Data Sheet: Why Cloud Computing? Overview

Data Sheet
Data Sheet: Why Cloud Computing?
Whether you’re running a startup in your basement or a multinational corporation, there are 4 key reasons you should
consider moving to the cloud:
1. Scalability
2. Cost Controls
3. Time to Market
4. Price for Performance
In traditional computing, you design your infrastructure around estimated peak loads. But when your website or application
traffic drops, you still need to maintain the expensive hardware you purchased—even if it’s underutilized or idle. With cloud
computing, you can scale your infrastructure up and down to meet increased or decreased loads, providing all your services
Cost Controls
Cloud computing uses the same model as a metered utility service like gas or water. You pay only for what you use, and
only when you actually use it. While your infrastructure is running, the meter turns; after services are deleted, the dial stops.
This approach eliminates the risk of over- or under-buying equipment and turns what was a capital expenditure (CapEx) for
hardware or infrastructure into an operating expense (OpEx).
With cloud computing, you gain sizable economies of scale. You’re also freed up to focus on your core business, to innovate,
and to take on new projects because you don’t need to procure and manage:
Data center space
Network transit
Servers & network equipment
IT resources
Time to Market
Because companies that adopt cloud computing no longer need to spend time on infrastructure procurement and
management, they’re able to focus on their core products, services, and innovation. Virtual (cloud) infrastructures can be
spun up or scaled out in minutes and even the dedicated servers sometimes needed for compliance can be deployed in 1-2
days, eliminating the lengthy purchasing process.
Once you’ve configured and installed a cloud server, you can also “templatize”
it by saving a server image to cloud storage. Then you can use that template to
create future servers, providing:
Rapid deployment
Reduced chance of human error
Turnkey delivery of revenue-producing services
About GoGrid
Add in programmatic control of product delivery via a full-featured RESTful API,
and repeatable success is suddenly within reach.
Price for Performance
In today’s competitive market, delivering consistent, reliable, fast service is the key
to survival. By combining high-performance cloud servers, dedicated servers, load
balancers, firewalls, and cloud storage with a hardware-based switching fabric,
companies in the cloud can enjoy superior latency and throughput. And because
the pay-as-you-go model makes pricing predictable, you should evaluate cloud
providers based on the additional or free services they offer, such as:
Access to storage (read/writes)
Unlimited API calls and I/O requests
Inbound data transfer
Transfer between servers
First 10 GB of storage within a data center
Cloud-based firewalls
Dynamic load balancing
Cloud and dedicated server VLAN connectivity
GoGrid enables companies
to evaluate and run multiple,
on-demand Big Data
solutions quickly, simply,
reliably, securely, and costeffectively. As the leader in
Open Data Services (ODS),
GoGrid is committed to
delivering purpose-built Big
Data solutions and services
for the management and
integration of open source,
commercial, and proprietary
technologies across
multiple platforms. With over
15,000 customers and over
600,000 VMs deployed,
GoGrid has pioneered cloud
infrastructure for more than
a decade for companies
like Condé Nast, Merkle,
and Preventice. For more
information, please visit
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