– T 4

TERM 4 WEEK 5 – 14 NOVEMBER 2012
Dear Parents and Caregivers,
Monday 10 December 6.30 pm
Wednesday 12 December 6.30pm
Kia ora tatou,
There is a quiet and busy hum around the College as
our senior girls are well underway with their
examinations, and juniors prepare for their own
assessment period next week. Staff are very busy
preparing for the final events on the College calendar
and planning for 2013.
We congratulate Ms Leeann Stewart on her
appointment to the position of Deputy Principal of
Cathedral College for 2013. It is a great opportunity
for her, though we will miss her contribution here
very much. In addition we are delighted that Ms
Matthews has been appointed as Team Leader at
Mairehau High School from 2013. We are pleased to
celebrate these successes as a community.
I am delighted to announce the appointment of Mr
Mike Baugh to the role of Deputy Principal and Ms
Fran Heenan as Assistant Principal here at Villa Maria
College from 2013. The Board were impressed that
from a strong field of applicants from across the
country, our internal candidates stood out. I very
much look forward to working with this new Senior
Leadership Team. We will be looking at other
vacancies over the next few weeks to ensure we
have the highest quality people teaching our girls.
We have welcomed guests from Sonoda Gakuen in
Japan visiting us this week. Mr Murahashi shared
with us his feelings on seeing the impact of the
earthquake in the central city and Cathedral, which
connects us on a deep level with the people of Japan
whose own earthquake and tsunami still leaves many
people unaccounted for. At such a busy time of year,
we should also remember that this week marks two
years since the Pike River Mine tragedy.
(Interestingly, next week commemorates the time of
the Erebus disaster which I recall vividly from my
own school days.)
We offer our prayers for all the families still living
with the after effects of these losses in their lives.
“What is this world but a school, in which souls
are trained and prepared for the other.”
Catherine McAuley
Both ceremonies will be held in the College
Gymnasium this year. I am delighted to announce that
our guest speaker for the Senior Prize Giving is Sister
Mary Hanrahan RSM, currently the Catholic Chaplain at
Christchurch Hospital. Sister Mary was Principal at Villa
Maria for 20 years, from 1973 to 1992; Deputy Principal
in 1972 and taught here during the 1960s also. In the
1990s she was seconded to the College of Education and
worked with a number of secondary schools in
Canterbury and around the country as they began
implementing management changes. From 1997 to 2001
Sister Mary was Director of Mercy International Centre in
Dublin, the place where Catherine McAuley began the
Sisters of Mercy, which was, coincidentally, 12 December!
We look forward to sharing these very special evenings
with you. Naku noa na,
Megan Cassidy, Assistant Principal Pastoral
Congratulations to Esha Dickson, Year 10,
budding author, who has just been chosen as a
winner in this year's Re-Draft Creative Writing
Competition. Esha‟s story, “Natures Secret” will be
published in the anthology "Walking a Tightrope in
Bare Feet" which will be launched on 15 December.
This is an outstanding achievement for Esha, as
most of the authors chosen are in their late teens.
We look forward to reading her work and also the
many successes that are sure to follow for Esha.
Paid Union Meeting - Monday 19 November
Teachers who are members of the PPTA are
required to attend a paid stop-work meeting for
two hours on the morning of Monday 19 November.
These are the arrangements that have made for
students whilst this is happening:
Students in Years 9 and 10 will have their end
of year examinations as planned and will be
supervised by non-union teachers. They should
arrive at school at the usual time.
Students in Years 7 and 8 will have a late start,
arriving at school by 11.00 am which will be their
morning break. For Years 7 and 8 students who
need to come to school at the normal time, please
report to the Library and there will be supervision
Senior NCEA Examinations are not affected by
these arrangements
Congratulations to the girls who have been selected
by Canterbury Touch for the under 15‟s Girls and Mixed
Team - 2012/2013 season: U15 Girls – Kahlia Godinet
and Ella Hutchinson, U15 Mixed – Holly
Hutchinson, Grace Richards.
