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Save Every Day
We take YOUR savings seriously, which is why we make sure
you save every day at Betsy's. Here's an example of just one
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A Word From Our Customers
YOU M ake All the Difference
At Betsy's, customer feedback is number one! We are
always excited when we get to hear your thoughts.
During our Feb. 23 Anniversary party, we put out a Guest
Book that many of you graciously took the time to comment
in. Here are some of the very nice things we were blessed to
have you say:
Love this place-Pat M.
I only purchase from Betsy's! Great-Brinia B.
We love you all. Thanks. -Linda B.
Congrats! Great store!- Emily S.
Love this place, everyone helpful-Macy L.
Great place to work on health-Terri S.
Congrats! Love this place and the people!-Kathy M.
Thanks for being here-Judy B.
Love you Betsy-you've saved me many a time!-Sally L.
Such a blessing from the Lord! Thank you and praise God!
-Tara S.
Celebrate with us Thursday, June
Have another 20 years!-Allen W.
Happy Anniversary! I have been blessed with your products.Jacqueline M.
Congratulations. Keep up the good work.- David & Shirley M.
You're the best.- Ken & Penny C.
Good job! Keep it up.- Richard & Lecta P.
Congratulations on a wonderful business!- Victoria D.
Thanks for being in my life!- Marisa H.
Thank you for all you do.- Beckie B.
Great job. Love your staff.-Nasreen A.
We are so thankful for you in so many ways.- Robert & Martha B.
Was here with my newborn when you opened.- Marrie H.
Glad you are here.- Carolyn B.
Great people!- Gail F.
So glad you're here.- Terry A.
Thank you Betsy for all the wonderful advice all these years!!- Elaine J. 6/18/2013
Shine at Betsy's
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Thanks for all you have done for my family.- Bob B.
Wonderful service. Love the store.- Glenda W.
Appreciate your help over the years. - Kevin J.
I appreciate your experience!- Cindy A.
Thanks to the 169 people who took the time to sign our guest book during their anniversary day
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6 supplements for prostate support
Jack Challem | Delicious Living
If you're a man who's middle age or older, there's a good chance you're
dealing with one of two common prostate issues: benign prostatic hyperplasia
(enlargement), called BPH, or prostatitis.
BPH affects one in four American men by age 55 and half of men by age 75;
prostatitis, a painful inflammation of the prostate gland, can also hit younger
men. The prostate is an integral part of a guy's "manhood" because it
contributes to production of semen, the fluid that carries sperm. The first signs
of prostate problems usually show up as frequent urination, dribbling, or getting
up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. You might be reluctant to
talk about your health, but symptoms like these shouldn't be ignored. Though it's always best to
get a clear diagnosis from a health care practitioner (at the very least to rule out prostate cancer),
these natural remedies, listed here in priority order, are safer than prescription drugs and often
just as effective for many men.
Lycopene. The prostate stores lycopene--a carotenoid, found in tomatoes, pink grapefruit, and
watermelon, that increases antioxidant activity--in prostate tissue, where researchers believe it
interacts with cells' steroid receptors. In a study of 40 men with BPH, participants took 15 mg
lycopene or placebos for six months. Prostate growth stopped in men taking the supplements, but
not in those taking placebos. Most of the men taking lycopene also had decreases in prostate
specific antigen (PSA), a marker of prostate cancer risk. Opt for nonsynthetic, tomato-source
lycopene, which has additional antioxidants. . . .
Cranberry. Doctors treated 42 men with elevated PSAs and urinary tract symptoms typical of
BPH. After taking 1,500 mg dried cranberry fruit daily for six months, the men's urinary symptoms
decreased fourfold. Placebos had no benefits. . . .
Saw palmetto. Study results tend to go back and forth, but there's enough current evidence to try
saw palmetto as a BPH remedy. Some researchers have noted that the herb works as well as
drugs, but costs less and poses fewer side effects, such as erectile dysfunction. If saw palmetto
works for you, urinary symptoms should diminish within 90 days. . . .
Pygeum. In a study of 209 men, 100 mg pygeum extract significantly eased BPH symptoms after
two months. Another study provided men with two 50-mg supplements of pygeum extract daily for
two months. Again, BPH symptoms and nighttime urination decreased significantly. . . .
