P Why Permanent Supportive Housing?

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Why Permanent Supportive Housing?
John Walsh, Chair
Jeff Scanlan, Vice Chair
Bruce Gaylord, Secretary
Bruce Hennemuth, Treasurer
ermanent Supportive Housing (PSH)
is an innovative and proven solution
to some of our communities’ toughest problems. It combines affordable housing
with services that help people who face the
most complex challenges to live with stability,
autonomy and dignity. Supportive housing improves housing stability, employment, mental
and physical health, school attendance; and
reduces active substance use. People in PSH
lead more stable and productive lives.
Elena Adams
John Canning
Janis Collins
Cheryl Eldh
Martha Ercole
Ryan Greenberg
Jonathan Mathias
Steven Paymer
Tracy Porosoff
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Bacharach Community
Shelter for Single Mothers and their Children
Westport, CT
Linxweiler House
Extension of the Bacharach Community
Westport, CT
Tom Kretsch
Permanent Supportive Housing
Saugatuck Apartments
Westport, CT
Westport Rotary Centennial House
Westport Rotary Centennial House
Westport, CT
Fair Street Apartments
Norwalk, CT
Hales Court
Westport, CT 06880
neighborhoods, beautifying city blocks with
new or rehabilitated properties, and increasing or stabilizing property values over time.
No one wants to be homeless. Permanent
Supportive Housing works.
Homes with Hope – a Brief History
Tom Kretsch
Gillespie Center & Hoskins’ Place
Single Men and Women’s Shelter
Westport, CT
omes with Hope began life in the early
1980’s as the Interfaith Housing Association of Westport and Weston (IHA) when
it became evident that an increasing number
of homeless citizens were taking refuge in
churches and public places. To help this
challenged population, a group of citizens,
under the leadership of the late James Bacharach
(Assumption Church parishioner), Rev. Ted
Hoskins (Saugatuck Church), Rabbi Bob
Orkand (Temple Israel), and David Kennedy
(Westport Dept. Human Services) established
the Westport Community Kitchen in 1982 and
IHA in1984. Jim Gillespie (Saugatuck Church
parishioner) was IHA’s 1st Board President and
provided inspirational leadership.
Early in 1984, Westport town officials made
the Linxweiler House at 655 Post Road East
available to IHA and in late 1984 the homeless shelter opened, at the Vigilant Firehouse,
on Wilton Rd. The Firehouse shelter, which
incorporated the Community Kitchen, moved in
April, 1989 to the Gillespie Center in downtown
Westport. Our six units of emergency shelter
for families headed by single mothers (the
Bacharach Community), opened in 1993.
49 Richmondville Ave.
Suite 112
Welcome to our Annual Report /
Introduction to Homes with Hope
Permanent Supportive Housing costs
essentially the same amount as keeping
people homeless and stuck in the revolving
door of high-cost crisis care and emergency
housing. PSH helps build strong, healthy
communities by improving the safety of
Emergency Shelter Programs
hether you
are among
the many generous neighbors
who have supported Homes
with Hope since
it opened in
1984, or if you Jeff Wieser,
are a brand new President & CEO
neighbor who has never heard of
our organization, I hope you will find
something of interest in this. We have
provided an update on our operations
which house more than 80 people
every night in Westport and Norwalk;
and we have provided a bit of history which exhibits the support of this
community, which is one of a very
small number of suburban communities which offers homeless services to
all its residents.
From our origins in the early 1980’s
to today, our growth has been steady,
but measured, to accommodate the
needs of our area in a way that the
community could absorb. We are
especially proud that we have been
good neighbors, and we have worked
hard to ensure that the community
can remain proud of us.
Westport News, Friday, April 17, 1992 article featuring
former HwH/IHA President & CEO, Rev. Peter Powell
in front of the Linxweiller House
Pete Powell, began his 22-year leadership
as President of HwH in Feb., 1988, retiring
in January, 2010. Our staff now numbers 24,
including six Master’s level Case workers. This
professional staff cares for a population that
is increasingly able to utilize the permanent
housing resources we have developed. These
programs help end homelessness for those
most likely to return to the shelters. Our programs have expanded to include 30 units of
Permanent Supportive Housing, the first eight
units at Saugatuck Apartments, having opened
in 1998 (see timeline next page).
