2013 CITE National Board Members

2013 CITE National Board Members
Tanera Decosey
Exec Vice President
La-Kissha Conley
Internal Vice President
External Vice President
Monica Felton
Toyette Dowdell
Alex Macklin
Tremaine Bull
Past President
Harrison Mayfield
Local Chapter Presidents
Mid Atlantic
Eugene Phillips
New York
Robin Martin
New England
Stephen Alkins
Chresencia Alicea
Ruby Cullins - Carter
South East
Andre Winstead
Charlene Davis
Executive Sponsor
Eric Cevis
Our Vision
The organization strives to be the premier
employee resource group through its employee
advocacy, professional development and
community-based initiatives.
Here are some of the activities sponsored
by CITE:
Each one – Employee & Member Development:
Developmental webinar workshops
Face-to-Face Leadership Empowerment Sessions
Reach one – Business Impact:
Marketing / Wireless / Foundation Partnerships to
launch new products supporting the African American
community, including:
Redbox product roll-out,
Verizon smart phone initiatives,
WellConnect – Diabetes Campaign
Teach one – Community Outreach:
Sponsoring a school in each region for Mentoring,
Labor, Books, Verizon Day & Introducing the
S.T.E.M./NAF Program
Scholarship events & galas
What Is CITE?
CITE – The Consortium of
Information and
Telecommunications Executives
(CITE) is a 501(c)(3) national
nonprofit organization
representing over 35,000 AfricanAmerican employees and retirees
of Verizon.
CITE is committed to industry excellence,
community service, and personal and
professional development. As a resource group,
CITE provides employee advocacy and makes a
positive impact by providing thousands of
dollars in scholarships annually to needy
students across the country, and implementing
training and professional development programs.
CITE's commitment to literacy is demonstrated
through its partnerships with Verizon Reads and
First Book. First Book is the national nonprofit
agency that provides a first new book to children
from low-income families. These partnerships
enabled CITE to distribute over 500,000 children's
books to various schools and community
organizations last year alone.
The CITE organization originated with the
breakup of the Bell system and the desire to
ensure that issues and concerns of AfricanAmerican and other minority employees were
addressed. The issues raised focused on equitable
treatment, fair working conditions and career
Contact Information
Mid Atlantic
Dawnette Walker
[email protected]
In 1983, a group of Mid-Atlantic AfricanAmerican managers, representing employees of
the former Bell system, met to develop immediate
and future strategies. That meeting led to the
formation of CITE. This regional organization
was dedicated to addressing the needs of black
telecommunications professionals.
CITE's founding members included
representatives from Baltimore, MD;
Washington, DC; Richmond, VA; Northern VA;
Eastern VA; Pennsylvania; Delaware; and
managers from New Jersey Bell.
Our Mission
CITE is a nonprofit organization of AfricanAmericans and other minority employees of
Verizon Communications. We provide employee
advocacy, issue awareness and professional
development within the company. We also serve
as a resource for the African-American
community at large.
The mission of CITE is to research, plan and
implement innovative programs that are
replicable and have the potential of positively
affecting the quality of life in our industry and
the communities we serve. In addition, CITE acts
as a conveyer to provide an opportunity for
positive professional dialogue and interaction,
examining issues affecting the
telecommunications industry, upward mobility
of our members, technological and regulatory
concerns affecting the communities we serve.
New York
Robin Martin
[email protected]
Consortium of Information & Telecommunication Executives
CITE Membership
New England
Brenda Mutcherson
[email protected]
Alan Rice
[email protected]
Kevin Q. Johnson Sr.
[email protected]
Becoming a CITE member is now easier than
ever. All membership enrollment requests can
now be processed via our web site below.
South East
Desiree Dynes
[email protected]
Charlene Davis
[email protected]