Why Besançon ?

Why Besançon ?
 Besancon is the capital and principal
city of the Franche-Comté region in
eastern France and is close to the
Swiss border
 It received official designation as a
‘Town of Art and History
Unique experience
The objectives for our
partnership are:
 To broaden the students’
knowledge and understanding
of each other’s language,
society, and culture and to
learn to appreciate and respect
them and develop long-lasting
international friendships
 To establish, develop and
maintain a lasting and
sustainable relationship in
order to enrich the curriculum,
improve language skills and
motivation of the students
 To enhance the students’
language competence with
such activities as: writing letters
or e-mails to friends, using
videoconferencing, sharing
blogs and exchanging
 It has one of the most beautiful
historic centres of any major town in
France, including a 17th century
citadel which is a Unesco World
Heritage Site
 It is a well-preserved Renaissance
city that dates back to Roman Times,
with many ancient attractions that
remain today including an arch from
the 2nd century
 Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology
is renowned as one of France’s
oldest and richest museums, which
houses Finest City Art Galleries
outside of Paris.
Student Trip to
The CBE signed a
Memorandum of
Understanding in November
2011 with the Académie of
Besançon. This agreement
intends to facilitate linguistic
and cultural exchanges and
student mobility programs.
Branton is one of 17 schools
in the CBE to be partnered
with a school in France. We
have been twinned with
College Jean-Jaures of
Saint-Vit, a small village just
outside of Besançon. We
would like to become the first
school in this initiative to
offer the exceptional
opportunity of a student
exchange trip to France!
Experience French culture first hand
The exchange will take place next year.
The French students will visit Calgary in
February and our students would visit
France in May 2015.
Approximately 28 students gr. 8 & 9
Length of stay with each family is 9 days
Each student will billet their counterpart
Cost: Around $2750.00 which would include
all costs (transportation, activities)
▪ Students participating in the Sea Trip would
need to take the trip occurring in the fall
 When Branton students are in
France, their week would
include a mixture of touring the
region, involvement in cultural
activities and excursions,
participation in some school
activities/classes, and a 2 day
visit with their host in Paris
before departure.
For questions please contact:
M. Bélanger [email protected]
Mme Dagenais [email protected]
M. Bishop
[email protected]
Visit our website to follow our 2014 blog
A similar schedule is offered to
French Students when they are
in Calgary, though Branton
students will mainly be in class
during the day. Students and
host families will be involved in
activities with their partners at
the end of each school day.