Volume LV I October 23, 2012 Issue 10

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Volume LV I
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•11/8 Deacons Mtg.
•11/10 ABW Fall Sale
Operation Christmas
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•11/22 Happy
Sunday, November 4th
Family Worship
9:30 am – Worship &
Sunday School
11:00 am - Worship
October 23, 2012
Issue 10
The Blessings of a Tithing Church Today
You and I have heard repeatedly the idea: “We are a tithing church”, or “We want to be a
tithing people”, and it’s true! That is a wonderful goal for this or any Bible centered, Christ
honoring congregation. It is central to God’s plan of providing for the needs of missions and
ministry and supplying the needs of God’s work. It is true today and in every generation! FBC
Abington has been blessed because of tithing people through its history!
While we understand the idea that we need (and want) to give (and that churches need
money to operate), we sometimes lose sight of the reasons and motivations behind tithing and
the blessings associated with it! There are some very practical reasons that God instituted the
principle of tithing for his people in the Old Testament and that it was renewed by Jesus
teaching and NT giving principles as well. Let’s take a closer look at “why tithe?” Christian
Financial Counselor Larry Burkett says this:
The word tithe means one-tenth. It’s the minimum portion that a Christian should tithe. The
tithe’s purpose is to be a testimony of God’s ownership, and thus it is meant to be
individualized. The Jews gave a tithe that was far in excess of one-tenth. In fact, they gave three
tithes: one tithe each year to the storehouse; a second tithe for the widows and orphans of the
Hebrews; and a third tithe, every third year to the widows and orphans of the Gentiles. So, the
Jews tithed an average of 23 ½ percent! Certainly God’s people, living under grace, should be
able to out-tithe the Jews who were living under the law. - The Word on Finances, p.238.
You may be thinking: “Wow! How is this possible?” Listen to the testimony of Christians
through the ages who have personally experienced God’s power and blessing on their lives as
they have trusted Him in this area of stewardship. We have heard stewardship testimonies like:
• “When I gave to God first, I realized He would also provide for me and my family.”
• “Tithing has altered my priorities and the grip that money has on my life”.
• “I have taught my children to tithe, even at an early age. It has become a part of our
family life!”
• “When I give first to God, I don’t miss it, because I know that pleasing Him is my first
priority. He helps me to balance my priorities in other areas as well. “
“When I (and others) tithe, we have the joy and confidence that God will provide for the
needs of church missions and ministries! “
Ultimately, as Malachi 3:10 reminds us, the tithe was a test of faith for the people. He
challenged them to “Test Him”. God has His ways of providing when we learn to trust Him! This
is a great learning process and walk of faith! Tithing, along with biblical principles of saving,
spending, borrowing and work will help individuals and families achieve a measure of peace
and joy! Before we give to Him, give your heart to Him for your Salvation!
Sir John Templeton (Templeton Funds) says: "I have observed 100,000 families over my
years of investment counseling. I always saw greater prosperity and happiness among those
families who tithed than among those who didn't."
May God help us hear His voice as we consider the opportunities we have to further His
kingdom among us, and prepare for our (pledges) commitments on Sunday, November 18!
Grateful for the God who provides,
Rev. Larry Kanter, Pastor
Volume LVI
October 23, 2012
Issue 10
Prayer Requests
Please email or call church office with updates weekly
Mary MacKinnon had her car broken into and her laptop and
book bag with all of her college papers stolen.
Donna Reed (Patty DeStoop’s cousin) has breast cancer for the
3rd time. Prayers for wisdom for the doctors.
Winnie Doherty (Kali Lyons sister) surgery on 10/18 went well.
Heard back from the doctor, praise that everything is fine.
Rick Milligan (brother-in-law of the Townsends) continuing
with cancer treatments.
Nancy Murphy scan showed no cancer; recovering from
broken ribs at Wingate.
Ed Vickers (Karen Seeley’s uncle) is now off of ventilation but
still in the hospital.
