What was it like for us? Reflections from an innovative professionals

What was it like for us?
Reflections from an innovative
online programme for health
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Dr L. Clouder
C. Clay
K. Gaskin
R. Flint
S. Graham
P. Hammond
D. Ruparelia
P. Bluteau
D. Widdas
1. Introduce an innovative elearning programme to
delegates funded by the Dept of Health
2. Share three learning
for the
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partnerships of clinical, academic and specialist
technologists with stakeholder input
3. Undertake group work to help delegates experience in
participating in developing new elearning content
Aim 1. Background - £30m(DH)
Bidding for the £30m....
• June 2010 – DH Press Release
– Several groups & meetings to discuss a regional way
• Core Group Established
– Motivate, advise, support & co-ordinate regional approach
– Numerous teleconferences
• Submission of Bids to the Regional Network
– Bids Independently reviewed by Dr Jane Coad & team
– Peer reviewed at the WMPPCN meeting
– Combined into one large regional submission
• September 2010 – again ……
Successful - £4.5m
45 actual awarded of the 55
Region with the most bids submitted
Region with the most funded projects around training,
education, care, transition and decision making
• Collated and reviewed under the West Midlands
Paediatric Palliative Care Network umbrella
• Oct 10 – March 11
Over £1.4 million to Coventry University across a
programme of 7 projects
Supported by Acorns Children’s Hospice and one with
West Midlands Ambulance Service
1. Two projects focused around developing an elearning approach to meet needs of staff caring for
this group of children and their families (CELE)
2. An evaluation of the West Midlands DH projects
3. A paramedic decision making tool
4. A long term ventilation training needs survey
5. A series of learning events (Steering group; launches)
6. With Birmingham Children’s Hospital – a communication
tool kit for CYP with learning disabilities
Our Team
Academic and Clinical team
E-Learning Technologists
Prof Jane Coad
Collette Clay
Dr Lynn Clouder
Natalie Mills
Kerry Gaskin
Richard Flint
Maria Cable
Annie Wing
Paul Hammond
Annette Roebuck
David Widdas
Sean Graham
Dr Carol Chamley
Francis Edwards
Daiseikh Ruparelia
Nikki Fitzmaurice
Laura Strumidlo
Dr Maggi Savin-Baden
Jacqueline Stretton
Annie Pettifer
Cathy Tombs
Reena Patel
Penny Parrott
Anne Dickinson
Patricia Bluteau
Sally Spencer
Imran Ali
Jamie Cargill
Jo Watson
Steven Ball
Richard Mupanemunda
Alex Philpott
Jess Bishop
Project support – Marie Krumins, Adam Moore, Nicky Ashley,
Suzanne Hilton, Dave Guest, Matt Dyer, Gail Williams, Sheetal Gohil
Our elearning programme
A suite of seven E-learning
modules have been designed
to provide learning focused on
improving the lives of children
with palliative and complex
care needs and their families
To be delivered to wide range of
health, social care, education
professionals and lay people
Design of the programme?
• The programme has been designed by a team of
academic, specialist technologists and clinical
professionals in partnership with stakeholder input
• Unique delivery and assessment style as it is delivered
and assessed entirely online
• National Partners have included Acorns Children’s
Hospice, WellChild, Connected, West Midlands
Paediatric Palliative Care Network (WMPPCN) and ACT
Design of the programme
A range of multi-media and reusable learning objects
• Case studies
• Service user involvement
• Student discussion
• Debate
• Workbooks
Excellent governance and QA – Pilot from Birmingham City
University and Warwick University evaluation (Dr Ann Jackson)
Student support
Competitive costing
Creative Days!
Module 1 = Introduction to CYP
palliative and complex care
• The first module is at UG Degree level
• Aims to provide an introduction to the palliative
and complex care needs of children and young
people (CYP) and an introduction to the Association
for Children with Life Threatening or Terminal
Conditions and their Families (ACT) care pathways
• £650 per UG module
Progressing along ….
The Postgraduate Certificate in Children and Young
People’s Palliative and Complex Care comprises of
three modules at Masters level
A further three Masters level modules have been
planned and prepared as stand alone modules to be
offered within the University’s CPD portfolio
£540 per module
PG Cert
Perspectives on
Palliative and
Complex care for
CYP & families
Engaging CYP with
Palliative and
complex care needs
work based learning
Second Life – Central City
Associated modules
Management in
Palliative and
Complex Care for
Palliative & end of
life care for
Communication in
relation to CYP
Aim 2. Project resources
• Patchwork text – Sean Graham
• Drag and drop quiz – Daisekh Ruparelia
• Jack’s Story - Paul Hammond
Patchwork Text
Drug Chart Resource
Jack’s Story
Aim 3. Group work activity
• Individually, identify a concept or a piece of
learning that you would like to develop into a
resource - you have 5 minutes.
• Share your ideas with your group (1 minute
• Choose ONE resource that you would like to
develop as a group
• Nominate a spokesperson to report back to
the large group
The development of your resource will be
aided by addressing some basic questions:
• Who is in your team with respect to
• Who is missing?
• What do you want to achieve? (LOs?)
Additional questions
• Who is the resource for? (discipines/level)
• How interactive would you like it to be?
• What resources would you need to do this money, background knowledge, expertise
• What challenges will you meet?
• What are the added benefits to the project?
Sharing ideas
• What have you learned about team work?
• Challenges?
• Benefits?
Summary of main points
And finally …….
Teamwork is the ability to work together
toward a common vision…………
It is the fuel that allows ‘ordinary’ people
to attain ‘extra-ordinary’ results……….
Andrew Carnegie
For further information
go to: www.coventry.ac.uk/yppalliativecare
Author of presentation: David Widdas
Contributors: Jane Coad
Thank you to all
our team,
DH, WMPPCN, Acorns
Kerry Children’s
Hospice and all Daiseikh
our partners