have the option of pursuing a professional work placement in a
supervised internship program. This provides direct experience in the new media industry.
Internship placements have occurred locally, nationally, and internationally. Alternatively,
students may take an Advanced Studio course in combination with additional senior-level
New Media electives. This second alternative is directed towards more creative applications
of digital media and provides opportunities for further academic training aimed at students
with an interest in pursuing graduate-level studies.
Current Research and Areas of Interest
Digital media and performance
Interactive media, interactive animation and interactive television
Design for mobile technology
Motion-capture technology
Game Design and development
Film and video production
Technology and communication
3-D compositing and special effects
Architecture and 3-D creation
3D stereoscopic imaging and Virtual Reality
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Department of New
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Phone: 403-329-2691
Office: W850 (University Centre for the Arts)
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