Manassee Ngendahayo prayers for a job and progress with
Shirley Abreu is asking prayers for her niece who has brain &
lung cancer (one tumor just removed, the other to be treated
with radiation), sister who just got out of the hospital with
pneumonia, and for her father who is home after a fall.
Michael (Shirley Abreu’s son) involved in a legal battle
involving child support, given extra time to prepare.
Nominating Committee prayers for guidance to fill open slots.
Church Organist the Lord’s direction to fill this position.
Operation Christmas Child their prayer is to reach 1,000,000
boxes this year!
Shut Ins: Betty Belyea, June Bauman, Lucille Cullinan, Buddy
Harriman, Grace Simmons.
Mission: Frontiers – The Shelton’s
Local Ministries: Women’s Fellowship Retreat
Military: Cliff Rogers & John Costantino
Continue to pray for: Phil Piemontere, Jan Cuneo, Ingrid
Stoelting, Jason Simons, Susan Williams, Marilyn Schenck, Mark
Chirokas, Meredith Baker, Judith Finigan, Lucille Cullinan,
Barbara Profit, Kathy Gay, Betty Belyea, Ingrid Stoelting’s
parents, Charlie Yetman, Scott McDauley, Nancy Murphy, Ellie
Diersch, Grace Simmons, Howard Lawrence, Nick Malfronte,
Lorraine McCartin, Josh, Richard Milligan, Joanne Noyes, Mike
Weixler, Jim Eldredge, Kathy Ferreira.
Please join us in asking the Lord for comfort
and peace for the Stones as Barbara’s mother,
Ruth Ryerson, passed away on 10/11/12.
Church Office Deadlines:
The Baptist Visitor: All information needs to be in by the
Friday prior to print. Next Visitor print date, Nov. 20th.
Sunday Bulletin: All information is due by Thursday
each week. Please submit information by email or disc.
OFFICE HOURS: 9:15 -12:15 PM
Tue & Wed -9 am–12pm or by appointment,
[email protected]
Pastor Kanter will be on vacation from: October 25 November 7. For assistance, please contact one of our
deacons: Mark Seeley, Denis Childs, Kali Lyons, Ellen
Bickford or Lily Holland.
Worship & Sunday School Attendance
Sept 30:
9:30 Worship - 27
Sunday School: N-HS – 41
Adults – 20 Staff – 17
11:00 Worship – 63
Total – 78
Oct 7:
9:30 Worship - 22
11:00 Worship – 56
Sunday School: N-HS – 31
Adults – 22
Staff – 14
Total – 67
Oct 14:
9:30 Worship – 27
11:00 Worship – 52
Sunday School: N-HS – 35
Adults – 19 Staff – 17
Total – 71
Oct 21: 9:30 Worship – 39 11:00 Worship – 61
Sunday School: N-HS – 41
Adults - 22
Staff – 16
Total – 79
On November 6, the day before my
94th birthday, our nation will hold one of
the most critical elections in my lifetime.
We are at a crossroads and there are
profound moral issues at stake. I strongly
urge you to vote for candidates who support
the biblical definition of marriage between
a man and woman, protect the sanctity of
life, and defend our religious freedoms. The
Bible speaks clearly on these crucial issues.
Please join me in praying
for America, that we will
turn our hearts back
toward God.
Billy Graham
Montreat, N.C.
Volume LVI
October 23, 2012
Issue 10
Annual Thanksgiving Ingathering
November 18th
Our church family has a tradition of bringing gifts of food on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. These gifts are
distributed by the Deacons. If you are aware of a need, please contact Mark Seeley, Chairman.
Suggested Donations
Bread, cake or pudding mixes
Cereal, juice or canned pie filling
Grades 1 & 2
Canned vegetables
Grades 3 & 4
Canned vegetables
Grades 5 & 6
Sugar, Jiffy mix, canned fruit
Grades 7 & 8
Potatoes, fresh vegetables
High School
Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables
Money for turkeys or other items
Please bring your donations on Sunday, November 18th.