Stinging nettles. Like saw palmetto and pygeum, stinging nettles extract can help many men with
BPH, though it may work best in conjunction with other herbs. In a recent study, doctors asked
320 men to take a combination of stinging nettles, saw palmetto, and maritime pine bark for 30
days to one year. The doctors were able to do full follow-ups on only 80 patients--of whom 85
percent had "significant" improvements in urinary flow. . . .
Quercetin. This anti-inflammatory antioxidant is the standout supplement for resolving prostatitis,
which causes pain when urinating and more generalized pain in the groin. In studies, taking 500 6/18/2013
Shine at Betsy's
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mg quercetin twice daily lessened prostatitis symptoms; adding the enzymes bromelain and
papain may produce even greater benefits by fighting inflammation. . . .
Article Copyright June 2013 by Delicious Living. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Betsy's Note: ALL the supplements mentioned in this article also thin blood. Also, as the article
suggests, any prostate issues should be checked with your doctor to ensure you do not have an
issue that requires medical attention. Consult your health care provider.
Quick Facts
How Betsy's Takes Your Health To Heart:
• We make sure you save with discounts up to 35% off every day on all
our supplements! No need for sales flyers!
• We have a mobile site for your smart phones or tablets!
• We do mail outs for $4.99 S&H! (in the continental US, with some
• Se habla Español: M-F 10-5:30
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Our May winners were Lynn Dye and John Badia!
• We make signing up for emails easy. Text Betsyhealth to 22828 to get
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• We're on the 1960 bus route!
• We treat our customers like family!
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Betsy's Basics®
Betsy's Basics® Strong Points
• Over 50 Patented and Trademarked ingredients, which means you know
there is scientific validation behind the ingredients
• European-sourced standardized herbal extracts, with proven safety and
• Independent laboratory analysis of finished product, to give you
assurance that what the label says is what is actually in the product
• Full disclosure of our ingredient suppliers, so you can make informed
buying decisions 6/18/2013
Shine at Betsy's
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• Turmeric Extract 60 ct.
• Our Price: $23.96
• List Price: $31.95
Save Every Day: 25% off reg. retail
• And don't forget your orange card savings as well!
Skin Signals
5 things your skin is trying to tell you
Jessica Rubino | Delicious Living
What is your skin trying to tell you? We look at how to read common skin
signals, from deep wrinkles to hyperpigmentation.
By now, it comes as no surprise that research consistently extols a nutrientdense diet not only for disease prevention and overall well-being but also for
improving your appearance. In fact, a recent analysis from the journal DermatoEndocrinology deemed nutrition among the most important factors for skin health. Many of you
agree: When we asked Delicious Living readers for top skin-health secrets, you advocated
nutrient-dense fruits and veggies and healthy fats as the best defense against dry skin, wrinkles,
and more. However, when you're not getting enough crucial nutrients, the results can show up on
the outside. "As with many things, symptoms of nutrient deficiencies frequently appear on your
skin, nails, and hair," says Amy Wechsler, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist and author
of The Mind-Beauty Connection (Free Press, 2008). To pinpoint common deficits, book an
appointment with your mirror and look for these signs, which can indicate unexpected dietary
imbalances as well as more serious health issues.
Deep wrinkles.
Everyone gets wrinkles, whether from sun exposure, eating too many processed foods, or aging.
But research from the Yale School of Medicine shows that deeper wrinkles may also indicate
lower bone density, which increases fracture risk. The reason: Skin and bones share the same
building block proteins, including collagen, which keeps skin taut and wrinkle-free.
• The fix: Take 2,000 mg collagen (including types I and III) daily and eat foods containing
lysine, an amino acid that helps your body build collagen and absorb calcium. Lysine-rich
foods include fish, egg whites, and legumes. For overall skin health and wrinkle prevention,
also opt for free radical-fighting fruits and vegetables, along with healthy oils such as olive
oil and flaxseed oil.
Lackluster complexion.
Skin pallor could signal various concerns, including anemia or hypothyroidism (underactive
thyroid). If you have hypothyroidism you also may notice yellowish skin or orange palms and
soles, thought to result from impaired conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A.
