W Why Kate Moss is 2 mm short of perfection

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Why Kate Moss
is 2mm short
of perfection
It takes brains to work out if you ha
perfect features, says Olivia Falco
hat is it about Kate
Moss that makes her
so darn gorgeous?
Is it her perfectly
sculpted cheekbones,
retroussé nose or
almond-shaped eyes?
According to plastic
surgeon Dr Michel Pfulg, “Throughout history the most
seductive women have had precisely proportioned face and
body measurements. Kate Moss is nearly perfect, but her
mouth is slightly too small. Ideally, it should be 2mm wider.”
And Dr Pfulg certainly knows about beauty. His Swiss
headquarters, LaClinic, is one of Europe’s most exclusive antiageing clinics and his special interest is
the face, which he measures according
to mathematical calculations he calls,
the “golden grid’ of beauty. “To find
the perfect face we must use the Da
Vinci code,” he explains. Forget Dan
Brown’s novel – this is the real Da
Vinci code, which measures beauty by
calculating perfect proportions.
“Leonardo unlocked the secret of divine beauty when he
illustrated a book on proportions in nature,” says Dr Pfulg,
“He divided the face into three equal parts: the first goes from
the top of the forehead to the eyebrows, the second from the
eyebrows to the base of the nose and the third from the base
of the nose to the top of the chin.What Da Vinci discovered
was that ideally each of these parts should be of equal length.
Also, for perfect balance, the distance from the base of the
nose to the middle of the lips must be exactly one third of the
distance from the middle of the lips to the base of the chin.
Symmetry is the key to beauty.”
Dr Pfulg uses the golden ration 0.618 – a proportion found
in great works of art, from the Pyramids to the Mona Lisa
– which supposedly signifies physical harmony. In the human
body, for example, divide the distance from the head to the
navel by the distance from the navel to the base of the feet
– the closer you are to 0.618, the hotter you are.
Our eyes are particularly seduced by proportions that
respect this magical number; according to tests, babies appear
to prefer features judged handsome by adults. Forget about
pining for a perfect size 10 or scary size zero; 0.618 is the
number we should be aiming for.
To find out if you have the perfect
features, divide your face into three
segments: from top of forehead to
the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to
the base of the nose and from there
to the top of the chin.
In a perfect face all segments are
of equal length. For the perfect
nose, the width at nostril height must be equal to the distance
separating one eye from the other. If your eyes are ideally
positioned the distance between them should be equal to the
width of one eye. The equation a/b=b/a+b should give you
the golden number of 0.6198.This is a 15th-century formula
that we’ve simplified to marks out of 10 – and if you’re not
cross-eyed by the end of that, consider yourself a genius.
The most seductive
women have precisely
proportioned measure.
Kate’s mouth should be
millimetres wider.
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Kate Moss
We’ve done the maths and Kate
is a nearly perfect nine out of 10.
It’s her mouth that lets her down, as it’s
a tiny bit too small in proportion to the
rest of her features. But ironically, says
Dr Pfulg, this is the secret of her success,
as it makes her a human rather than a
cold beauty. Kate also has what Dr Pfulg
calls the “star’s eye”, super-seductive
feline upward-tilted eyes. Kate also
has the perfect waist/hip ratio. When a
woman’s waist is one-third less than her
hips it drives men mad with desire and
sex symbols from Claudia Schiffer and
Cindy Crawford to Rubens’ voluptuous
women have this proportion (in men, the
ideal is a waist 10% slimmer than the
hips). “The good news,” says Dr Pfulg,
“is that weight is not really important. If
you have these proportions, you’re off to
a good start.”
6 10
Victoria Beckham
Try as she might to emulate royalty,
Posh has less than regal features.
Her broad mid-face is disproportionate to
the rest of her features. “This is difficult to
correct,” says Dr Pfulg, “but having her nose
slimmed might help.” Other areas need to be
fattened up. “Dieting is taking its toll – her
lower face looks drawn and thin.” On the
upside, Posh gets good marks for her profile,
which Dr Pfulg finds particularly attractive
because her upper lip protrudes slightly over
the lower, creating an attractive angle. All
the better for air-kissing, daahling.
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8 10
Elizabeth Hurley
Two weddings, Estée Lauder campaigns and that dress… you have
to hand it to Elizabeth. But Dr Pfulg says she’s blessed with pretty
ideal proportions anyway. “Of all the women I’ve evaluated, Elizabeth
and Kate Moss both measure closest to the golden number with an
impressive 0.617. Elizabeth’s face is perfectly in proportion.”
9 10
9 10
Sienna Miller
Sonia Mbele
With her youthful skin and regular features, Dr Pfulg declares
Sienna a great beauty. However, his sharp eye detects that her mouth
looks unnaturally swollen; maybe she’s had filler injections in her lips.
“If you relax your mouth, you should naturally be able to see the tips of
your upper incisors. I would recommend Sienna leaves her lips alone.”
You can’t deny Sonia’s stunning features. Her silky skin and
wide-set eyes, combined with acting talent and charisma, have
made her a popular Generations star and won her roles in the films
Mr. Bones and God is African. Dr Pfulg is smitten. “Her proportions
average on 0.618 – the golden number!” Her fans would agree! G
Photography: Gallo Images/Getty Images.com, INPRA
Minki van der westhuizen
As one of SA’s leading models, it’s no surprise that Minki has won
many a heart with her blonde locks, full lips, and green eyes. And
she astounded even Dr Pfulg. “She has very good vertical proportions
of the face, along with wonderful tilted eyes,” he notes. “The distance
between her eyes is also excellent.”
9 10