Why I joined the 2014 Name, Title & Research

Why I joined the
Name, Title &
Research Committee
and why the RC is
Andrea Auxier, Ph.D.
Director of Integration
Astrid Beigel, Ph.D.
District Chief
County of Los Angeles, Department
of Mental Health
Jennifer S. Funderburk, Ph.D.
Clinical Research Psychologist
VA Center for Integrated Healthcare
Jeffrey L. Goodie, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist
Associate Professor, Dept of Family
Uniformed Services University
-Integrated Care Delivery
-Behavioral Health in FQHCs
-PTSD and Medical Comorbidities
-Performance/Outcome Measurement
-Survey Design
-Quality Improvement
-Evidence Based Treatment
-Program Evaluation
-Integration of behavioral health in
primary care, with a special focus on
brief interventions designed to address depression, alcohol use, insomnia, or multiple risk factors.
-Implementation of integrated
healthcare, with specific interests in
training and fidelity.
-Behavioral health interventions in
primary care settings
-Strategies for teaching behavioral
health interventions
-Disaster behavioral health
I joined the committee to be part of
a group of colleagues who are invested in bridging the gap between
scientific principles and applied
I joined the committee because I
believe that the understanding and
use of research data is critical for the
success of any services and that
providers, administrators and policy makers must learn about and
understand its importance.
I wanted to participate in helping to
foster more research on integrated
healthcare as I think it is one of the
most important areas that continues
to need to be developed. I also
wanted to meet others outside of
my own small community within
my healthcare system who are interested in similar topics.
Our committee works to support
those who are focused on critical
need for systematic evaluations of
the impact of integrated care on the
health of populations.
Jennifer Hodgson, Ph.D.
Professor in Departments of Child
Development and Family Relations
and Family
-Behavioral Health Integration
-Medical Family Therapy
-Chronic Illness
I joined to support CFHA in its
development of a platform for members to share and receive best practice evidence and state of the art
methods for studying behavioral
health integration
Christopher Hunter, Ph.d., ABPP
Program Manager for Behavioral
Health in Primary Care Department
of Defense
-Program evaluation
-Evidence-based service delivery
-Effectiveness research
I joined to promote research and
program evaluation and the dissemination of good science to the field.
Why I joined the
Name, Title &
Research Committee
and why the RC is
Zephon Lister, PhD, LMFT
Director of Collaborative Care Program; Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Family & Preventive
Medicine, University of California,
San Diego
-Relationships between familial
relationships and chronic disease
-Evaluation and integration of behavioral health into primary care
-Mental health and health behavior
screening in primary care
I joined the committee to network,
collaborate, and become a resource
for individuals in CFHA who have a
desire to incorporate some level of
evaluation, quality improvement, or
outcomes assessment into their
collaborative care practice.
-Research interest is innovation in
rural mental health service delivery
particularly via primary care; pediatrics.
If you care about bringing strong
science to the existing innovation
and policy work already in place
within CFHA, you should consider
joining this committee!!
-Prevention of disruptive behavior
problems in early childhood; implementation of evidence-based behavioral parent training interventions in
primary care and community settings; increasing access to child behavioral health services in underresourced rural settings.
As members of CFHA, we already
value and believe in what collaborative care can do – but to convince
reticent colleagues, administrators,
and policy-makers, we need the
Jodi Polaha, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology,
East Tennessee State University; PO
Box 70649; Johnson City TN
37614 (423)439-4614
Christina Studts, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Behavior
University of Kentucky College of
Public Health