• The fix: If anemia is causing your pallor, your medical practitioner will check your levels of
vitamins B6, B12, B9 (folate), iron, and vitamin C; deficiencies may require large-dose
treatments to get you back on track. If hypothyroidism is the culprit, as part of a
comprehensive thyroid-stabilizing diet you'll want to incorporate vitamin D (1,000-2,000 IU
daily), iron (15-30 mg elemental iron daily), and selenium (400 mcg daily). Also eat plenty
of lightly cooked brassica and cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage,
and broccoli, which help balance thyroid hormones and are filled with cancer-fighting
phytochemicals and fiber (but eaten raw, they can actually exacerbate the problem).
Hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dry skin Hyperpigmentation. 6/18/2013
Shine at Betsy's
Page6 of 9
These pesky discolorations, also known as melasma, appear on the face, nails, hands, or even
hair, and signal increased melanin production. Aging and sun exposure are common culprits, but
another possible cause is insufficient vitamin B12, which helps regulate your body's pigment
production and location.
• The fix: Take 1,000 mcg vitamin B12 daily to restore skin's original hue. Also eat vitamin
B12-rich foods, including sardines, salmon, and yogurt. Supplementing daily with 2 mg
astaxanthin, a natural carotenoid from microalgae, can also regulate melanin production.
Hormones and irritating products aren't the only culprits behind breakouts. Redness and irritation
may be signals that toxins have overloaded your organs or that your digestion is off-kilter.
• The fix: Avoid sugars, refined carbs, red meat, and overly processed foods, which tax the
liver and attack your skin's collagen by attaching to it and forming advanced glycation end
products (AGEs) that make collagen more fragile and are inflammatory-response triggers.
Instead, choose detoxifying green tea, green-food smoothies, and enzyme-rich papaya and
pineapple, which "help clean up areas of inflammation when eaten between meals and not
with other foods," says Alan Dattner, MD. Focus your detox even more by supplementing
with curcumin, fiber, and chlorella.
Severely dry skin.
While climate and season play a part, another common reason for perpetually dry, flaky,
uncomfortable skin is fatty acid deficiency, which is a difficult imbalance to restore, requiring time
and proper nutrients, according to Alan Dattner, MD, a New York-based holistic dermatologist . .
. and Delicious Living advisory board member. "Getting the right oils into your body can take
months because they go into all of the cells," he says.
• The fix: Drink plenty of water (at least eight glasses daily) and eat fluid-dense fruits,
vegetables, and beans to support the liquids in your skin cells. Then loadup on enough
cold-water fatty fish, such as salmon, and fish oil supplements to obtain 3,000 mg fish oil
daily. [Indicate how much you get from eating fish itself; e.g., how many milligrams in 8
ounces of salmon.] In addition to helping cells retain moisture to keep skin looking supple,
omega-3s quell inflammation that leads to acne and other skin irritation.
Article Copyright June 2013 by Delicious Living. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Betsy's Note: Most of the supplements mentioned in this article also thin blood. Also, check with
your health care provider before taking supplements, especially if you are on medications, have
known conditions like hypothyroidism, or are considering amounts other than the label directions.
Consult your health care provider.
New Products Corner
"Always Taking Your Health & Your Budget to Heart®" means
always being on the lookout for products that will meet your
ever-changing needs and requests.
Here are three new products you may just find of interest:
• Aged White Cheddar Popcorn
• Bluebonnet's EGCG Green Tea Leaf Extract
• Organic Green Teas, including decaffeinated, from
Bigelow 6/18/2013
Shine at Betsy's
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6 top beauty nutrients
Natural ingredients can help fight aging, acne and more from the inside out.
Jessica Rubino
Collagen strengthens hair, skin, and nails; reduces fine lines; heals wounds.
Types I and III support healthy hair, skin, and nails by tightening and firming
tissue (type II promotes healthy joints, bones, and cartilage). Some products
contain multiple forms for more benefits; others combine collagen with vitamin
C, lysine, or hyaluronic acid, ingredients that help your body produce more
collagen. Most products are derived from chicken, bovines, or fish, but
vegetarians and vegans will soon find "vegetable collagen" from tobacco plants.
