So you get to school, you find your class room... live in the US, you wouldn’t think about this twice....

So you get to school, you find your class room and have a seat at your desk. If you happen to
live in the US, you wouldn’t think about this twice. But if you happen to grow up in Kinshasa,
the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it's a different story. Most school buildings
have leaking roofs and more often then not, the walls are about to collapse. There are no
restrooms or running water and the schoolyard is far from safe. The children have to sit on
the ground and they lack teaching materials.
En Classe improves schools and helps to build brighter futures for thousands of Congolese
Why is En Classe so successful?
Because we start at the beginning. We don't believe in a top-down approach but rather in
working with a school, step-by-step. We start by renovating the schoolbuilding and
refurbishing the classroom. The next step is to create a safe and healthy learning
environment. When these basic needs are taking care of, we start investing in the quality of
education. Examples would be teacher training, providing them with teaching materials
and creating a (digital!) library so the kids can finally learn how to read.
En Classe not only invests in the future of the children, but also in the local economy. All
renovations are done by Congolese workmen, using local materials. School desks are locally
made and teacher training is given by local organizations. Thanks to this approach, every
Euro or every Dollar is spent twice.
Currently, En Classe is working with 25 schools. Nearly 8,000 children and 350 teachers are
able to go to school everyday and benefit from the improvements. But there is so much
more to do ...
Will you help us???
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