Congratulations to Katie Morris, Olivia
McGoverne, Sophie Holt and Gabby Sullivan who
have been selected for the Canterbury U15 Cricket team
to play in a Tournament before Christmas.
We remind parents to return their Raffle Books urgently as
the Raffle has closed now. This is a major fundraiser for the
PTA and we thank you all for your support.
Dear Parents, Caregivers, Whanau
BRAVE – Internet Based Anxiety Programme
Doctor Stephanie Moor, Child Psychiatrist, Christchurch, is
running a trial of BRAVE, an internet programme for anxiety in
children, 7-15 years, delivered free at home.
After completing the on-line questionnaire (available on our
Villa Maria College website, cover page) Doctor Moor will meet
with the young person and a parent for an assessment and
follow-up at six months.
In the first place Doctor Moor needs to know the following
There is anxiety present in a child aged 7-15 years
The parent is motivated enough to support the child and
do some sessions on line as well
Internet access is essential
The child can read to a seven year old level.
If your child is experiencing anxiety – it does not need
to be earthquake related – I encourage you to open
the BRAVE – Internet Based Anxiety Programme
Referral Form on the front page of the Villa Maria College
Website and email it back to Doctor Moor:
[email protected]
Kind regards, Virginia M Hillgrove, Guidance Counsellor
Dear Parents, Caregivers, Whanau
There is Counselling Support Information available on
the Villa Maria College website, www.villa.school.nz for you
and your daughter(s). There is a link on the front page under
the heading „Coming Up‟. The information has been compiled
particularly for school leavers including 15 Helplines/Websites
and six free Counselling Services (Doctors and Nurses) for
young people 13 – 25 years of age. I recommend all families
view this information.
Kind regards, Virginia M Hillgrove, Guidance Counsellor
CANTEEN: The last day the Canteen will be open for
2012 is Friday 7 December.
Parents are reminded to pay their daughter’s
school fees account before the end of term.
Thank you.
Please refer to the uniforms page of the College website
for details of shop opening hours in the coming months,
We have plenty of senior ties in stock for those Year 11
students who want to beat the queues at the beginning
of Term 1 next year!
Lisa Bennett ([email protected])
Wednesday 30 January to Friday 19 April
Monday 6 May to Friday 12 July
Monday 29 July to Friday 27 September
Monday 14 October to Friday 13 December
Thursday 24 and Friday 25 January Year 13 Mercy
Leaders Formation
Friday 25 January Course Confirmation for senior
girls (Years 11, 12, 13), Year 12 Peer Support Training
Monday 28 January Teacher Only day
Tuesday 29 January Teacher Only day
Wednesday 30 January Term 1 begins
Thursday 15 November: Teacher Only Day – College
closed, West Zones Athletics
Friday 16 November: Show Day – College closed
Monday 19 - Wednesday 21 November: Junior Exams
Monday 19 November: Junior Volleyball ends
Wednesday 21 November: Primary Schools‟ Summer
Tournament, Junior Wednesday sport ends
Wednesday 28 November: Junior Itinerant Concert Period
3 at 11.00 am
Thursday 29 November: BOT meeting
Monday 3 – Friday 7 December: Year 10 Camp
Monday 3 – Wednesday 5 December: Classes 10A, 10C,
10E on Camp
Wednesday 5 December: Primary Schools‟ Athletics
Wednesday 5 – Friday 7 December: Classes 10M, 10B,
10G on Camp
Friday 7 December: Last day the Canteen is open for 2012
Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 December: NZSS Athletics
Monday 10 December: Junior Prize Giving starts 6.30 pm
Wednesday 12 December: Senior Prize Giving starts 6.30
Thursday 13 December: Merit Assembly starts 11.00 am
Friday 14 December: Graduation starts 6.30 pm, Term 4
Yours sincerely
Senior Students: Part Time Job in Avonhead
A student is required to supervise an 11 and 12 year old
after school for 3 afternoons every 2 weeks with the
position commencing as soon as possible. To apply,
contact Jackie Forbes on 342 4161 or 021 555 265.
Ms Deborah Brosnahan