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Why settle for less than the best?
Compact ready-to-use BREW separation modules for craft brewing
Grow your brewery the modular way
with Alfa Laval BREW separator modules
Alfa Laval has been cooperating with craft brewers for many
years to get more high-value quality beer with less overall
investment. Examples include optimizing filtration, reducing
the need to invest in tanks by using separators to improve
tank utilization, creating special craft brewery modules for
deaerated water, high gravity brewing and beer cooling.
In the area of high-speed separators and decanter centrifuges Alfa Laval is an established brewery market leader with
over 125 years of proven, separation experience.
Craft brewers can choose among three Alfa Laval BREW
separator modules:
BREW 80 clarifier module for smaller capacities up to
90 hl/h, also suitable for near bright beer styles
BREW 250 polisher module for up to 250 hl/h
BREW 301 clarifier for up to 250 hl/h.
Settling tanks or centrifugal separation?
The Alfa Laval complete, ready-to-use BREW separation
modules make the choice easy
Regardless of your brewery size or capacity, each tailored
"plug’n play" separation system is equipped with the necessary features and accessories to get you started on the right
centrifuge path - designed to grow with your brewery.
The BREW beer polishers and classical clarifiers are specially
created to satisfy the needs of many craft brewers: Compact,
energy efficient and easy to operate plug’n play modules with
hermetic design and all equipment mounted into one skid.
For larger capacity breweries, several other BREW separator
models are available in capacities up to 750 hl/h, with bottom
feed arrangement as well as with eDrive and conventional
Other solutions for craft brewing
As a supplement to separation modules, Alfa Laval
offer a diverse range of other solutions. These are described
on the back page.
BREW 250 – the only hermetic
bottom feed solution for optimum
craft brewing
Beer clarification and polishing with
the compact, ready-to-use Alfa Laval
BREW 250 polisher module brings
numerous gains:
• Up to 30% higher filtration &
fermentation capacity
• 1% more beer produced due
to minimal beer loss
• At least 20% lower tank investment
for the same capacity
• 6-12 times faster clarification than tanks
• Up to 35% less energy consumption and more gently beer treatment with bottom feed
• High beer quality - no oxidation, CO2 or aroma losses thanks to fully
hermetic design
The Alfa Laval BREW 250 separator module for beer polishing
2 Separator modules for craft brewing
Selection guide for Alfa Laval high-speed separator
modules for small to medium size craft brewers
Beer after fermentation
BREW 250
BREW 301
Beer after maturation
Near bright styles
Dry-Hop Beer
Capacity (Typical)
Hydraulic capacity
Working capacity (range)
Beer capacity for 20 MCells/ml feed
(0.5 % v/v solids)
Beer capacity for 40 MCells/ml feed
(1% v/v solids)
Design Features
O2 pick-up
Feed Inlet
Up to 90 hl/l (40 US gpm)
Up to 250 hl/l (110 US gpm)
Up to 250 hl/l (110 US gpm)
10-50 hl/h (8-40 bbl/h)
40-140 hl/h (35-120 bbl/h)
50-180 hl/h (40-150 bbl/h)
50 hl/hr (43 bbl/h)
140 hl/hr (120 bbl/h)
180 hl/hr (154 bbl/h)
35 hl/h (30 bbl/h)
100 hl/h (86 bbl/h)
120 hl/h ( 103 bbl/h)
< 0.02 ppm
Top feed
0 ppm
Fully hermetic
Bottom feed
< 0.02 ppm
Top feed
Power Consumption
15 kW
21 kW
40 kW
8 kW max
12.5 kW max
28 kW max
Installation Set-up
Discharge Triggering Mechanism
Outlet turbidity
PLC with HMI
PLC with HMI
PLC with HMI
Inlet turbidity
Standard Supply
Module Accessories
Feed Pump
Solids Pump
Option at .86 kw (1 hp)
4 kW (5 hP)
4 kW (5 hP)
1 service kit
General Specifications
Bowl weight
134 kg
(295 lbs)
310 kg
(685 lbs)
300 kg
(662 lbs)
Complete module incl. bowl & motor
1,025 kg
(2,260 lbs)
2,200 kg
(4850 lbs)
2,380 kg
(5247 lbs)
Dimensions Width
975 mm
(38 1/2 in.)
2,020 mm
(79 ½ in.)
1,850 mm
(72 7/8 in.)
Dimensions Length
1,815 mm
(71 1/2 in.)
1,764 mm
2,160 mm
(85 in.)
Dimensions Height
1,545 mm
(61 in.)
2,030 mm
(80 in.)
2,100 mm
(82 5/8 in.)
Alfa Laval reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification
Separator modules for craft brewing 3
Alfa Laval offers a diverse range of other proven,
ready-to-use modular solutions for craft brewing
Each process module is pre-engineered, fully automatic, self-contained, pre-assembled
and tested. Customerizations are also available on demand.
Intelligent Whirlpool System for wort recovery
Complete system with Foodec decanter to recover
high quality, high gravity wort residue from trub in the
whirlpool - without mixing brews. No trub tank needed.
Up to 4% saving on wort consumption (>99% yield
recovery compared to present wort loss). Large saving
on water in the whirlpool.
No need for flushing to
remove trub. No waste.
Beer cooler module
Add-on cooler module to your high speed separator.
Alfa Laval cooling modules are compact, versatile units
for efficient cooling of product streams in the brewing
process, from hot wort and
yeast to green beer.
Designed for CIP.
Internal coolant recirculation
prevents product freezing.
Starting capacity from
45,000 hl/yr (38,348 bbl/yr)
production and 60 hl (51 bbl) brewhouse whirlpool.
Starting capacity from
45,000 hl/yr (38,348 bbl/yr)
Water deaeration
ALDOX and ALDOX Mini (small capacities) for continuous
production of deaerated and carbonated high quality
water for beer. Single pass operation,
with no need for recirculation, pressure
vessels or vacuum pumps.
Carboset and HP carbonator for continuous and
accurate carbonation of the final beer before filling.
Quick and effcient dissolving
of CO2. Adaptable to different
process requirements.
Starting capacity from 3,000 hl/yr
(2,556 bbl/yr) production.
Starting capacity from 6,000 hl/yr
(5,113 bbl/yr) production.
Tank top systems
SCANDI BREW tank top systems offer all you need
except the tank itself:
Robust, compact pre-engineered
(Core) models or tailor made
units that feature a wide
variety of basic configurations
for vacuum and over-pressure
protection, instrumentation, control and cleaning of all types and
sizes of brewery tanks.
Tank cleaning and mixing
The Iso-Mix rotary jet mixer cost-effectively offers improved
product quality and consistency, and possible reduction of
process time and therefore capacity increase. Also ideal
for yeast handling applications, blending tasks, water
deaeration and tank cleaning.
PFT00657EN 1402
Effective Toftejorg Rotary Jet Heads
and Rotary Spray Heads offer impact
action, ensuring perfect tank cleaning
with considerable savings of water,
chemicals and energy.
Alfa Laval reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification
How to contact Alfa Laval
Up-to-date Alfa Laval contact details for
all countries are always available on our
website at
Separator modules for craft brewing 4