There will be boxes near the Sunday School rooms.
Cash donations may be given to Anne Manna or Mark Seeley.
Jr. Sr. High Youth
Christmas Wreath
Orders will be taken
Sundays, Nov. 4th, 11th & 18th
Please support the youth. Funds
Help to support them to go on
retreat and other events.
More events coming
up in December
Join us for
Gift Tree
Christmas Card Tree
Watch upcoming bulletins and
the next Visitor for more details.
First Baptist Abington will once again be a Relay center for
the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child- The
Shoebox project.
The Mission Board invites all who are able to assist in this
project. There are sign-up sheets in the Welcome Center,
please sign up A.S.A.P. Thanks
Needed are workers to help process the shoeboxes during
the hours listed to the right; many people to load the
truck on Sunday November 18th after second service, and
new this year bring a snack for the workers during the
week. Thank you in advance to all who will help!
Cyndi McNamara, 781-447-7367
Sunday, Dec. 2nd
at 6:00 pm
Sunday – Nov 11: 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Monday – Nov 12: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Tuesday – Nov 13: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Wednesday – Nov 14:10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Thursday – Nov 15: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Friday – Nov 16: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m., 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday – Nov 17: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Sunday – Nov 18: 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
(truck loading after second service)
Monday – Nov 19: 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Volume LVI
October 23, 2012
Issue 10
Oct 28
Oct 30
Nov 4,11,18
Nov 6th
Nov 11th
Nov 18th
Nov 21st
Nov 25th
Dec 2nd
Dec 5th
Dec 9th
Dec 16th
Dec 24th
Jr & Sr High Youth Group
Outdoor Activity to be determined
Youth Discipleship Study
Christmas Wreath Fundraiser
Youth Discipleship Study @ church
Jr & Sr High Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox 6:30pm
Community Thanksgiving Service
No Kid’s Klub
Jr & Sr High Youth Group
Hanging of the Greens Service
Kid’s Klub grades 2 – 5
Jr & Sr High Regressive Dinner
Jr & Sr High Caroling
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Kristy Engel tries to live by her saying, "Do what you can,
with what you've got, in the moment you're given". God
has called her to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and now
He is leading her to a new work. Come on November 4th to
hear more about Kristy and God’s calling on her life as she
brings the morning message.
A meet and greet Pot Luck Lunch
will be held following the second
service. Please no Mangos as
Kristy is allergic, THANKS.
Church Clean-Up Day.
Saturday, November 10th
9am – noon
Nov. 18th has been chosen as Commitment
Sunday. This is the time of year that we ask
the members and friends of this church to
make a financial commitment through their
tithes and offerings to God’s work at First
Baptist in 2013. The totals committed will be
the basis for setting next year’s budget.
A Commitment Form is included in this
month’s Visitor. Please prayerfully consider
your level of support for next year, fill out
this form and prepare to present it on
Commitment Sunday. Contact Al Donaghy,
Financial Secretary (617 429 6575) with any
questions. Further information will be
Al Donaghy, Financial Secretary
We are no longer able to receive the bulk
mail discount on our monthly newsletter,
the Visitor.
We are now offering the Visitor via:
• email
• in print to be picked up at the church
• first class postage (response required)
If you have not already done so, please
contact the church office by
• email at [email protected]
• phone (781-878-2447)
• or you may send a note
to let us know which option
you would prefer. Thank you!
All ages welcome!
Please bring rakes and work gloves.
To the members of the First Baptist Church,
Thank you very much for the beautiful floral
arrangement that you sent in memory of our mother,
‘Willie’. We know that you all played an important
part in her life, and for that we are grateful.
