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Call our Marketing Office at (419) 889-7354 and we'll
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Underwriting messages on WTKC may include:
• Name of business
• Location of business and number of years in business
• A description of your services/products
• Your registered slogan [non-promotional]
• Your brand names
• Your telephone number (s) and web address
*Underwriters also receive added bonus:
Direct link from wtkc897.com to your website!
20 Monthly
50 Monthly
100 Monthly
120 Messages
(20 per mo. 6 mo.)
$500/for 6 Mo.
(saving $100)
(saving $100)
300 Messages
600 Messages
(100 per mo. 6 mo.)
$2000/for 6 Mo.
(50 per mo. 6 mo.)
$1000/for 6 Mo.
(saving $500)
240 Messages
(20 per mo.12 mo.)
$800/12 Mo.
(saving $400)
(saving $50)
(saving $1000)
600 Messages
(50 per mo. 12 mo.)
$1500/6 Mo.
1200 Messages
(100 per mo. 12 mo.)
$3000/12 Mo.
(saving $1500)
(saving $3000)
50% off
50% off
Underwriting Blitz Deals:
50 Messages in 1 week: $225 (savings of $25)
30 Messages in 1 week: $140 (savings of $10)
1. Your business is spotlighted on a prominent, well
listened to Christian FM Radio Station which
reaches a large demographic with huge listener
2. Our listeners support businesses that support
their favorite station WTKC FM Christian Radio!
3. When you support the Lord’s work there is
blessing, we believe God blesses your gifts and
your support may also be tax deductable.
4. Each time you hear the Word of God being
shared in music or the spoken Word on WTKC
FM Christian Radio you can know that you are
a vital part of reaching our area with the Gospel
of Jesus Christ!
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WTKC is a non-profit, non-commercial, educational
radio station. The station is entirely listener supported.
WTKC provides vital community service programming.
WTKC is operated on a volunteer basis and is your
source for News and Christian music in the 89.7 FM
Findlay area. WTKC is the source for local emergency
and disaster information.
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15 Reasons
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Will Work for
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WTKC 89.7 FM
Marketing Office:
P.O. Box 1212
Findlay, OH 45840
WTKC 89.7 FM
P.O. Box 1212
Findlay, OH 45840
419 889-7354 marketing
419-423-3285 business
15 Reasons Why the WTKC Marketing Solution
Will Work for Your Business!
Adult Contemporary Christian Music attracts:
A loyal, 25-49-year-old audience with a higher percentage of females
than any other general advertising media.
A high percentage of 25-44 year olds; mothers; & employed mothers.
Female listeners who are 142% more likely than the national average
to have two or more children under age 2.
Christian Music Attracts the highest percentage of principal shoppers
among all radio audiences.
The second highest percentage of college graduates among all radio
The third highest percentage of employed listeners among radio
The highest percentage of managers/administrators among all radio
The second highest percentage of households earning $30,000+
among all radio audiences.
Women with families, with small children…
Young adults with above-average education, jobs and income.
An even split of older men and women (55+) with a very high
incidence of those who are 65+ Much more likely to be retirees
46% of Christian adults—representing over 69 million people— tune
in to Christian radio
65% of those who listen to Christian radio do so at least several
times per week
Your Hometown
Christian Radio!
WTKC FM Christian Radio
has a potential listening audience of over 70,000! We cover Findlay,
most of Hancock County and many surrounding townships!
89.7 FM Findlay, OH
According to Simmons Market Research:
13. 72% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that
supports their radio station.
14. 62% say that they would "shop more at a known business if it
supported Christian radio."
Finally, Consider these Facts. According to Soma Market Research:
15. 64% of all Christian radio listeners say that "the ads on Christian
radio make them want to buy what is in the ad" compared to 33%
Of all other advertising consumers.
The Data is Definitive and Clear:
If your advertising campaign does not include Christian Radio Sponsorship,
then you are not maximizing your ad budget's ability to reach buyers
who are predisposed to buying what you are selling.
Sources: Simmons Market Research, Soma Communications Media and
Market Reports and Wilson Research Strategies for Findlay
Audience Demographics for Christian Radio
WTKC FM Radio– P.O. Box 1212 Findlay, OH 45840
Marketing office: 419-889-7354 Online @ www.wtkc897.com