Why Buy an EV N/DYM Wireless System Just the Facts! What is ClearScan

Why Buy an EV
N/DYM Wireless System
What is ClearScanTM ?
Just the Facts!
What are the benefits of N/DYM Wireless?
• Professional performance with 10 channel
UHF frequency agility
• ClearScan Auto Channel Select. In a matter
of seconds, ClearScan finds the cleanest of
the 10 available channels, taking the guesswork out of frequency agile system set-up.
• Rugged & durable metal receiver housing
• Great sound with N/DYM Wired mic elements
in all handheld transmitters
• Quick system set-up: fixed front panel mount
antennas & ClearScan
• All this at a great price
The following seven systems are available:
• NRU-N7
Handheld transmitter (N/D767a)
• NRU-N2
Handheld transmitter (N/D267a)
• NRU-N1
Handheld transmitter (N/D167)
• NRU-L10 Bodypack transmitter w/ OLM-10
omni lav mic
• NRU-L20 Bodypack transmitter w/ ULM-20
cardioid lav mic
• NRU-H1
Bodypack transmitter w/ HM-2
headworn mic
Guitar system w/ bodypack
Individual components are also available
ClearScan is the latest in wireless
technical innovations from EV.
One button operation
ClearScan automatically scans the
airwaves and quickly selects the best of
10 UHF channels.
Eliminates guesswork of frequency agile
channel selection and system set-up
Worry-free wireless performance.
What’s new with N/DYM Wireless
Second band of frequencies – B Band
Enables operation in areas where A
Band frequencies are not available
Second band of frequencies also
increases the total number of systems
possible in a single installation.
Now possible to get up to 7 systems
running in a single installation.
Maximum number is (as always)
dependant on the availability of the
necessary frequencies in the location
where systems are being used.
Components now available
All system transmitters now shipping as
components. These include the NHTUN7, NHTU-N2, NHTU-N1 handhelds
and the NBPU bodypack and the
NBPU-G guitar bodypack.
Including the new NHTU-N7 with the
767a dynamic element.
N/DYM Wireless promo campaign
Ads now running in four publications: DJ
Times, LiveSound, Gig & Church
Production. The ad features
ClearScan and it’s benefits.
New POP display.