corps Sa•lon Corps What is the Tricoci University Salon Corps

What is the Tricoci University Salon Corps ® Program?
corps (kohr) -noun, pl. corps (kohrz)
a group of persons acting together or associated under common
direction: the press corps.
Source: The American Heritage Dictionary
Sa•lon Corps (suh-lon kohr) -noun
a group of businesses partnering together to improve the level of
professionalism in the beauty industry and generate incremental value
for their businesses.
Source: Tricoci University of Beauty Culture
We’re looking for salons and spas
to partner with us and help take the
beauty industry to the next level.
Since our inception in 2004,
Tricoci University of Beauty
Culture (TUBC) has sought
to develop the most “salonready” graduates that can
quickly be productive professionals for their employers.
To further this objective, we
have established strong working relationships with a wide
variety of salons, day spas
and other health and beauty
industry service providers.
With the launch of TUBC Salon Corps® in early 2010, we will be able to
provide even more value and exclusive benefits to our industry partners.
We have designed this program based on input from many of our industry
contacts. We’ll be adjusting the program based on additional input from
salons and spas as the program is rolled out. We hope you will join us in
making this program a success for all involved!
What are the benefits of membership?
The Salon Corps® Program provides the following benefits to you:
•Exclusive access to contact information for TUBC’s upcoming graduates.
•Free tickets to the annual TUBC Industry Symposium.
•Access to TUBC’s CEU classes for your professionals.
•Tuition discounts for your referrals that enroll in TUBC programs.
•Ability to provide input to TUBC via participation in Local Advisory Boards.
Member benefits increase for higher member tiers. Tiers are calculated
based on your level of partnership activity in four categories (multilocation partners’ activities are combined).
Member Benefits
Salon Corps® Member Tier
Ability to send email communication to our
students and graduates
Access to Student Portfolios via TU’s campus portals
Free tickets to annual TUBC Industry Symposium
Prominent placement of open poisitions on TUBC
job boards as one of our “Featured Partners”
Complimentary use of the Campus
Training Facilities
TUBC Tuition Discount for your Referrals
The best careers in the beauty industry
begin with the finest education.
Join us today!
For more information or to enroll in the
TUBC Salon Corps® Program
please contact Debbie Marias at
(630) 272-5362 or [email protected]
Note: Tiers are updated each year based on activity the previous two years.
How does your partnership benefit Tricoci University?
Your partnership means:
•TUBC graduates will be hired at the best salons and spas–yours!
•Your student referrals will ensure the best and the brightest learn at TUBC.
•Your engagement with our campuses through demos, visits, field trips,
etc., will enrich our students’ learning experience.
•Your participation in our LABs (Local Advisory Boards) is vital to our
success and will help influence the future of our programs.
Tricoci University operates nine campuses in Illinois and Indiana,
with new campus growth planned for the future.
Chicago NE 6458 North Sheridan Road
Chicago NW 5321 North Harlem Avenue
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