Westport, CT
We hope you like this newest
communication, and we hope that
you will reach out to us to get more
information about how we help those
neighbors who are not as fortunate
as so many in this blessed and generous community. Please let me know
if you would like further information!
All the best,
PS: We have been blessed to have received
the gift of bequest from a few of our long term
supporters. We would be grateful if you considered
including us in your estate plans by directing a gift
through our “Legacy with Hope” campaign.
T: 203-226-3426
w w w. h w h c t . o r g
Westport Daily Voice
Gillespie Center & Hoskins’ Place
he Gillespie Center, located in the heart of
downtown Westport for the past 24 years,
provides emergency overnight shelter to
15 men and Hoskins’ Place to 4 women. Shelter
staff and residents provide breakfast and lunches
each day to the residents, and a network of community organizations and individuals prepare and
serve a hot dinner each night at 5 pm to anyone
needing food. In addition the Food Pantry at Gillespie provides groceries to households that are
struggling to make ends meet. All our services are
in demand and would not be possible without the
efforts of the hard work of volunteers, local food
drives, and the generosity of local donors.
The Food Pantry is now open
to all who need groceries every
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
& Friday from 1pm - 5pm and
Saturdays from 10am - Noon. Two
pre-packaged bags of groceries
can be picked up weekly. The
Pantry will not be open on
holidays. For further information
call 203.226.1661.
Many of our shelter residents are struggling
with mental health issues, drug/alcoholism and
unemployment. As their immediate housing
crisis is handled at our centers, a hallmark of
our program is integrating case management
services with their stay. For each resident, a case
action plan is developed to create a strategy that
identifies appropriate care providers and assists
the guest with navigation to housing opportunities
in Fairfield County and beyond. We collaborate
with the state agencies to provide access to a
community clinician and benefit specialists in an
effort to expedite services. Our facilities are open
and available to guests 24 hours a day, with
a dedicated staff to provide the best possible
Gillespie Center & Hoskins’ Place
care that fosters recovery and encourages the
motivation of the individual to make the changes
needed to rectify their housing crisis.
Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive
environment and to address the complex issues
that contributed to the individual becoming
homeless. As their situation is stabilized, our
intent then focuses efforts with obtaining
appropriate housing. Shelter stays are often
compounded by financial barriers to obtain
housing in the area. Fortunately Homes with
Hope has the foresight to understand and
respond to this need by developing affordable
supportive housing that is integrated into the
Christmas Eve 1984
A list of suggested items:
• Canned Tuna and other
canned meat products (ham,
turkey, Spam, canned tuna
with Tuna Helper is very
• Canned vegetables and fruits
• Peanut butter
• Instant Oatmeal - any variety
• Jelly/Jam
• Soups that contain meat
• Cold Breakfast Cereal:
any variety
• Macaroni & Cheese
Non-food items:
• Bleach
• Windex
• Sponges
• Dish detergent
• Comet
What’s Happening in PSH at HwH
Inc. of Stamford. HwH
serves 5 units of PSH
for individuals in this
57-unit affordable
housing facility located
in Norwalk that opened
in the fall of 2010.
omes with Hope’s long-term vision is to
create 50 units of Permanent Supportive
Housing (PSH) for the chronically
homeless, mentally ill. The agency chose to
focus on increasing the number of PSH units
in and around Westport as an outcome of the
lessons learned over the many years of serving
those most in need in our community. We
continue to be devoted to the mission of our
existing programs and services while we move
forward with this initiative. The agency’s flagship
program, Saugatuck Apartments (formerly
known as Homes with Hope), was opened
between 1998 through 1999 and provides
permanent supportive housing for 3 families
and 5 individuals.
The Westport Rotary Centennial House, our
6-unit PSH project located at 10 West End
Avenue in Westport, completed construction
in August, 2009; with tenants starting to move
in during September. Today 4 homeless individuals and 2 families have a permanent place
to call home.
