A evening of “SIN” Brought to you by Team Senior

A evening of “SIN”
Brought to you by Team Senior
Parental Support during this interesting year
Pseudo adults – it is an odd time
Parental role/assistance critical
The Race for Graduation
Senior Year can be a challenge: portraits,
senior ball, trip, yearbook, class ring,
applications, ACT/SAT, Cap and Gown
FULL Legal Names for Diploma - transcripts
Say Fromage!
 Prestige
WILL be coming to take
photos of Da Vinci seniors (Nov.) –
Free, only one pose, for yearbook
 Da
Vinci photography option/donation
 Susan Miller parent in charge:
[email protected])
Grad “Swag”
 Class
Rings www.jostens.com
 Graduation
Packets and Ring
Ordering Day: Tuesday 29 October
during lunch, delivered 17 December
 Grad Packets: delivered 22 April
 Some items available for loan
 See handout for more dates and prices
Experience the reality of the work world through
an interactive internship program.
Be placed with local businesses, non-profits, and
community organizations. You will be matched
with an employer based on your personal
interests and abilities. (45 hours)
Be provided with hands-on experience and a
chance to see if this is something you want to
pursue during college and beyond.
Upon successful completion of the 45-hour
internship, you will receive 2 1/2 units of
practical arts credit.
Yearbook, Part I
 Senior
Ad space is available now!
 Design ideas – editors work with you
 Baby
 Friends and family
 Text: Messages, quotations
Yearbook, Part II
 Early
Bird Ad pricing – now
through 30 September
 $125/full
 $75/half page
 $45 page
 $25/eighth page
 Commit to your space; design begins in
 Add $5 if purchased online
Yearbook, Part III
 New
vendor: Walsworth Yearbooks
 To purchase a yearbook: Order forms
on DV website, in the office, online at
www.yearbooksforever.com (search
 Checks payable to Da Vinci Charter
Academy (Student name in Memo)
Yearbook Pricing
 $60
- Now through 30 Sept.
 $70
- 01 – 31 Oct.
 $80
- 01 Nov. – 01 Dec.
 Yearbooks
will not be available for
sale after 01 DECEMBER
 Add $2 if purchased online
English and the University
 Personal
Statements in middle of
October, ready for November deadline
 UC and Private applications will be
 Students will receive direct instruction,
write the essays, and receive feedback
and commentary (and a grade).
Senior Trip and Finals
 Description
 28
– 30 May (the weekend
after Memorial Day)
 Senior Awards Night Tuesday
03 June
 Attendance: the trip and school
Senior Trip: Funds
Estimated number of participants: 82
Parental (cheer) Leaders – Mrs Kim Beck and
Ms Christine Ziccardi
Goal: 100% participation
Estimated cost: $30,000
We ask that you give what is comfortable for
your family, no accounts, no refunds
Funds raised to date:
Senior Trip Funds
106.06 Tips for Trip
1,919.91 Carousel Earnings
200.00 BTSN Bake Sale
 3,697.17
 10,255.00
Senior Trip and Fundraising
Fundraising: Carousel, Carwashes, Chili
Parent contacts: Mrs Kim Beck and Ms
Christine Ziccardi
Student contacts: Maite and Yasmin
Parental and Student involvement is
Staff contacts: Mr Bell and Marguerite
Fleming [email protected] or Mr. Bell
Chili Cook-Off
 Point
People: Yasmin, Maite, and Matt
 What? A massive FUN-raiser
 Why? Compete with peers, raise funds,
try and beat Mr. Bell’s Amazing
Canadian Chilli
 When? Saturday 02 November 11:30 –
 How? Form a team ($25), donate
prizes, attend, and eat!
Davis Grad Night
All night celebration for the
graduates of all four Davis high schools
– who are eligible to graduate
 Non-stop activities
 WHEN: Friday, June 13 immediately
after DHS graduation until 5:00 am
Davis Grad Night II
WHERE: Emerson Junior High
Tickets are now just $75 but prices increase
after December 31 to $90
Scholarships are available
Tickets will soon be available online through
the GradNight website
Questions or to Volunteer:
[email protected],
Projects and Questions
S.A.N. Tuesday 03 June, Senior Picnic &
Graduation is Thursday, 12 June
Close Up: D.C. Trip meeting
Lynn Fowler (History)
Christina Rae (Yearbook, English)
Scott Stephen Bell, Marguerite Fleming –
Senior Trip
Carol Curinga, Cara Leppington (Counselors)
Troy Reeves (Principal)
Post-Secondary Planning
 And
now, please welcome the amazing:
Carol Curinga and Cara Leppington
 Transcripts:
 Check
for accuracy
 Check for graduation requirements
 Stay
for the college application workshop
Transcript Pick Up
Fowler – H – M
Rae – N – S
Kirby – O – Z