Why Waste Time Searching for a Light Source...

Waste Time
Searching for a
Light Source...
Assembling the needed components for
a pelvic exam can be time consuming
and costly. OBP Medical is proud to
offer the Vaginal Exam Kit. For single use
only, the Vaginal Exam Kit eliminates the
time and expense of assembling and
reprocessing, and reduces the risk of cross-
contamination in the medical setting. The
Vaginal Exam Kit comes packed sterile,
ready for use. Featuring the ER-SPEC
single-use vaginal speculum with built-in
LED light source, you’ll never search for a
speculum light source again!
Think your current light source is clean? Think again.
Contents Include:
Product Features:
• ER-SPEC Single-Use Vaginal Speculum with builtin Light Source: 1
• Includes ER-SPEC (medium) single-use vaginal speculum with
built-in light source
• Plastic Cotton Tip L: 3
• Plastic Cotton Tip S: 4
• 8 french vinyl catheters with specimen tube and cap
• Povidone Iodine Solution with 3 Plastic Cotton
Tip: 1
• All items come packed sterile and ready for use
• Gauze 100x100mm: 5
• ER-SPEC single-use vaginal speculum with light source also
sold separately
• Alcohol Prep Pad: 1
• Surgical Lubricant: 5g
• Gloves: 1
• Vinyl Catheter 8 FR: 1
• Specimen Tube and Cap: 1
• Specimen Label: 1
[email protected]
• Item # C070100
• 20/kits per box
• All Vaginal Exam Kits
come packed sterile
About Us:
OBP Medical, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative, selfcontained single-use medical devices. Founded in 2006, OBP Medical’s mission
is to enable simpler, safer, and more cost-effective procedures that lead to better
patient outcomes.
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