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Below you will find a detailed description of each step in your child’s development as a soccer player. You
can be confident that GNA Director of Coaching, David Fairchild, and Revolution FC’s entire training staff
will provide your soccer playing son or daughter a challenging, fun, and safe environment. This environment
is crafted from knowledge gained over many years, knowledge and ideals which put player first and use The
United States Soccer Federation’s guidelines for optimal player advancement as a core building block.
The first step in the development of the player in the GNA Revolution FC is:
GNA Revolution FC
Revolution Junior’s: Revolution Junior’s (U5-U10)
If your child is taking part in Revolution Junior’s (U5-U10) once weekly program designed to introduce
player to ball, you can be certain that fundamental individual skills will be at the heart of each session. There
are no tryouts for the Revolution Junior’s program. GNA, its Director of Coaching and staff, have put the
Junior’s program together to go foot in boot with the local recreational leagues. Continued participation on
local recreational teams is not just encouraged by GNA and its coaches, it is highly recommended. Go to for seasonal registration option.
The next step within the GNA Revolution FC is the: GNA Build A Player Academy (U8-U10)
This program was designed for the young soccer player who is looking for a new challenge. Activities will
follow the US Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer module of teaching advanced technique in a
competitive environment. Players will be asked to attend a tryout with no cuts. Teams will participate in the
MOSSL academy formatted league. Licensed volunteer parents will help support game maintenance,
including warm up activities and substitutions.
Time commitment expectations for the GNA Build A Player Academy are:
2 to 3 events a week during the fall (beginning in mid August, ending in mid October).
2 to 3 events a week during the spring (Beginning in March, ending in May).
Once a week OPTIONAL training beginning in November and ending in January.
Our third step here at the GNA Revolution FC is: GNA Revolution FC (U11-U14)*
The U11-U14 teams within the club will be trained by a professional GNA staff coach. The staff coach will
also oversee league and tournament game play. These coaches will be assigned to teams by the clubs Director
of Coaching, David Fairchild. Training sessions will require the ability to perform individual skills learned in
the GNA BAP Academy. Problem solving in real time, during practice sessions and games, will be stressed.
The introduction of combination play thru 2v1 & 3v1 activities will require each player to have advanced
technical abilities. Teams will participate in local leagues/tournaments appropriate for their level of play.
Time commitment expectations for the U11-U14 age groups are:
2 to 4 team events a week during the fall (beginning in August, ending in October).
2-4 team events during the spring (Beginning in February, ending in May).
Once a week OPTIONAL indoor training will be offered beginning November-end
The final step in the development of the player is: GNA Revolution FC Senior’s (U15-U18)*
Our Senior’s program is an advanced program designed to prepare high school players for their school
program. Highly qualified staff coaches will lead all training sessions. Sessions will be designed to develop a
player’s tactical awareness of how to play the game. Teams will be comprised of players focused on taking
their game to the next level. Whether that be making their Junior varsity, Varsity high school team, or earning
a college scholarship. Teams will combine state and regional level league play with nationally ranked
tournaments to ensure continued player development. Time commitment expectation is: 3-4 team events a
week starting at the beginning of February and ending in mid June.
Interested players must try out to be considered for any GNA Revolution FC team.
Teams will be formed with the goal of creating the best environment for player
Why Join The Revolution?
The GNA mission is to develop good soccer players while encouraging personal achievement through
dedication, teamwork and sportsmanship. We have a great coaching staff that includes coaching experience
ranging from MOSSL small-sided teams to high school and Olympic Development programs. This staff
emphasizes the development of soccer skills from U8-U12 age groups while an understanding of the tactical
side of soccer in the U13-U18 age groups. The GNA staff is committed to complete player development at
every level.
The GNA Revolution FC is a 501(C)(3) organization, which means that no income taxes are paid and there
are no shareholders. One hundred percent of the annual player fee is directly applied to the club for the benefit
of the families involved, which also creates a tremendous value for time and investment.
GNA Futbol Club
Professional Coached Program
Age Group
Annual Player Fee (1)
Uniform Cost (2)
Approximately $ 73.00
Approximately $ 73.00
Approximately $ 73.00
U11 & 12
Approximately $155.00
U13 & 14
Approximately $155.00
U 15 & Above
Approximately $125.00
Why Join The Revolution?
(1) The Annual Player Fee includes Fall and Spring league fees, professional trainer costs, league carding
fees, referee costs, field usage fees and tournament entry fees. The Annual Player Fee is paid as follows:
$250 Non-Refundable Deposit at the initial parent meeting (held in mid-June)
One-Third (1/3) of remaining balance due on or before August 1;
One-Third (1/3) of remaining balance due on or before November 1; and,
One-Third (1/3) of remaining balance due on or before February 1.
IMPORTANT NOTE TO PREMIER-LEVEL PLAYERS: Players who accept placement on teams playing at
the premier level leagues (Buckeye Premier or Midwest Regional), your Annual Player Fee will be slightly
higher to cover the cost of additional trainer travel and one additional tournament for the year. The increased
premier level fees are as follows:
U15 & Above … $150.00
(2) The Uniform Cost (may vary based on sizing) covers the following …
One (1) Pair of Game Shorts
Two (2) Custom Game Jerseys (White & Red)
Two (2) Practice T-Shirts
Two (2) Pairs of Game Socks
All Permitted Numbering, Lettering & Embroidery
NOTE: Warm-up jacket and pants as well as team backpacks are an optional purchase.
Potential Additional Costs … In addition to the Annual Player Fee and Uniform Costs, you may also include
costs for transportation to games, practices and out-of-town tournaments … hotel and food costs at out-oftown tournaments … soccer cleats … shin guards … goal keeper equipment … Olympic Development
programs … winter indoor games and/or training … Summer Academy of other off-season programs.
NOTE: The GNA Revolution FC also has a parent-coached program that has a low financial and time
commitment. Please contact [email protected] for more details.
What To Expect From Your GNA Futbol Club Experience
A Year At A Glance
Summer … After player calls are made (which is the Sunday following tryouts), teams will be set. In midJune, we will have an initial parent meeting where players and parents can meet their trainer. Although
nothing formal will happen with the team, players are encouraged to attend soccer camps, play soccer and
generally stay active. You should expect that formal practices will begin on or around August 1st. You are
encouraged to attend the GNA Revolution Summer Academy, which is generally held the week leading up to
the formal start of practice.
Fall … Although some teams may compete in late summer or Labor Day weekend tournaments, the official
fall season begins the first week of September and runs through mid to late October depending on the age
group. In addition to league play, the team may participate in tournaments (both in town and out-of-town)
with teams from around the region.
Winter … Depending on the age level and team, there may be formal off-season training or participation in an
indoor league anywhere from November through February. Generally, these are optional and not part of the
Annual Player Fee. Thus, you may incur additional expenses associated with these activities. You should
expect that formal practices will begin on or around March 1st.
Spring … Although some teams may compete in pre-season tournaments in March, the official spring season
begins the first week of April and runs through late May to early June depending on the age group. Many
teams opt to participate in a Memorial Day weekend tournament or later. The spring season ends with try-outs
for the following year in late May or early June.
A Team For Every Kid …
A Great Experience For Every Player
Come Join The