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August 2014 Vol 9 Iss 8
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Mike Johnson, RPh
Healthy Talk
How To Get Kids to Eat Lunches That Are Good For
No matter what your definition of healthy food is, or which diet
philosophy you follow, everyone has to agree that “healthy”
food would be closest to it’s natural form, low in sugar and free
of harmful chemicals. So, how do you get kiddos to switch over
from the typical highly processed school lunch items and choose
healthier options? Here are some tips on shopping for healthier
than average school lunches.
#1: Choose lunchmeat that is hormone and nitrate free. Why? Because some studies
have shown nitrates can increase the risk of cancer. (www.cancer.org) And added hormones
can mess with the balance of our delicate endocrine system. Even if you can’t spring for the
organic meats, there are affordable minimally processed options that are free of nitrates,
preservatives and hormones.
Time-tested tips that will make it easy to sleep.
After 1:00 pm you should avoid
drinking caffeinated products, taking
over the counter medications, and
eating chocolate candy and deserts.
Stay way from afternoon naps
Take along hot bath around your
Read a book or do a repetitive activity
that will relax you
Develop a regular bedtime routine
Count sheep! Yes a repetitive routine will make it
easier for you to fall asleep
From the Mouth of Babes
Student A: I can spell my mom’s name.
Teacher: Oh yeah, how do you spell it?
Student A: M-O-M
Student B: That’s how you spell my mom’s
name too!
by Jen Lewis
#2: Choose natural yogurt that is free of dyes and low in sugar. There are plenty of
unhealthy yogurts on the market masquerading as something healthy. But with so many
natural and delicious options, you don’t have to resort to buying junky yogurt. You can find
low sugar varieties sweetened with fruit and honey. You can also find an array of dairy free
yogurt made from almond milk or coconut milk. And to keep it hormone free, go for
organic or at least a product that labels itself free of hormones.
#3: Sneak in a whole grain and a piece of fruit. There are tons of really great breads
available today that would fall into the “healthy” category while still tasting delish. Look for
minimally processed, sprouted grains for your biggest health boost. And when you sneak in
a piece of organic fruit, you know your kids are getting a pesticide-free dose of fiber,
vitamins, and enzymes.
Cheap fabric/ air freshener
1/4 cup of favorite smelling liquid fabric softener
32 oz bottle filled with water
Add softener and shake well before each use.
Refreshes bed, couch, carpet, clothes, etc.....(AKAcheaper Febreeze)
Use your favorite dryer fabric softener sheets to keep
dust off your cold air returns. Just use a small piece of
tape to secure them to the outside of the vent. Change
them when they look dusty.
Put a sheet in your vacuum cleaner over the filter to
make your home smell great while vacuuming.
Pack a sheet in your suitcase when traveling and your cloths stay fresh smelling.
If the smell of cooked foods linger in the kitchen and surrounding rooms, place a bowl of
white vinegar in the kitchen for 1-2 hours.......easy, low in cost, and good for our
Quotes About School…
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson
How To Win $25
Have a useful household tip or remedy to share?
If we use yours, you win $25.
Please direct all entries to:
[email protected]
Please include your name, full mailing address
and phone number.
“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”- Sydney J. Harris
“I am a part of everything I have read.” – Theodore Roosevelt
“Without education, you are not going anywhere in this world.” – Malcolm X
Read more at www.brainyquote.com
When Kids Go Back To School Get A Jump On
Your Home Organization Before The Holidays
Sneak Up On You…
The Idea Corner
With the kids back in school, the house is quiet once again (at least during school
hours). This is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on some home organization
projects before the rush of the holiday season is upon you.
Kitchen – Between camping trips and cookouts, it’s easy to let your pantry and
cabinets get, shall we say, less than organized? This is a great time to clear out
the clutter, toss the expired goods, get rid of cereal boxes with less that ½ cup of
cereal in them, toss the bags of stale marshmallows, give the cabinets a wiping
down, clean out the fridge and organize your spice rack.
Closets – Sports season is starting up and you it’s time to make room in the
closet for all that gear. This is the perfect time of the year to go through the
closets and dressers and donate what you don’t want/need, box up school projects
from the previous year, recycle old torn linens and towels into rags, take stock of
holiday supplies, and get ready to swap out the summer wardrobe for the fall.
Bathrooms – It really doesn’t take long for the once neatly organized cabinets of
the bathroom to become a catchall of hair ties and Q-tips. Take a few minutes to
organize the bathroom supplies, toss old toiletries, stock up on necessary first aid
items and give the cabinets a good wiping down.
Office – Who can keep up with paperwork when the sun is shining and the lake
is calling your name every weekend? This is the perfect time to start whittling
down that pile of papers that grew on your desk over the summer. Shred, file or
store the important stuff. Restock the pencils, pens and paper, and make sure the
printer has plenty of ink for all those homework projects. Get your desk all tidy
and neat so you have plenty of room to start your new stack of papers you don’t
feel like filing.
Garage – Garages can turn into the biggest junk heaps in the course of a busy
summer, packed with bikes, gardening tools and other toys, it’s a big project to
keep up with. This is a great time to get all those summer toys cleaned up and put
away, to organize tools, repair broken bikes, and restock necessary items. It’s
also a chance to sweep out the summer dust just be sure to wear a proper
Broken Eggs
If you drop an egg on the floor, generously sprinkle salt
over it and let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Sweep the
dried egg into a dustpan.
A Cute Back To School Craft Your Kids Can Share With
Teachers And Friends!
This craft is a fun back to school project that will delight kids
of all ages. Plus, they can bring a bunch of them on the first
day of school as presents for their friends and new teachers.
Button Book Marks
One box of large colored paperclips
An assortment of buttons
Hot glue gun
Simply hot glue a button to the top of a paperclip. Next, snip
out a small square of felt and press it to the back of the button.
That’s it! You have a super cute bookmark and fun gifts to
pass out.
Find lots of unique and fun shaped buttons at thrift shops and
craft stores to make your bookmarks even cooler!
Craft can be found at www.iheartnaptime.net
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Secrets For Living
A Healthy, Wealthy
& Happy Life
August 2014 Vol 9 Iss 8
A negative outlook is more of a handicap
than any physical injury.
― Christopher Paolini
Inside This Issue You Will Discover…
 4 Back To School Tips… Going From Summer
Routine To School Routine Was Never Easier!
 Healthy Talk… Do Your Kids Like Healthy
School Lunches?…Easy Ideas For Healthy
Mike Johnson
Lunches Even Picky Kids Will Like!
 Get A Jumpstart On Being Organized This
Fall…Simple Ideas To Get Your House Back In
Shape After A Busy Summer!
[email protected]  Thank You’s, Fun Websites, A Must Do Craft
And Inspiring Quotes…PLUS…
Much, Much MORE!
Keep Reading Inside…
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