Fatty acids
Fatty acids moisturize; reduce wrinkles; boost hair and scalp health.
Omega-3, -6, -7, and -9 are fatty acids that may replenish moisture to stave off acne and wrinkles.
Ceramides, lipids that contain fatty acids, can hydrate skin and reduce inflammation. Sea
buckthorn oil is the only beauty-from-within ingredient with omega-3, -6, and the rare omega-7.
Omega-7 may improve skin hydration and elasticity and increase skin thickness, improving
collagen synthesis to ward off visible aging signs. . . .
Fruit and vegetable concentrates
Fruit and vegetable concentrates enhance skin elasticity and tone; provide UV protection.
Tomatoes are well-known for their UV-protective lycopene. Plus, recent research shows that
taking capsules of fruit and vegetable concentrates, including tomato, cherry, and broccoli, can
significantly improve skin hydration and thickness. Another recent study found that carotenoidsantioxidants found in sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and kale-lend skin a golden hue, in
addition to counteracting skin-damaging free radicals. Because every antioxidant works differently,
supplementing with multiple extracts best supports skin structure, says Fields. . . .
Hyaluronic acid (HA)
Hyaluronic acid hydrates skin; reduces fine lines.
A hydrating, gel-like molecule, HA holds a thousand times its weight in water, drawing moisture
from the air to fill wrinkles. For this reason, many experts tout this natural substance-now available
in serums, creams, masks, gelcaps, and liquid supplements-as the ultimate ingredient for turning
back the hands of time. . . .
Resveratrol offers UV protection.
Resveratrol, found mostly in red-grape skins, combats free radical damage, mainly by fending off
harmful UV rays. New research indicates you may get the most protection by pairing a
supplement with a lotion; grape flavonoids also help prevent UVA and UVB damage when applied
topically. Resveratrol offers secondary actions to repair cells as well, says Fields. . . .
Detoxifies; clarifies skin. 6/18/2013
Shine at Betsy's
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Rich in chlorophyll, a compound believed to stimulate energizing red blood cells, chlorella also
facilitates your body's detoxification process, so fewer toxins end up being eliminated through the
skin, leading to acne and other irritation. Topically, chlorella growth factor 9CGF) may promote
skin-cell production. Complement chlorella with other detoxifying ingredients such as aloe. . . .
Article Copyright March 2013 by Delicious Living. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Betsy's Note: Most of the supplements listed in this article also thin blood. Also, resveratrol may
have phytoestrogenic qualities. Consult your health care provider.
Simple DI Y
hand sanitizer
Wipe out germs without harsh chemicals and drying alcohols. Try this gentle
but effective at-home recipe from Treatment Alternatives for Children by
Lawrence Rosen, MD, and Jeff Cohen (Alpha, 2012).
3 ounces filtered water
1 teaspoon aloe vera gel
10 drops cinnamon essential oil
10 drops clove essential oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil
10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
20 drops lemon oil
Mix ingredients in a 4-ounce spray dispenser, and shake gently. Mist onto hands; massage for 30
Article Copyright February 2013 by Delicious Living. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
I n-the-mood herbs
Fenugreek. A recent Australian study suggests men who consumed
fenugreek, a spice commonly used in Asian and Indian cuisines, experienced
significantly boosted libido. Add toasted seeds to curries or simmer with chai
spices as tea.
Maca Root. This Peruvian herbal remedy is believed to increase estrogen levels, decrease
cortisol, and reduce the risk of anxiety, depression, and sexual dysfunction--especially in
postmenopausal women. Studies showed positive results when participants took 3,500 mg dried,
powdered maca root per day.
Ginseng raises energy levels, increasing sex drive in men and women. One study involving 135
people found that those who took 900 mg Korean red ginseng three times per day experienced
significantly better sexual function compared with those who took a placebo.
--Trae Lewis
Article Copyright Feb. 2013 by Delicious Living. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Betsy's Note: The supplements in this article also thin blood, besides having potential effects on
hormones. Also, Korean ginseng is often known as the "hot" ginseng and may affect blood
pressure or be otherwise too stimulating for many people. Consult your health care provider. 6/18/2013
Shine at Betsy's
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