With gratitude, the family of Willie Messier
Do you have news about church events,
Youth Group activities, Sunday School
announcements, etc..? Please make sure
you send all updates for the church website
directly to Mark Seeley at:
[email protected]
and in gratitude for all of his blessings I/we gladly make this commitment for 2013.
My commitment with be given periodically, as checked below.
Bi Weekly
(I have faith that my commitment will be used where it will do the most good within the church and
And/Or Designated as follows
Current Expenses
Other (Specify)
I cannot make a commitment at this time, but would like envelopes.
TOWN: ______________________________________Zip:_____________
(if you would like quarterly giving statements by e-mail)
This commitment may be changed at any time by notifying the Financial Secretary.
October 23, 2012
Vol. 29 - Issue 10
“My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge.” - Psalm 62:7
Needed for Fall Sale
Sat Nov 10th 9-2
Men/Women/Teens to setup Fri. night
and tear down on Sat. afternoon
Women to work tables between 9-2
See signup in Welcome Center
We need to stock those tables!!!
Please donate:
Homemade Soups
Homemade Baked Goods
Unused like New items for Gift table
Jewelry – Vintage - new/old
Christmas decorations new and used
Any kind of hand crafted items
Items (except food) may be left in the
designated lower Sunday school room
Pearl Averell
Marnie Hinckley
Laura Nadell
Sue Norton
Patricia Coyer
Lori Collins
If you haven’t seen your birthday posted
please email Laura the date.
[email protected]
A Look Ahead
- Annual Christmas Party/Cookie Swap
Jan. 15 - Leadership Team planning meeting
Jan . TBD – White Cross Night
FBC Abington Women’s Fall Retreat
October 26-28
Edwards House, Framingham
16 women are away this weekend to worship God and
fellowship with one another. If you could not go with us
we hope you will consider attending next year. It is well
worth the money and time to get away and refresh
your soul.
Many ladies were missed at the Fall kick off!!!
There were 14 women who stayed for a nice potluck
and program on Sunday Oct. 14th. Cyndi led us in a fun
game, prizes with scriptures attached. Anne told us
about our White Cross projects for this year and also led
us in a Love Gift devotional and prayer. Cyndi had us
read some scriptures on prayer and then we shared
requests and prayed. Thanks to all those who set up
and/or cleaned up for this event.
The Curtain Project
So far we have only received $150 in donations for
the curtains to be added to what the womens
fellowship is giving to the cause. This makes up
about half of what we believe we need. Any amount
will help in getting this accomplished.
Please give donations to Anne Manna.
FBC Abington Women’s Leadership Team
Chair: Cyndi McNamara, Treasurer: Anne Manna,
Asst. Treasurer: Joy Corcoran, Chatterbox: Laura Nadell,
At Large: Sarah McKinnon,& Shirley Hill
219 Adams St., PO Box 25, Abington, MA 02351 Phone: 781-878-2447
www.abingtonfbc.com email: [email protected]
9-3pm f/h
private rental
Election Day
7pm Shapemate
Group W-5
Daylight savings
7:30 pm
Deacons Mtg.
7pm set up for
Kristy Engle
Christmas Wreath
Church Clean
Up Day 9 noon
1-6pm f/h rental
Operation Christmas
Child 11 – 12:30pm
Christmas Wreath
Fall Sale
OCC 10 noon
OCC 10 – 2pm
OCC 10 noon
OCC 9 – noon
12-2 pm Area
Pastors’ turnaround mtg.
OCC 10 –
noon and
7 – 9pm
OCC 10 – 2pm
Thanksgiving Choir 7pm
Christmas Wreath
Commitment Sunday
OCC 11–12:30pm
OCC 10 –
11:30 am
7:30pm C.E.
Thanksgiving Service
9:30 & 11am Worship
9:30am Sunday School
6:30pm Youth Group
7:30pm Al-Anon W-5
7pm Buckaroos
11am Men’s Bible Study
7:30pm Choir Practice
(except 1st Mon.)
6:45pm Band
7pm Men’s