CSA’s Youth Development Academy

CSA’s Youth Development Academy
What is the CSA YDA you ask?? Who can participate?? Great supplement to SAY or Rec leagues!
CSA-JR Future-Stars (Dinomites): For the beginning or new player normally ages 4-5
What: JR Future-Stars will develop the “Core Motor” skills of a child and progress to basic soccer skills
required to play the game. Each Mini-Mite will receive both instruction and material to take home to
continue their development.
CSA-JR Stars: For the second to third year player normally ages 5-7
What: JR Stars will continue the child’s soccer development from the Mini program with the deployment
of the core soccer skills required to become a master JR-Mite and also help identify players who may
want to enter the CSA Under 8 select program from here.
CSA-JR Aces: For the third to fourth year or advanced youth player normally ages 7-9
What: JR Aces continue the mastery of core soccer skills and speeds up the development of the
emerging athlete! This is where the training becomes the game and at game speed. More emphasis on
the game and the teammate are introduced here. Identify players who may want to enter the CSA
Under 8-9 select program from here.
Highlights of the YDA program:
All players will receive a CSA JR uniform with registration
All players can receive a CSA custom ball, sack-pack with completion of a program (JR Future Stars, JR
Star or JR Aces)
All levels will receive skills cards with goals to reach by the end of their segment.
There will be world cup/festival style games with awards for all that compete the Fall and Spring
No matter when your child starts to play we have the right path of learning that will enhance their
CSA’s Youth Development Academy
What is a “program”?
All programs consist of fall, winter & spring segments. Each segment consists of five individual learning
sessions over a 5 week period. A student/athlete must attend at least two complete segments or reach
Skilz goals to move to the next program.
When are the “Learning Sessions” available?
Fall Learning Sessions- Mid/Late August- End of September/beginning of Oct
Winter Learning Sessions- Mid February – end of March
Spring Learning Sessions- Mid April – end of May
Program Festival Games- Weekend after Memorial Day
What is the cost of a segment or program?
Sign up for each segment individually and get five learning sessions for $50 (includes uniform)
Sign up and complete two segments in a year, equaling ten learning sessions (complete program) for
$90 (Save $10) (Includes uniform and sack-pack)
Sign up and complete all three segments in a year for $130 (Save $20) (Includes uniform, custom ball &
When and how does my Child advance to the next program?
There are a few ways to advance to the next program
1. Complete a program (two segments in a year)
2. Complete one segment and all goals of a program (I.E. skills goals)
3. Come in at a advanced level and show the staff you belong in the next program.
What are the “Program Festival Games”?
These festival games consist of all players who attended segments throughout the year coming together
to play in randomly chosen team within their program level in “World Cup” style games with fun and
prizes for all.
CSA’s Youth Development Academy
Location (Circle One) Milford/Loveland
Name: ___________________________
Hyde Park
Current Grade ___
Address: _______________________________
Current Age ___ DOB __/__/__
City, State, Zip: _________________________
Parent’s Name (Mom) ____________________ (Dad) _______________________
Mom’s cell phone: ______________________
Dad’s cell phone: ______________________
Home Phone: ___________________________
Home Phone: ___________________________
Email address (mandatory for camp confirmation) Mom: ______________________________________
Email address (mandatory for camp confirmation) Dad: ______________________________________
Emergency Contact: ____________________ Phone No.____________________
Has he/she played soccer ___Yes ___ No, If yes explain ________________________________________
Shirt size (circle one) YM YL AS
Choose all that apply: Fall Segment _______ Winter Segment _______ Spring Segment _______
Individual Cost (Choose One): One Segment $50, Two Segments $90 Three Segments $130
Team Cost (5-10 players from one team*) $40 per player, per segment. Coach must send all
registrations in together with one payment.
Make checks payable to: Cincinnati Soccer Alliance/YDA
Mail forms and check to:
Attn: Doug Conway
6640 Nitram Ct
Cincinnati, Oh. 45230
Office Use: Date: _____________ Check #: __________ Amount of Check: ___________________
Any questions please contact Doug Conway, [email protected], 291-1357
CSA’s Youth Development Academy
CSA/YDA Soccer Waiver
Medical Coverage
All players must have their own medical coverage. Players will not be allowed to play unless the
following information is submitted and the form signed by the parent or guardian of the player.
Statement of Disclaimer I/We, the undersigned, hereby certify that I (we) am (are) the parent or legal
guardian of the player. I hereby give permission for the staff of CSA/YDA to seek during the period of the
each session appropriate medical attention for the player and for the medical attention to be given and
for the player to receive medical attention in the event of accident, injury, or illness. I will be responsible
for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment.
