Associate Degree in Why study Mathematics? Mathematics

Why study Mathematics?
Math Is Exciting
The main reason for studying mathematics
is that it is interesting and enjoyable. It
helps us to recognize patterns and to
understand the world around us.
Age of Universe 3.0857 10 13.87 billion years
Associate Degree in
The associate degree in mathematics is a
two-year course, which not only prepares
students for a bachelor’s degree in
mathematics but also for degree programs
in finance, economics, science, engineering,
medicine and many others.
“Although Mathematics is a subject, which many
students may consider boring or challenging,
and as a result dislike it greatly, I find the
subject exciting and interesting. I love Math
because it is essential for my everyday life and it
never ceases to amaze me......“
April Jules 2nd year student.
The program includes studies in:
algebra, trigonometry, calculus, vectors,
complex numbers, statistics and mechanics
(applied mathematics).
“It adjust perfectly with my other major
Economics, Mathematics is essential; it is
everywhere and is needed in everything. It is
fun and it provides an interesting challenge. The
teachers are awesome; practice + participation
+practice = A+.......”
Diane Charles 2nd year student.
“Mathematics is logical, analytical and allows
me to be both creative and objective. Studying
math at the DSC has been an enjoyable journey
and a solid stepping stone in my pursuit of an
Engineering degree at the University of
Math Is Important
It is the tool and language of commerce,
engineering, and other sciences including
computing. It develops organizational and
problem-solving skills which is useful for:
business, economics, science, computer
science and may other areas of study.
Math Has Good Career Prospects
Studies have shown that the 15 top paying
careers in the United States all have one
common factor: a strong background in
Sidney Jules Island Scholar 2011.
“I always loved Mathematics so when I entered
the Dominica State College I just had to major
in math.... It was the only subject area that
seemed to have a logical reason to every why
questioned asked. It’s a subject area that
promotes understanding rather than just recall
At the time I had no idea how much this
decision would set the foundation for obtaining
my Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering.......“
Nicole Knight Laville Lecturer DSC.
Further Studies & Careers
Teaching – mathematics teachers are
always in demand.
mathematics and statistics to finance and
Computer Science – there is strong
demand for mathematicians in this field,
where training in logical and precise
thinking is a requirement.
Mathematics Department
Head of Department-Grell Francis
Dunstan Ducreay
Winston Ettienne
Josephine Lewis
Bruce Martins
mathematics to arrive at the best decisions
to problems in maximizing or minimizing
things like, increasing profits or reducing
the time it takes to deliver a package.
Biomathematics – models natural and
biological processes using mathematical
techniques and tools.
Cryptography – is the study and
practice of hidden information; applications
include the security of ATM cards and
computer passwords.
Finance – studies the way in which
businesses raise and allocate monetary
resources over time as well as predicting
the behavior of financial markets.
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