Hales Court
In late 2011 HwH started moving new PSH
tenants into Hales Court, a 78-unit affordable
housing community developed, owned and
operated by the Westport Housing Authority.
HwH provides case management to tenants
of 10 PSH apartments, 2 for families and 8 for
individuals or couples within this community.
Fair Street Apartments is a collaboration between
Homes with Hope and New Neighborhoods,
Fair Street Apartments
This past November HwH purchased the 3-bedroom house at 86 Saugatuck Avenue, a property
that is contiguous to the existing Saugatuck
Apartments. This property created our 30th permanent supportive housing apartment and today
we are able to provide a safe permanent home
to 24 individuals and 8 families. All of our tenants
receive the same professional case work support
provided by a case manager with a minimum of
a Master’s in Social Work degree.
Westport Rotary Centennial House
Saugatuck Apartments
Solving homelessness in our communities through supportive housing
Community Kitchen
Linxweiler House
Men’s Shelter & Community
Kitchen at Vigilant Firehouse
Gillespie Center &
Community Kitchen
Bacharach Community
& Hoskins’ Place
Bacharach Community
he Bacharach Community has sheltered
single mothers and their children since
1993. Homes with Hope has done an
effective job of providing a 3-9 month home
to these needy families, but a great thing has
been happening lately. Due to two grants we
have received to provide up front funding of
security deposits, as well as utility arrearages,
we have been able to shorten the time these
families stay with us and speed them into
suitable permanent housing. As a result we
have been taking care of many more families
over the last few years. In the full year 2009,
we sheltered 11 homeless families as they
worked to seek a resolution of their homelessness; in 2010 the number increased to
16 families, and in 2011, we were able to
make a difference in the lives of 21 different
families, including 37 children. While we remain constrained by the small number of units
that we have (six), the increasing turnover is a
good thing and we will strive to help as many
families as we can, and end their homelessness as quickly as possible.
Saugatuck Apartments
Fair Street
Westport Rotary
Centennial House
Hales Court
86 Saugatuck
Making a Difference
Bacharach Community
General & Administration
Relig Inst./
In Kind
Rental Inc.
& Fees
“From a safe and sober place to
stay when I entered the Gillespie
Center, to the continuous support I have received from Homes
with Hope in finding housing,
education, seeking employment,
and overall mental and physical
wellness, all helped me change
over the past year... For this I am
grateful to Homes with Hope and
the day I picked up the phone and
made my first contact with them.”
– A current resident in one of Homes with Hope’s
permanent supportive housing facilities
Ma hew & Nicole Mascera
John & Donna Ma e
George McWeeney
Lynne Menon
William & Carolyn Meyer
John & Chris ne Mihalec
Richard & Lois Miller
Elizabeth Minor
Greg & Jessica Morgan
John & Judith Morgan
John & Helen Morrow
Toni Morton Dimes
Lloyd & Kristan Nash
Joan Nathan
Steven & Sharon Navarro
Stanley Nayer
Gareth & Jaclyn Noble
Jane Nordli Jessep
Winslow & Anne Pa erson
Joan Pendergast
Ernest & Jodi Perno
Jane & Bernard Perry
Gail Pesyna & John Hooper
Sally Poundstone
Sherry Preiss
Stephen & Barbara Raffel
Roger & Gail Ratchford
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John & Lorraine Reilly
Joseph & Donna Renzulli
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Celie Rosenau
Francis & Joyce Rosenbaum
Donald & Ann Rully
Kenneth & Lydia Runkel
Sue Ryan
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Terence & Reina Sauer
Philip & Wendy Schaefer
Bruce & Amy Schneider
Paul Scho
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Eugene & Carol Schwartz
Edward Schweitzer
Rita & Richard Seclow
Robert & Harriet Selverstone
Thomas & Mary Shaughnessy
Jane Sherman
Cathy & Sco Sidell
Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher
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Barbara Benton Davis Fund/FCCF
Connec cut Department of
Mental Health & Addic on Services
Connec cut Department of
Social Services
Connec cut Housing Finance Authority
Emergency Food & Shelter Program
First County Bank Founda on, Inc.