I/We, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge and understand that CSA/YDA, dba Cincinnati Soccer
Alliance is a privately run sports camp. The CSA/YDA is neither sponsored, controlled, nor supervised by
anyone other than Cincinnati Soccer Alliance, and is under the sole sponsorship, control, and supervision
of Cincinnati Soccer Alliance.
I/We, the undersigned, for ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release and
forever discharge the CSA/YDA dba Cincinnati Soccer Alliance and its staff, officers, agents, employees,
representatives, successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes
of actions whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, personal injury, or property damage that may
be sustained or occur during participation in CSA/YDA activities or while at the CSA/YDA.
Physical Activity Release Form
Company ____________________________________________________________________
Policy Number ________________________________________________________________
Date ________________________________________________________________________
I certify that this camper is physically able to participate in CSA/YDA without restriction:
______________________________________ ___________________________________
Parent’s printed name
Parent’s signature
Please list any medical problems of which the camp staff should be aware of on back of this form.
CSA’s Youth Development Academy
Fall 2011
1. Milford/Loveland- Epiphany Church (6635 Loveland Miamiville Road Loveland, OH 451406953). Aug 26, Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 Oct 7, rain date Oct 14.
2. Hyde Park- Summit Athletic Complex (5580 Ehrling Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45227) Sept 9, 16, 23,
30 Oct 7, Oct 14, rain date Oct 21
3. Time: 6:00-7:00 PM
The purpose of the Academy is to familiarize and develop the game of soccer to 4 to 9 year old
children. Our staff will train the children in a fun and challenging environment. All activities will
enhance the technical and physiological development of each child. The children will be put into
their developmental appropriate groups for peak learning. Part of each session will be based on
several games and learning activities and always end in the game with scrimmages.
Parents who are interested in coaching are encouraged to ask how they can become involved.
1. Each NEW player (SPRING 2011 registered players) must have a copy of the CSA/YDA Waiver.
2. Arrive 15-20 min early to complete player check in & receive Academy T-Shirt.
ANY & ALL possible guardians who will be picking up the player from the Academy
must be listed on registration form. We will not release players to anyone except to one who has their
name on the form.
AGENDA for the first session
1. 5:45-6:00pm- Players and parents/spectators arrive by 5:45 pm.
2. 6:00-6:15pm – Players split into groups and go with Staff Coach. Parents meeting.
3. 6:15-6:55pm.- Player sessions.
4. 7:00pm dismissal.
WHAT to wear
Each participant will receive a CSA Jr Academy uniform. This needs to be worn at each
Academy session.
Each participant to provide their own.
1. Shin guards. Appropriate size for player.
2. Soccer socks. Must wear on top of shin guards. Can be any color.
3. Shorts. Any color short to be worn.
4. Cool weather and/or rainy. If it is cool the player may wear extra layers of
clothing under T-shirt or a jacket or sweat shirt on top of T-shirt. Sweat pants or
warm-up pants may be worn on top of shorts.
CSA’s Youth Development Academy
1. Ball. Size 3 or 4 soccer ball. Name must be written on ball using a permanent marker.
2. Water bottle filled with water, name must be permanently written on bottle.
3. Bring a permanent marker the FIRST day to write name on shirt.
1. YDA Director – Doug Conway
2. Location Academy Directors – Dave Woeste, Greg Bowman
3. Other Academy Staff - Various CSA Staff members
1. We welcome spectators. Bring your lawn chair, blankets, and camera.
2. Please sit in the designated area only.
3. We encourage spectators to cheer and encourage the players- please do not coach them.
4. As parents we realize it will be your first response to jump and attend to your unhappy
child. Please give the staff some time with the player. If the staff feels it would be best
for you to intervene we will motion you to come to the child.
5. In case of an injury. In most cases, the young child will immediately want their parent.
Please take a few seconds to evaluate the severity of the injury. If you feel the staff can
attend to the needs please let them do so. If the child is in immediate danger please
calmly come and attend to your child.
6. We will have a safety system in place to insure the children are dismissed to the
appropriate person/s. Please follow the instructions provided on the 1 st day. Make sure
you notify us if some one other than a parent/guardian is picking up your child.
1. In case of inclement weather we will follow the decision made for the recreation games
being played at the CV complex. Go to www.cincinnatisocceralliance.com and view the field page. It
will state complex open or complex closed. We will have the session if the complex is open. Be prepared
to have the session end early if a storm comes in during the session. Also call our hotline number at 513588-8433
1. If a session is cancelled due to weather, we will make every effort to make up the session
at the end of the regular schedule season. This is not a guarantee.