Leo Nevas Family Founda on
Near & Far Aid
Newman’s Own Founda on
Schutz Engel Trust
Sun Hill Founda on
Twenty-Seven Founda on
Donors of $20,000 or Greater
A team of volunteers from Cohen
and Wolf, P.C. after serving a meal
at the Gillespie Center
Church of the Assump on
Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Founda on
David Adam Realty
eBenefits Group of Unionville, Inc.
Emmanuel Church
ExxonMobil Founda on, Inc.
Fairfield County Bank
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Unitarian Church of Westport
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Westport Na onal Bank
Westport Resources Investment Services
Westport Rotary Club
Westport Wash & Wax
Westport Weston Family Y
Westport Woman’s Club
Westport Young Woman’s League
Donor Organizations –
$5,000 – up to $15,000
Bank of America Founda on
Christ & Holy Trinity Church
Conserva ve Synagogue of Westport,
Weston & Wilton
Fairfield County Community Founda on
Green’s Farms Church
Inner-City Founda on for
Charity & Educa on
HwH Board Members and Vice
President Audrey Sparre at the
Martin Short Stand Up event
Morgan Stanley Founda on
People’s United Community Founda on
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
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Temple Israel
The Trinity Fund Commi ee
Town of Weston
Town of Westport
United Way of Coastal Fairfield County
Westport Sunrise Rotary Club
Wilton Social Services
Winston Founda on
Donor Organizations –
up to $5,000
SLOBS help with landscaping at
various HwH programs
AIG Matching Grants Program
Arch Chemicals, Inc.
Berchem, Moses & Devlin, PC
Bishop’s Fund for Children
Builders Beyond Borders
Carl Marks Founda on, Inc.
49 Richmondville Ave.
Suite 112
Westport, CT
T: 203-226-3426
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Thanksgiving pies sold at The
Conservative Synagogue benefit
Homes with Hope.
June, 2012
Chef Pietro with items collected at
DaPietro’s for the Westport-Weston
Chamber Restaurant Week
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Deb & Chris Sawch
June, 2012
Phillip & Gibby Schemel
Evere & Sarah Schenk
Robert Schonbrunn
Andrew & Cathryn Sebor
Michael & Rebecca Shea
Alex Sherman
Dennis Shield
Doris Shiller
Mark & Lisa Shufro
JoAnne Siebrasse
Richard Silveria
Barbara Simon
Tom & Marla Sinchak
Janet Sinno
David & Lori Beth Sochol
George & Nancy Soule
Audrey Sparre
Kenneth Stemme
Tracy Stenner
Christopher & Melissa Sueling
Robert Sussman
Evelyn & Richard Sweetnam
Delphine Swierc
Frank Tavolacci
Claudia & Alexander Tergis
Howard & Betsy Jayne Tobak
Virginia Tobey
Chris an & Eva Trefz
Pamela Troy-Kopack & James Kopack
John & Carolyn Twiname
Benjamin & Suzanne Van Vechten
Robert & Alison Wachstein
Mar n & Mary Wagner
William & Jenny Walsh
Lawrence Waterbury
Alexander & Eleanor Wa s
George & Eleanor Weigle
Sco & Adrienne Williams
Maury & Aliza Wind
Ronald Winer & Peggy Meus
Kenneth Wirfel & June Eichbaum
Mary Lou Woodruff
Hart & Jennifer Woodson
Arnold & Judy Zinman
William & Leah Zisfein
Staples Culinary Class serves
a meal in collaboration with the
Westport Farmer’s Market.
Donors up to $100
Inta Adams
Mille e Alexander
James & Lisa Allison
Leslie & Peter Anste
Daniel Aru
Ian & Nancy Ashken
Nancy Atwood
Richard & Elizabeth Auber
Pearl Baer
Elizabeth Baker
Kenneth & Carol Baldwin
Keith & Lynda Barber
Nancy Barrer & Lawrence Gall
Mark Basile
Mary Ann Batsell
Joel & Arline Beckoff
Michael & Eileen Bellacosa
William & Kathleen Bennewitz
Eric & Sari Berkowitz
Margaret Bernard
Emilie Be s
Barbara & Arthur Bleemer
Edward & Carol Bloch
Isabel Boardman
Sari Bodi & Eric Montgomery
Mary Kate Boehm
Constance Boll
Girome & Deborah Bono
Toni & Henry Boucher
Michael & Priscilla Boyle
Ed & Ester Brodie
Ronald & Lin Brotherton
J. Randolph Burnham & Linda Hudson
Thomas Butler
Be y Cabral
John & Anita Caggiano
Paul & Ellen Cahill
Linda Calve
Marta Campbell
Albert & Linda Cassuto
Linda & Jerome Clair
Jean Coleman
Charles & Rosemary Colle
Kelly Copeland & Sco Dorf
Sylvia Corrigan
Peter Coveney & Karen Salsgiver
Kers & Harden Crawford
William & Barbara Cross
Karen Cur s
Robert Cur s
Michael & Helen Cusa
Peter & Alice Czuczka
Nancy Dailey
Anne & Tim Davies
Barry & Gina Davis
Benjamin Davis
Jeanne De Salvo
Marguerite DeDapper
Andrea Del Bello
William Delano
John & Therese Dicenzo
Sandra & Ken Edwards
Raphael Elkind & Melissa Newman
Craig & Martha Ellinwood
Richard & Cynthia Enright
Alicia Erlich
Tom & Kathy Failla
John & Marianne Farrell
Eileen & John Faul
Angela Festa & Dean Ceru
Samantha Rutter
Donors of $250 - $499
Edward & Susan Reilly
Kevin & Charlo e Rogan
Joseph Scordato & Karen Wendell
Eric & Leslie Seidman
Irwin & Elizabeth Sollinger
Lauren Soloff & Wesley Malowitz
F. Jared Sprole
Wendy Stahl
Gary Stuart
Sean Sullivan
Theodore Sullivan & Faith Taylor
Timothy Sullivan
Thomas & Giancarla Trui
Daniel & Phyllis Walli
Freda & Brian Welsh
Thomas & Maria Wilcox
Thomas Wilson
Stephan & Janice Yost
Richard & Beth Zucker
Kirsten Allen
Susan Thomsen & Norman Trepner
George & Mami Varghese
Ashley & Brian Welker
Diana Weller
Kassie Wi e & Robert Randell
Creative PR for the Food Pantry!
Marilyn Fidler
Janet Filling
Michele Fingerman
Margery & Leonard Fisher
John Foran
John Foster
John & Jeanne Franklin
Julie Frischstein
Serge Gagarin
Philip & Rochelle Garrison
Arline Gertzoff
Carolyn Ginsberg
Carol Gluckman
Renee Gold
Susan & Steven Gold
Frederick Golden
Catherine Goldschmidt
Timothy & Marianne Goodell
Jane Gordon
Royal Graves
Lee Greenberg
Katherine Griffing
Fred & Shirley Grossman
Richard & Susan Hagan
Ted & Jean Hampe
Mark & Susan Hariton
Pauline Hathaway
Eleanor Herman
Michael & Gay Hoherchak
Lucinda Holbrook
Ted & Lisa Horowitz
Frank & Doris Jacoby
Sheryl Jagerson
Daniel & Wilma Kail
George Kalif
Deirdre Kantor
Edward & Irene Karazin
Peter & Elisabeth Keane
Michael & Valerie Keen
Constance Kiermaier
Thayer Kingsbury
Frank & Mary Kneisel
Mar n & Roberta Krauthamer
Dan & Jennifer Krulewitch
Carl & Joanne Leaman
Alison & John Lerch
Jon & Jill Levine
Michael & Corinne London
Michael & Deborah Lonsdale
Robert & Kathryn Lupoli
John Luscombe &
Josephine Fuchs Luscombe
Burton & Deborah MacArthur
Nathan & Audrey Magida
Donald Manges
Ann Marshman
Homes with Hope Donor Listing